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Buddha Amithaba in his Western Pure Land




” Dès que je t’ai vue, j’ai senti que quelque chose n’allait pas bien.

Ce bar, cette tension palpable entre les gens, cette attente anxieuse d’un lendemain qui ne viendra probablement jamais.

Alors je me suis assis tout proche de toi. Et j’ai demandé à tes amis si vous étiez de cette ville improbable aux confins infinis.

Ils m’ont dit oui. Je ne t’avais toujours pas vue. Et tu étais pourtant déjà là, belle, tranquille, majestueuse.

Je n’avais pas encore vu tes yeux. Bleus et verts dans leurs scintillements essentiels.

Cette idée m’a traversé l’esprit l’espace d’un instant : mais que font ces deux fleurs précieuses et sublimes dans cet océan de chaos ?

Parfois le lotus pousse sur le lac boueux, et vient l’illumination.

À cette inconnue aux yeux bleus et au visage si fin. Es-tu brune ou blonde, je ne saurais le dire tellement mes yeux se sont perdus dans tes yeux. ”


End of my program :   ]Youtube/Pepe Bradock : Deep burnt[ + ]Youtube/Christopher Rau : Ne travaillez jamais[ + ]Youtube/Move D : Jus house[ + ]Youtube/DVS1 : Black Russian[ + ]Youtube/Wax – No. 30003 (B)[ + ]Youtube/Howling : Signs (Rodhad remix)[ + ]Youtube/Dense Pika : Black deep [HF041][ + ]Youtube/Shed : Boom room (Ostgut Ton)[ + ]Youtube/Tronic podcast 140 with Misstress Barbara.[ + ]Youtube/Tronic podcast 172 with Sunju Hargun.[ + ]Youtube/Tronic podcast 164 with Samuel L session[ + ]Youtube/Roman Poncet – CLR podcast 303[ + ]Youtube/Jonny L  : Raise[ +  + some UK garage and 2 step tracks. Garage and 2 steps are a kind of mixture between old jungle beats, big electronic bass, minimal techno effects and voices coming from the soul or ragga field. Very often futuristic music : ]Youtube/Classic UK garage 2 step mix free download[ + ]Youtube/2 hours of original UK garage[ + a taste of real old-school jungle ]Youtube/Best of Jungle volume 1 and 2 and 3[ + some good new hip-hop/rap  : ]Youtube/Jidenna – Classic Man ft. Roman Gian Arthur[ + ]Youtube/Silento – Watch me (Whip/Nae Nae) (official)[.


The problem is simple : at a chakra level the western world is in the head. Hence our knowledge and our technology, fruit of concentration. The only problem is that the next step is collectively difficult : our Sahasrara chakras are blocked, locked. Due to a problem of moral. We have to go down deep into materiality, work back on the lower chakras, make the kundalini go down. In order to work on the knots that tie us and block our ascent towards love, light and happiness, these beautiful feelings that others call God. Our desires for the spiritual worlds get drowned, like if we were trapped in our collective bodies, unable to find the way out and this water which is still rising.

Our problems come from two things mainly : morals (lower chakras) and heart chakra. If we don’t understand that globally the individual happiness, full, stable, real, cannot be realized (except very exceptional cases) when the external conditions are full of sufferings, destruction and violence, then we will be doomed to get drowned. Did not I tell you that the problem was simple ?


More seriously, if you are fed up to use gas, wood or electricity to cook your food : take a wood box or a cardboard box, cover the inside with aluminium foil, put your pan with a cover, put a glass panel on top, put it in full sun and let it slowly cook during 2 or 3 hours according to the need. A very slow cooking that reduces the need for oil during the cooking process to avoid sticking.


Some thistle to replace plastic bag : Milano, a big city in Italy, uses only bio-degradable plastic bags coming from thistle. Some special garbage cans are used to collect these bio-plastic bags with all kind of bio-degradable wastes which are after recycled and used to fertilize. Big, big up.


Moringa Oleifera, Moringaceae : a nice tree coming from India. 100 grams of fresh leaves : as much proteins as an egg ; as much iron as a steak ; as much vitamin C as an orange ; as much calcium as a glass of milk  ; 3 times more potassium than 100 grams banana ; 4 times more vitamine A than 100 grams carrot.

Plus chrome, fluor, magnesium, zinc, vitamine B, B1, B2, B4, B5, B6, B12 and E, and vital amino-acids. Many medical properties used in ayurveda since long time.

Can give edible oil. Seeds in powder can purify water. Easy to grow (1 meter every month, up to 10 meters) even in tropical and dry conditions. Possible to grow in Africa and South America.

And I see all the scientists with their syringes and the businessmen with their shining long teeth : money, money, money ! Let’s put it all over the planet, profit, profit, profit…. Of course, if you do intensive culture of it, the minerals in the soil will be depleted, and the land will be burnt as always. Don’t worry we will make some real nice GMO with it…


We already talked about “Eole Water”, these wind turbines that can produce water from the water present in the air. To produce safe water from sea water or contamined water we can also add “Eliodomestico”, “Drink Pure” and “Solvatten”.


Don’t look for extra-terrestrials outside. They may exist but some other extra-terrestrials are really much easier to find : you and the other humans, and the animals. We are extra-terrestrials in the sense that our consciousness, in fact what we really are, do not belong to planet Earth. Between two lives we live in extra-terrestrial worlds.


Anyway where do you want to go with all your astral travels except inside your mind ? I saw at least one account of a meditator who had had a NDE and who was explaining that after he had given up all meditation (he was doing some Buddhist meditation) because all his experiences in meditation seemed more than useless compared to the love he had felt from the spiritual beings encoundered in his NDE experience. I can clearly understand this.


I wonder myself if in a way, in our modern-day societies and cultures, we are not witnessing the war of useless stupidity against useful intelligence : when for example you analyze the game of Go, some positions are called “eyes that cannot be separated”, meaning that some pallets cannot be taken out anymore, and this can allow you to progressively reconquer some spaces of the board. These are usually positions that are difficult to conquer because the opponent knows the possibility of this tactic, and will do whatever is possible to avoid it because it really gives an advantage on the board by materially creating a kind of small “castle” that cannot be “uprooted”. So in a way, in the gigantic Go board constituing our modern worldwide societies and their internal and external confrontations, some persons or organizations, or groups have “enkysted” themselves, like amibiae in their vegetative forms. This is quite problematic because these amibiae forms, like all animal life forms on this planet, want to survive. Chemical or spiritual treatments against them does not work, and as a natural reflex defence they begin to create noxious toxins. The example of the illuminati is quite symptomatic of this kind of logic : pushed against the wall by popular contestation linked to the accumulated bad karma linked to the idea of superiority that triggered historically the colonial logics and all the subsequent fascisms of the planet, the illuminati, the last sorcerers and magicians of the White skin tradition, began to devise plans to survive spiritually and physically in order to protect the Knowledge, the most important part of their tradition. I am not at all an anarchist who believes that hierarchies should be totally wiped out, because I read history, and traditionnaly, in most tribes, there are always “hierarchies” in a way or the other, directed to the survival of the group, and warriors to protect them.


A martial art technique, for the persons interested by martial arts : some techniques were used by the ninjas during the Japanese medieval history to frighten the population and the warlords, creating fear in the opponent, thus diminishing their vitality and capacity to defend. Some ninjas were for example running into a crowd with masks representing dreadful divinities, were throwing improvised fireworks or explosives, and were disappearing without being noticed, creating awe and fear in the general population, and re-asserting their role as a way to implement the essential teachings of the Buddhist tradition, which were traditionnaly kept in the mountains of this highly sacred geographical space. If you want to have more information on these subjects, but coming from some other basis, please see the notion of “bhav”, “intention sous-jacente”, underlying motivation or intention, found in the Hindu analysis of the mind.

One important martial arts’ knowledge, that I repeat very often in my martial art practices comes from the Ninjas : “No art, no name”. Technical invisibility. There was a very interesting Chinese film about a blind old man, a Kung-fu expert who was blind like “ciego Maradona”, and who was killing all the bad men, it was a very funny film. Another crazy film is “Ninja assasin”.

Recently I tried to find ways to create a karate school. My idea was first to focus on moral ideals. For example “éviter les problèmes pour mieux les résoudre”, “non-violence”, “faire le bien”, “compassion”… And then progressively, after integration of these martial art moral ideals, martial art techniques would be taught. First to defend oneself (self-defence, traditional karate and notions of tai-jitsu and ju-jitsu, see for example the books in French : Frédérick Bourgoin and Van Boi Nguyen : l’essentiel du Karaté-Jitsu ; G.Bagnulo, Cours de Ju-Jitsu ; Imi Sde-Or and Eyal Yanilov, Krav-Maga, Comment se défendre contre un assaillant armé) and then to progressively learn to attack for exemple through small kumite and boxing with protections, of course only for those who want to train to master these kind of techniques.

Katas would be improvised, small free improvisations simulating a fight with one or several opponents. For more details about techniques for self-defence, see the post “The pink energetic sphere, part 2, point 6”.


Youtube/Nicolas Hulot nous explique les enjeux de la COP 21         : a very beautiful analysis of the problems linked to global warming (in French).


The vibratory rate in western countries is too high. We have to reduce (reduce does not mean destroy) it in order to raise the vibratory rates of the other parts of Earth.


Mandatory IUD for women, after 3 children, except special cases ? (it seems quite a wild proposal but see the post “A spiritual experience with Sister Earth”. In fact I am a man so I cannot imagine the sufferings linked to birth. The best would be maybe to ask women what they think about this proposal).


Anyway how are we going to fight without energy ? With knives, horses, swords and crossbows ? were two questions that I asked in the post “Correction of a mistake”. Don’t worry the imagination of our scientists is beyond imagination. Hundreds of weapons are certainly ready for this (exemple : Haarp project or some kind of other crazy inventions). But I found one very funny. Maybe twenty years ago, some scientists had invented a small robot that was very intelligent and could nearly survive alone when left in a garden : it was identifying slugs, put them in a kind of digester and produce ethanol with them in order to have power, go on, catch other slugs and so on. You just have to build a bigger model, send them in a zone where you don’t want any more humans, teach them to kill and catch humans, digest them peacefully, get power, find other humans and so on. An easy way to solve the overpopulation problem. Very clever, I am proud of myself, I will try to get a patent on this idea, maybe I could get some money from it to buy some drugs and forget all this…




zen representation of daruma (boddhidharma)




The pink energetic sphere part 3


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Point 7 : Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King : “The beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold”.  

Point 8 : Ahimsa.

After killing an animal, even the tiniest and most (apparently) insignificant one, try to make some prayers for the soul of the animal : you can for example pray that its soul goes to the paradise-world linked to the species of the particular animal you have just killed. I do this for example with annoying flies or mosquitoes.

Yoga follows the very ancient rule of Ahimsa (non-harming, non-violence) but stress the fact that we have to protect from excessive insects or pests in order to live comfortably and meditate peacefully. The only thing is to do this in the most Ahimsa-orientated way. We have to remember that the only fact of walking or breathing kills many life forms. The animal and vegetal worlds are also full of killing, eating and sufferings. Nevertheless, we should as human beings do our best to follow the Ahimsa vow.


Point 9 : Lakes’ ecosystems and artificial pool projects.

In order to protect the delicate aquatic ecosystems of inland lakes and small rivers (from excessive fishing, motor aquatic activities, sunscreen and other body creams…) we should try to create some urban and natural pool projects which would use urban and natural particular locations to create small or big artificial swimming pools (covered or not) in a clean and ecological way.

Bathing is a very important thing. Water is a purifying mineral.


Point 10 : Cement and metallic structures for the fishes.

Why not use all cement, metallic (or other ecologically non-harmful materials) structures, unused or out of order, and put them intelligently into places in oceans and seas which need to regenerate ? Fishes and other aquatic life forms really like these kind of artificial structures because they can find shelters in them. Small ecosystems could slowly build up and maybe help the regeneration process in some areas. Such experiments have already been made in some damaged coral reefs with small metallic structures.


Point 11 : Researches on isotherapy.

New researches (in Germany ?) have been made about isotherapy (see the post “Isotherapy”) on aquatic plants.

Some aquatic plants coming from polluted ponds have been placed with their polluted water under laboratory conditions and some of the samples were given an isotherapy remedy made from the polluted waters they were living in. Scientists have found that these samples were in much better health (better growth, less diseases) after a few weeks than the samples with no isotherapy added.

Point 12 : Peace Nobel Prize for Greenpeace.

Why Greenpeace still does not have the Peace Nobel Prize ?  

The pink energetic sphere part 2



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Point 4 : Games and artistic activities.

We did not talk much about this, because in a way I consider it as evident, but I would like to insist on the fact that games and artistic activities are essential for human psyche.

I am critical towards the pyramidal and intransigent music business system. I, of course, respect all forms of self-expression but the fact is that what the general public receives is quite stereotyped (and in my opinion music should be freedom and diversity). For example, being a fan of electronic repetitive music, I know that since the beginning of the 1990’s hundreds of very beautiful electronic tracks have been created.

Electronic generated music is an intelligent use of electronics and electricity provided that all the electronic musical instruments, computers, hardware, software are very resistant (20 years minimum), compatible, easy to use…

For persons interested in what could be a good basic electronic music progression, my mix selection for 14 old and recent (commercial and easy to find) tracks (75 minutes roughly) would be :

1) Choying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts : Palden rang jung  2) Vispanassana : Stars of beauty  3) Royksopp : So easy  4) Murcof : Mir  5) Isolee : Beau mot plage  6) Shazz : El camino part 2  7) Sten : Lash out  8) Jeff Mills : Condor to Mallorca  9) Two cowboys : Two cowboys  10) Bugge Wesseltoft : Try  11) Rim Banna : Ya jammal  12 ) Oi va voi : A csitari  13) Plastikman : Psyk  14) Kaleni Shelby : My medusa.

When I see what the market offers us 25 years after the beginning of the 1990’s, it is quite basic and underdeveloped electronic music. Honestly, disappointing, childish, mediocre. Even me with only a little electronic music software (Reason 4.0), I can create in a few hours a 6 minutes track that can easily surpass  most of modern-day commercial songs without any problem. So just imagine a group of highly specialized electronic musicians with all the necessary instruments and the will to create really high quality electronic music…

But I don’t know why, the present-day market is blocked and focused on what could be described in my opinion as second-grade electronic dance music. We have to open our minds, collectively, individually. All together as one, as Bob Marley would have said, as if we were all brothers and sisters, sharing our knowledge.

Like in the scientific field with the thousands of not yet analyzed experiments, we should focus in the musical field on all that have already been created, in all the musical specialities possible. And then organize all this, select, synthesize.

Why not create basic USB keys or downloadable mixes full of selected sounds, according to the most accepted usual trends, and sell them at a correct price to the general public ? Savings of material, condensation of musical knowledge, increased diversity. Of course, we would have to find ways to efficiently give money to the authors of all these tracks.


Point 5 : World War II French Resistance.

Some time ago, I read a very interesting post in one of the WordPress blog (unfortunately I did not write the name of that blog) about French Resistance during World War II and especially about Camus and some letters exchanged with a German philosopher that he knew.

A great part of the letters were about the philosophical difficulty to accept the immense violence generated by the nazi system. And the author of the blog stressed the fact that during the Resistance the French people had problems to cope with all this violence. The fundamental question inside French Resistance at that time was : is it correct to kill human beings that are just the hands, the tools of a violent system, in order to stop this violence ?

These questions are very close to the moral question : under what conditions is it possible to go beyond the Ahimsa vow ?


Point 6 : Basic knowledge about self-defence for freedom fighters.

I studied during four years self-defence and martial arts : 1 year Tai-jitsu; 2 years Shotokan Karate and 1 year American boxing. I also read a lot of books about martial art philosophy, Budo, Aikido, Zen, close-combat…

During a period of my life I was frequently travelling and sometimes was exposed, as a social and peace activist, to violent street situations or fights. I decided then to progressively train myself during more than 15 years to self-defence mainly by performing improvised katas (or “tao forms”) with empty hands, sticks and wooden knives, based on the trainings that I had previously received. I also practised combat techniques linked to animal forms coming from Kung-fu.

In self-defence, there is a very general but important rule, coming I think from the Chinese Kung-fu philosophy : never attack first. The first one to attack is in a way already the loser of the fight. To attack first can only be a way to break a tense situation before a violent escalation takes place and degenerates into a negative position for you. For example in Aikido atemi (direct blows, frequently used in Karate) are just used to create imbalances, small energetic voids, that are then used to project or destabilize the opponent.

In self-defence, when you face a danger or some kind of violence or menace, the martial answer should legally be proportional and gradual. Moreover, generally speaking, it is better to immobilize a dangerous opponent rather than hurt or destroy him (see fo example Judo; Jujitsu; grappling; wrestling…).

It is always interesting to focus the training (don’t use chewing-gum while training, it can be dangerous) on a few simple but efficient blows (atemi). You should always remain centered and protected while defending yourself from an attack. Two or three quick and efficient blows must be enough to disable a dangerous opponent. To face such difficult situation, some trainings in close-combat try to mix actual physical blows, or other martial techniques, with strong inner visualizations that the technique has been successful. For example a blow in the head with the visualization of blood or broken nose in the opponent. On special cases, for example if you feel physically weak compared to your opponent, it can increase determination and remove inner psychological barriers that could diminish the physical efficiency of the blows or other techniques. Nevertheless these kind of visualizations should only be used on special occasions when you need extra physical or psychological forces to give powerful blows. In normal combat conditions it is better to have the mind empty, alert, receptive, like a sheet of paper, or a hight-tech receptor, where all external and internal impressions will be easily gathered and analyzed without the conscious or rational mind interfering in a way or the other. In this case, I feel that the martial answers are quicker, more intuitive and more efficient than when the mind is continuously tense or focused on some objective.

When you feel that a situation is escalating and becomes dangerous, try to adopt gestures and defence positions that show that you are alert, motivated and trained. That will already impress much of the opponents and put an end to many conflicts. A few simple and quick moves made at a distance can be enough to warn the opponent of possible serious consequences if he continues his dangerous comportment.

Try to learn to look at the opponent without gazing at any particular point. Try to adopt a kind of precise, but in a way general, vision, intuitive, that gives you a knowledge of all the dimensions of the opponent and of the surroundings.

I generally prefer to fight or train with open hands, you are less tense and more receptive than with the fists closed. Open hand fighting is often used in Kung fu and in fact fist closed is just one of the many possibilities of the hands techniques. Sometimes a simple or strong slap with the open hand by various means, or even a single finger, can be as efficient as a blow given with full power with fist closed.

An exercise frequently found in Tai chi is to learn to feel with the hands. With practice the hands become very sensitive to every vibration, physical or subtle. In combat condition, the space between the hands and the opponent becomes like water transmitting all vibrations and information even before the opponent begins to think about it. With practice, every intention, mental state, feeling or subtle move is clearly perceived.

However if, despite all these protective measures, the fight do start, try to quickly localize the weak points of the opponent. It can be the eyes, the ears, the genitals, the throat, the nose, the liver, some muscles or articulations, the solar plexus, the feet, the temples… according to each circumstance. Try to learn and master the techniques to hit these sensitive points, to project and immobilize.

You should also try to take time to learn basic medical, healing and resuscitation emergency techniques linked to martial arts, be they traditional or modern.

Meditation, relaxation, reading of great martial experts (for example Master Ueshiba, founder of Aikido : ” Budo is the loving protection of all beings”. Budo is the physical and spiritual path linked to martial arts) are also important and can be approached progressively (for this, before reading directly the great martial experts, in Zen, Budo… there is for example a very interesting book that gives a general insight about martial art and Budo philosophy (in French) : Florence Braunstein : Penser les arts martiaux. PUF Editions. Ms. Braunstein does not seem to be a practionner of martial arts, but it does not prevent her to give good “outside”, “detached” analysis about martial arts and their underlying philosophy. Anyway, most of today’s martial arts originate from Boddhidharma who was supposedly, and according to many traditions, a Buddhist monk coming from India and who helped founding the Shaolin monasteries and martial arts’ philosophies. Beyond that, some of the most ancient forms of ritualized martial art practices can be found in the South of India. Non-violence and violence are inextricably linked in the way that non-violence is an answer to violence, but all intelligent observer of nature quickly realize that what we call “violence” (to fight, to harm, to be harmed, to die, to suffer…) are an integral part of nature and life. Anyway, the philosophical reflexion about violence, fighting, martial art techniques, can be found in all kind of cultures and traditions all around the world, even in Yoga, see for example, swami Satyananda Saraswati, Sure ways to Self-Realization : “The practice of karate were very useful to the monks of both China and Japan, who were continuously robbed and harassed by numerous warlords and samurai. Karate and its various forms, allowed them to resist and evade attackers using only their bare hands and skill. Karate followed the Buddhist doctrine of non-violence for it enabled the monks to resist the violence by receiving and altering an attacker’s energy, and it was performed in an effortless way free from fear and the desire to harm or take life.

Mudras and mantras were employed to direct the flow of energy in the body and mind. When an attack was imminent, the monk would take up a praying position, intone a mantra and block the attack using mudras called semmui (fearlessness). Only a minimum of force was used to divert the assaillant’s blow and this usually left him in a confused state on the ground. ”

By practising alone and non-violently during long time, I personally think that a great deal of teachings and strength can be gained through a connection with the inner Master. External masters are only here to bring into light this gigantic source of knowledge and energy that each individual has deep in himself.

I obviously don’t say that I am the best fighter in the world, really far from it, but I tried to specialize in defence techniques. All good fighters know that in street situations you can easily be surprised, destabilized in a way or the other, outnumbered… I was sometimes slightly hurt during confrontations and I also saw a lot of such difficult situations happening to other persons, either on TV or in real situations.

If you are hurt in a way or the other, that pain or blood is coming, that you are momentarily unconscious, always try to quickly regain consciousness, to protect from danger, to remain stable and cool and to assess your physical damages. When this is done quickly assess the range of techniques that you can use to defend yourself according to the situation.

Then use the pain or the vision of the blood to let a normal hormonal (adrenaline, endorphins…) and energetic build-up to take place. Let it grow and when you feel that it becomes really hot within you (it may take a few seconds), repeat mentally a small mantra previously practiced, like for example “self-defence, self-defence, self-defence”, that will allow you to be quickly in a mental and physical combat mode. You can also try to learn during practice to create mad, psychotic or emotionally violent expressions on your face and attitude. This will frighten your opponent and gives you a kind of crazy, ready for everything, mood (Maori warriors for example used to stick out their tongue and fully open their eyes before attacking, it can be emotionally quite impressive). Then throw your anger : shout, menace, throw stones or sand, take a stick, a chair, a pen, whatever, and do aggressive and bold moves while going quickly towards the source of the attack with the firm intention to uproot the opponent. If the opponent does not run or flee in front of these emotional and physical threats, use your last drops of energy and physical abilities to give powerful blows in an increasing manner (in strength and precision) until the opponent is physically out-of-order.

Last remarks : first, always try to have the eyes really well (not full but well) open while fighting or training, it is essential to go against this natural tendency to close eyes during frightening or tense situations. It will give you a better awareness and consciousness of what is going on (to be fully and clearly conscious you also have to work on fears : fears to be killed, to be harmed, to harm, of emotional violence, of blood…).

Second, to run, to escape, to hide are sometimes the best ways to defend oneself from a very dangerous situation. For example if you are outnumbered or if the combat is unequal. But remember that running can be dangerous : the opponents might run faster than you and take advantage of your physical weakness after the run. These are very difficult situations and the answer to the problem should vary according to each circumstance. For example, if you begin to run and that after a while you feel that the opponents are still after you, it is better to stop or hide before being completely exhausted, breathe while looking for improvised weapons, and face or avoid the danger.

Submission can also be a way in very particular conditions to stop a violent situation, but it can obviously be dangerous, according to the madness of the person who attacks. Many different postures and gestures for submission can be easily and universally practiced and understood, but while submitting always try to keep a visual contact with the opponent in order to protect vital parts of your body if there are some attacks. In some desperate situations, these kind of submission techniques can also be used to ease the tensions, have the opponents reduce their distance and attention, and then use this to attack quickly and violently some vital points in a close-combat style, and then run. These kind of techniques can be interesting when there are several opponents.

If several opponents begin to encircle you and try to get close to you in order to block your movements by various means, this can be a very dangerous situation. In this case, when you begin to feel that such a technique starts to develop, quickly find the easiest target (if it can give you an opportunity to run) or the strongest target (if you think that it is better to begin with the strongest to avoid having to fight at the end with the strongest opponent)  among the opponents and focus powerful blows on this target. Disconnect, forget everything, for example other blows coming from other opponents, and focus more and more the blows (and even maybe follow on the ground) until you feel that your targeted opponent is totally out-of-order for combat. When this is done, quickly go back in a defence position, choose the next easiest target and shoot again in the same way. Do this until everything is cleared. Difficult, but when you don’t have the choice, you sometimes have to really release the last crazy energies that you have hidden deep within you in order to survive.

Dogs can be very dangerous because they are very clever, sensitive, swift and some don’t release their bite (trained dogs, pit bulls…). Hit the head : violent slaps on the ears, fingers in the eyes, blows on the nose. If this does not work, try the throat (fingers deep inside the throat, strangulation), the testicles or improvised weapons if you can find some.

Various techniques of combat and defence with knives, sticks and other weapons (guns, broken glass bottle…) are really a full special part of martial arts and many good books, for example in close-combat, can be found on these subjects. Nevertheless if you train for this, always try to find harmless weapons, like wooden knives, it is safer. Other good books presenting simple and easy self-defence techniques for special cases (women, elderly persons, youngsters, untrained persons…) are also available.

Finally, in some countries you are legally obliged to do your best to protect persons in your physical surroundings who may face a danger and whom you can easily help (without endanger your own life or the life of other persons). These are very delicate legal issues.

Obviously you can easily show your martial art level with a few moves triggering fear feelings in the mind of the opponent. However, the problem is that an opponent can also easily see if you are not sufficiently trained and take advantage of the situation. If you see that you don’t feel secure, that you cannot help persons in danger without seriously endanger your own life, let the karma be, run and protect yourself. I think that no judge will blame you for these kind of difficult violent situations, especially if you tried your best to reduce it. Generally speaking, if you are focused towards peace and self-defence, it is better not to begin a fight or to attack unless you are very well-trained, it can sometimes be really dangerous. You can also try tear gas or even a whistle to seek help.

If you want to be a good street fighter, learn with Bruce Lee and his martial school, Jeet kun do. The teachers are specialized in these kind of problems. Learn to fight like Bruce Lee, to be like a cat. Or a puma, mentally, physically.

Last tactic when facing a dangerous or violent situation : pure non-violence. To talk, to appease, to protect, to look for alternative solutions to the violence, to beg for a stop of the violence, to seek help… According to situations, it can be a very good solution or a dangerous one. In all cases, be ready, mentally and physically, to face the possible violent consequences resulting from your praiseworthy philosophical attitude of non-violence.

Good luck. May all the divinities linked to the beautiful path of Budo, martial path aiming at the loving protection of all beings, protect and guide you.

The pink energetic sphere part 1

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I don’t know what’s happening, a kind of subtle spherical ball of pink light and energy has emerged from the ceiling of my study room and gives me teachings. I’d like to share some of them with you :


Point 1 : Religious unification.

When you see the amounts of money spent on military budgets mainly due to religious or ideological tensions, why could not it be possible that some high level international organizations give 10 millions US dollars for a group of maybe 20 or 40 specialists in meditation and relaxation techniques all over the planet and all across the spiritual traditions to define, over a period of one year, a clear core of spiritual practices in a few books ? These books would allow many spiritual seekers from all traditions to get in touch with other sacred teachings or practices and a kind of religious unification based on mutual understanding will follow, bringing an end to all material and physical wars.


Point 2 : Savings.

I think that the main political change that we should put forward in our hearts and minds is “savings”. We should repeat this like a mantra in our everyday lives : ” savings, savings, savings…”.

Savings not to reduce the States’ financial debts or for whatever other macro-economic action, but to save planet Earth and especially its non-renewable resources. It seems at present to be the main issue. Many other problems are here of course but in modern days we have to stop all this crazy fossil fuel burning, because we stressed many times in this blog that petrol was for example a very precious material with great chemical and even maybe medical properties like many other minerals. Our denial of animality, vegetal kingdoms and ecosystems is even worst for the delicate mineral ecosystems.

The mining, drilling, sucking and scraping processes used during the extraction of minerals essential to the survival of our crazy profit logic driven systems create deadly substances and can possibly disrupt fragile balances in other ecosystems (see for example the polluting mining processes of petrol and phosphorus).

We have therefore to stop or greatly reduce all this mining processes and focus on the recycling of the mineral materials already extracted. The problem is that we have so much focused on petrol consumption during years and years that if we close or strongly reduce the petrol exploitation on planet Earth it would trigger wars. Pure sheer undiluted madness. 

Plastics coming from petrol are also problematic substances with a very low bio-degradibility. We should really focus on plastic alternatives coming from the vegetal world (corn for example), to avoid pollutions.

To globally reduce our need for cars would also reduce the future huge and predictable global needs for “green fuels” and save precious fertile lands for human and cattle food production.

Many different types of economies could be proposed :

1) Integration of all ecological costs (pollution, cleaning, recycling…) in all economic activities.

2) Increase in the price of non-ecological, “dirty”, means of transports, like individual cars, planes, high-speed trains… for example. The rise of prices (maybe double or more according to cases) and the reduction of the number of available seats will trigger a better understanding of the ecological emergencies to the users.

3) Used vegetable oils (coming from frying processes) that you can find in restaurants or other kitchens can be used as a fuel to power cars : you need only to add a few simple mechanical devices in your car engine to be able to use filtered second-hand vegetable oils. Millions of liters of fossil fuel could be saved very easily. The fumes are a little bit smelly, but in my opinion not worst than petrol fumes.

4) “Consume action”, that is to say to direct all the purchases for oneself or one’s family towards ecologically orientated objects and activities.

5) Savings on paper.

6) To accept fruits and vegetables that are not totally perfect. A small knife can heal in a few seconds such imperfections. This will globally reduce our need for pesticides and ease the transition towards organic farming.

7) Colors in homes and other collective living spaces are very important for the mood, but we should really find ways to create colors in our urban environments in a strong ecological and environmental friendly way.

8) To replace exotic ornamental flowers (which demand a lot of energy, fertilizers and pesticides to grow) by cultivated natural and local plants, herbs and flowers that can be easily grown.

9) Many old (and new) recipes and techniques all over the world can be tried to avoid using harmful chemicals. Talc powder (perfumed or not, with active medical herbs or not) can be for example easily used against all kinds of body odours, for example coming from the feet, or other perspiration problems. More and more books are dealing with these kind of natural techniques.

An example : to brush one’s teeth with a mix of unrefined grey natural salt and water, resembling sea water, plus possibly some essential oils like mint to refresh all this, can avoid the use of polluting (for our bodies and the environment) chemical toothpaste. Many different techniques have been used worldwide, across the cultures, to wash teeth with plants and minerals (for example branches of neem tree and other ayurvedic recipes in India) . We have to make researches in these natural directions, it will be better for the environment and our mouths.

10) To take showers a little bit less hot (or heated in ecologically friendly ways).

11) To find ways to cook cereals and pulses with less energy (example : wooden boxes filled with old blankets where a steaming hot big pot full of pulses can be left during two or three hours, it greatly reduces the cooking time).

12) According to some news coming from Aljazeera English (a very interesting and dynamic channel not only about the Muslim world but also about all what is happening in the world), some experiments were made to give light to underprivileged shacks in slums (in Indonesia maybe) just with a plastic water bottle and some water. This is very simple : you fill a big two liters water bottle with water. You make a hole in the metallic roof of the small house. You seal the bottle full of water inside this hole with half the bottle outside and half inside the room. The sun rays go through the water upper and gives an equal reflection to all the water in the bottle. This gives light to the room. Very clever.

13) Intelligent and non-violent use of animal energy, as in the past : horses, cows, bulls, oxen, mules… For example it seems that horses, when intelligently trained, are very beneficial to vineyards works in organic farming in France.

14) To reduce the number of our pets (mainly dogs, cats, birds…). While keeping alive all the races and genetic diversity of cats and dogs, let’s try to focus on the care directed to all the abandoned and laboratory animals. Cats and dogs can easily become nearly pure vegetarians. I know a friend who had a cat and was in special conditions where he could not give meat to his cat. He was feeding him with a mixture of fresh eggs and soft white bread. It seemed in good health.

You can find some interesting internet sites about vegetarianism for pets. Pets can be replaced by live plants (in pot) if you feel connections with the vegetal forms. Live plants can greatly improve the global vibrations of a house. Plants seem to like music, reiki and other loving energies. Some persons say that talking to plants is beneficial to them (maybe are they sensitive to love or positive thoughts…).


Point 3 : Three fundamental sets of questions for our spiritual and religious leaders.

As a disciple of the highest spiritual teachings, as a spiritual seeker, as a human being, my questions to the religious and spiritual leaders of the world would be :

Birth rates and overpopulation :

Don’t you think that we are enough on Earth to be totally happy and satisfied ? Don’t you think that God, planet Earth, all the most beautiful human moral values, and all the individuals of the planet want to survive, live happily and peacefully in order to obtain a true understanding of the nature of God ? Don’t you think that planet Earth faces a huge overpopulation problem and that humanity needs to reduce its growth to avoid possible disasters ? So why don’t you say to all the persons who have deep faith and trust in you to use contraceptive methods ?

Hajj pilgrimage :

 Approximately two millions pilgrims go to Mecca every year for Hajj. I know that Hajj is a very important thing for all Muslims, but is it not a kind of devotion to a gross material symbol ? In Islam, an important point is the formless, indescribable nature of God, hence the fact that we should not describe or represent God or the Prophet.

Since we are in a deep ecological crisis and that moving several millions pilgrims every year demands a lot of energy, would not it be better, like some Sufi saints explained, to accept the fact that God is in its best form in our hearts and souls ? Here, now, each second, each minute, everywhere, full of love and compassion for all the creatures, and not something dependent on some mandatory pilgrimage ?

Sin and psycho-active drugs :

Have you ever sinned, physically or mentally ? Can you imagine that some persons may do so ? Don’t you think that all the sinful persons can slowly better themselves and become true beings full of love, clarity, compassion and understanding ? Don’t you think that this change will or can take time, through an evolution, a transition ? Therefore why don’t you allow all the persons addicted to what we usually call drugs, “psycho-active” substances, from cannabis to the worst possible drugs like heroin, to have access to their substance in a peaceful, socially accepted, legalized, nationalized, clarified way in order to heal  themselves, consciously, quietly, progressively until they don’t need any more these kind of substances to reach states of religious peaceful consciousness ?

Why don’t you fight against the so-called “democratic moral” powers and organizations which prohibit the use of these substances used since ages by all people on Earth to reach experiences of modified or religious states of mind (see for example the incredible amount of healing techniques linked to psycho-active substances in shamanism, corpus of knowledge that should in my opinion be classified in the immaterial heritage of humanity), creating ecological damages, violent black markets, judges, jails, adulterated substances… ?

Psychic healing, shamanism and other spiritual practices part 2


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Point 4 : Electronic repetitive music and shamanism.

Younger, I spent a few years travelling all around Europe, mainly by hitch-hiking. I was visiting communities, ashrams, cities, doing mainly farm works. Hitch-hiking is interesting : you can travel for a moderate price, you save fuel and you meet sometimes very interesting persons. You just have to know the basic rules to defend yourself, but generally speaking it is quite safe (some organizations propose now to make contacts through internet between available cars and hitch-hikers. It is maybe safer and more convenient).

One day, I was in an underground electronic party in London suburbs. Hot, rhythmic, tribal. One of the girl was totally absorbed in her movements, with closed eyes, a very beautiful dancer. On her T.shirt was written : “The answer is on the dance floor”.

A few years later, one of my best techno party experience was in the early hours of a minimal techno party in a small forest near Firenze (Italy). The wild Indians tribe. Sun was rising, illuminating the green shades of the forest leaves. The most beautiful, original and atmospheric techno music that I had ever heard was flowing smoothly. Deep feeling of love and unity between the last dancers throwing their final drops of energy in a frenzy of jerky dance movements. A beautiful experience.

I personally never use strong psychedelic drugs (ecstasy, LSD, amphetamines, cocaine…) during electronic music parties. I think that the bass pulsations and other electronic repetitive effects are enough to create conditions for positive inner experiences. For example drum practices in shamanic traditions were not at all necessarily linked with the use of psychedelic substances, because psychedelic substances were maybe difficult to find in some areas or at some time. Therefore during certain healing or social rituals, shamans had to rely on drums only (or other means, like fasting, concentration exercises… what is called tapas in the yoga tradition), without the use of psychedelic substances.

So, even if the volume of the sounds during electronic parties is sometimes excessive, it is possible without any doubt (see for example the Sufi dervish who turn and turn until states of mystical extasis or enstasis happen) to reach spiritual states, trances, through drums, rhythmic sounds and dance without the use of psychedelic substances.

“Trances” can be divided into two main categories : extasis and enstasis. Enstasis are inner spiritual experiences that happen usually when the eyes are closed. Dhyana and samadhi experiences in yoga are typical examples of enstasis.

Extasis are a little more difficult to describe but always imply a notion of exteriority (at the opposite of the interiority of the enstasis). Out of Body experiences (OBE) are examples of extasis. Kundalini experiences can also be. Strong experiences obtained with psychedelic substances are mostly extasis (but can sometimes be enstasis experiences also, for example inner geometrical and colourful visualizations during psychedelic mushroom experiences).

Astral experiences are special types of experiences that begin with interiority (enstasis) but reach physical or subtle levels of exteriority (inner extasis). Example : while lying on a bed with closed eyes and a clear awareness, you can, with special techniques, mentally go out of the body and move with an “astral” body around the place where you stay. On special occasions these “astral” bodies can fly in other physical or spiritual dimensions, gather knowledge or realize spiritual actions (good or bad).

These kind of experiences are difficult to reach (and can even be dangerous according to the limitations of each individual). Nevertheless different techniques can be used. For example, while the eyes are closed, you can mentally visualize a tiny shining star in front of the closed eyes. When the image is stabilised, pray for this star to guide and protect in the best way possible your astral travel. Then concentrate on this star until it moves, follow it and see where you arrive.

Another interesting technique, maybe softer and simpler, is this one : close the eyes and begin to visualize in front of you a Buddha sitting on a beautiful and bright lotus. This can be whatever Buddha : the historical Buddha, a medicine Buddha or other spiritual Buddha. Try to visualize him with the greatest details and clarity, consciously and peacefully, relaxed. It may take a little time to reach this state of clarity and relaxation in the practice but once you get it, begin to practice devotion to the Buddha you visualize : give offerings, make pujas, ceremonies, rituals in order to please the Buddha and appease his mind. This will slowly purify your mind and strengthen your energetic body.

When you reach a fluent state in these visualizations and the devotion linked to them, when you feel sufficiently purified to begin the astral process, begin to retract from the visualization and identify yourself with a peaceful and clear state of mind, the kind of states that you would consider close to a Buddhist meditative state of mind.

After a few minutes being immersed into this peaceful state of mind, detached from external sensations or inner worries (state called pratyahara, withdrawal of the senses, in the yoga tradition), imagine yourself being surrounded by a powerful white circular aura. Feel this aura, strong and luminous. Then expand the aura to the size of the room where you stay, then the house, then the garden, the town, the region, the continent and finally the Earth itself (this aura being still in a circular form).

The practice should be highly visual : you should like identify yourself with the aura and see all these spaces and landscapes expand as if they were real, until your aura reaches the size of the Earth and that your consciousness is watching from a distance planet Earth, floating in the black subtle astral space where your consciousness now resides.

Remain in this state of visualization of planet Earth from a distance while you stay in this black, light, worry-less astral space. Identify yourself with this astral body. You should nevertheless remain highly conscious during the process (avoid torpor feelings or sensations) and be careful not to be physically disturbed in your meditation posture, whatever it may be, during the practice of this exercise, since the consciousness is completely shifted to another plane of consciousness (the astral one).

Take time to slowly build and strengthen these experiences, while always staying physically and mentally comfortable. Once you are satisfied by this concentration (dharana) on planet Earth and by your inner astral identification, you can then begin to expand your awareness to the surroundings of this astral world that you reached by practice.

From this point, after having prayed for the welfare of planet Earth, its ecosystems and humanity, you can begin to travel in the astral worlds.


Point  5 : Herbs and other psycho-active substances.

Many dry or fresh plants can have psycho-active or psychedelic effects (even green tea) and are used and studied since long time.

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra (IV,1) we find : “The accomplishments of the adept can be achieved by birth (janma), herbs (ausadhi), the recitation of revealed incantation (mantra) and penance (austerities, tapa)” (translation : Shyam Ranganathan).

I don’t think that this sentence means that we should use destructive drugs and substances to reach spiritual states, because the physical and mental health of the practitioner is important in yoga, but to recognize that herbs can, if correctly used, lead to spiritual states close to the ones obtained by spiritual means.

We will therefore try to discuss some of these psycho-active substances:

Cannabis is considered to be the softer one. It is not very addictive, gives mild psychedelic effects, can ease tensions, restore appetite… Nevertheless cannabis mixed with tobacco (like it is done in Europe) can be very addictive and create damages for the lungs. Smoking cannabis alone, especially frequently and at high doses can be dangerous also because cannabis contains a lot of tars (hence the necessity, if smoking, to smoke small quantities of very good quality cannabis, and not big quantity of low quality cannabis). The best way is maybe to ingest it after having transferred the active molecules to butter molecules through a cooking process (“Marrakesh cannabis butter”). Cookies or sweets with cannabis butter are already given to some patients for therapeutic use in some hospitals in some countries (Switzerland for example).

Nevertheless remember that strong doses of cannabis can produce powerful mental and physical experiences, so don’t begin with strong doses and try to do this with people who know this substance and can help you if there is any problem in the beginning.

You should also remember that repeated consumption of cannabis during long periods can create psychotic phenomena, de-socialization, splits within the personality or with the environment… (this kind of problems happen according to each individual specific condition). So be careful, use cannabis with moderation and respect. 

This kind of substance should not be used before  16 years old (and ideally before 18 years old) to let the nervous system freely develop itself. Early excessive consumption can have a negative effect on young psyche and comportment.  

Cocaine is often adulterated and if used in excess can lead to nasal and cerebral damages. It seems to greatly destroy some pleasure centers in the brain. Life without cocaine seems dull for a person used to it.

Cocaine production is also ecologically damaging. A lot of harmful chemicals are involved. The process begins, for example, by soaking coca leaves in a petrol bath during more than 24 hours. We should develop studies to extract the medicinal substances of coca leaves used since long time by South American people, with more natural, chemical safe and ecologically friendly ways for the body. 

Why not invent a paste to chew that would be more concentrated than the leaves and that would give the usual effects of coca chemicals : clarity, strength, luminosity, stamina… but in a softer way for the body and the brain of the users (a little bit like opium compared to heroin) ?

LSD and psychedelic mushrooms are very strong substances that should be approached with great care, especially by spiritual seekers, since they can disrupt subtle brain and energetic connections. Always try this kind of substances in quiet conditions, with persons more experienced, who can guide you through the many spiritual experiences and astral travels that you may encounter.

Heroin is the worst drug you can find. Like tobacco, never even think of trying things like this. Ecstasy is useless when you practice meditation and relaxation. Amphetamines are dangerous and were Hitler’s favourite drug (that can maybe explain a part of the madness generated during the second world war).

Personally, except cannabis, I tried ecstasy and psychedelic mushrooms a few times. Even the best quality ecstasy pills are useless and can be easily replaced during parties by mild doses of ingested cannabis. Psychedelic mushrooms trigger strong spiritual experiences (close to the LSD experience) but are dangerous, can create brain damages and psychological problems (psychosis mainly). A long and patient spiritual practice can give naturally experiences close to psychedelic mushroom experiences (for example kundalini experiences are close to psychedelic experiences). I personally never tried (and really don’t want to try this now, because meditation gives me sufficient spiritual experiences) LSD, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, ketamine… or other “smart” drugs.

All in all the regular use of such external substances should be avoided by persons engaged in spiritual quests. If you nevertheless want to use such substances, respect them, do some rituals and prayers connected to their use, try to build a sacred relation between you and the substance (like in shamanism). A general advice (for natural or “smart” drugs) would be to try to stabilize by spiritual means the states that you try to reach with external substances, it is more stable.


Point 6 : Positive affirmations.

I learnt the technique of positive affirmations with some good Indian reiki teachers from Delhi : Mr and Mrs N.K and Savita Sharma (Reiki Healing Foundation). 

Positive affirmations are short sentences repeated frequently, mentally or loudly, in order to achieve certain personal goals. It is a very interesting method, close to the one invented by Coue, a French psychologist.

For maximum benefit, positive affirmations must be simple and short. They should be formulated in the present tense, not in the future, as if the situation expected was already there. Positive affirmations should be expressed in the most positive way possible. For example, rather than saying “I no longer oversleep in the morning”, say ” I now wake up on time and full of energy every morning”.

Here are some examples of positive affirmations for various goals proposed by Mr. and Mrs. Sharma : “Every day in every way I am getting better and better ” / “I am a radiant being, filled with light and love” / “I have everything I need to enjoy my here and now” / “Everything I need is already within me” / “I love and appreciate myself just as I am” / “I love to love and be loved” / “I am an open channel of creative energy” / “I always communicate clearly and effectively” / “The more I have, the more I have to give” / “My higher Self is guiding me in everything that I do” … 

Some more developed sentences can be used for specific conditions. Example :

Elimination of stress : ” I am relaxed and at ease. I am at peace with myself, the world and everyone around me. I am physically and emotionally relaxed and in complete balance and harmony. Ultimate relaxation is mine, I am relaxed, relaxed”.

Health and healing : “Day by day in every way I am becoming healthier and healthier. My immune system functions at optimum efficiency and keeps me healthy, I use the unlimited power of my mind to heal myself”. 

Pain removal : “Day by day my discomfort is decreasing. I am relaxed and feel good. I am mentally healing myself and being healed. With every breath in I am healed, and with every breath out the pain is released. I am feeling great.”

Female sexuality : ” My sexual desires are intense. I easily achieve an intense orgasm during sex. I enjoy sex and respond openly and joyously to my partner”.

Worry and fear : ” I am confident and secure. I am calm and optimistic. I feel powerful and I am in full control of myself. I am peaceful, balanced and harmonious. My mind is calm and thinks positive thoughts. I am in control of my life”.

Inner peace : ” I am at peace with myself and the world and everyone in it. I accept the things I cannot change in my life. My mind is like calm water and has all I need. I now feel peaceful, balanced and harmonious, full of tranquillity, love and joy”.

You can obviously adapt, transform or take only parts of these positive affirmations. You can also create totally new ones. Practice them while in a meditative state during  10 minutes more or less each day, or during the day when you have time to mentally repeat them, a little bit like a mantra. This technique can help to soothe and sublimate negative feelings or patterns.

Psychic healing, shamanism and other spiritual practices part 1



Point  1 : Bhakti yoga : flowers at the feet of the Guru.

Yoga is a very vast spiritual tradition that cannot be reduced to physical work on postures, breathing, concentration (that is to say hatha yoga). Different paths can be found in yoga : we already talked about jnana yoga (yoga of knowledge, see the post “The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharsi”), but you can also find bhakti yoga (yoga focused on devotion to the Guru or to some special deity), karma yoga (yoga focused on social work with the idea that when you serve others, you serve God and indirectly yourself), Guru yoga (very ancient form of Yoga directed to the service of the Guru or the ashram in order to free the mind of the Guru, and of other spiritual seekers in the ashram, for spiritual purposes), raja yoga (literally “royal yoga”, a synthesis of all other forms of yoga aiming at the highest states of meditation). You can also find lots of minor yoga paths like yoga nidra, kundalini yoga, krya yoga, ayurveda and cooking techniques, yoga for pregnant women or for children…

The general goal of all these different practices is to direct the individual energies towards positive spiritual objectives.

Yoga, despite its ancient origins (Vedic scriptures, and even before that, Indus civilization), is still in an active dynamic creative process. Many new yoga schools and teachings emerge here and there (see for example the idea of ecological yoga described in the post “Santosh”, point 8), traditional or not, good or bad. Try to find the path or the type of teaching that suits you best and then keep practising on this path as long as you can before shifting to other teachings or practices. 

I will try to present some very simple forms of practices found in bhakti yoga (devotional yoga).

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra (second century CE), devotion, meditation upon the Lord or the Guru (Isvara pranidhana) is one of the  fundamental practices (niyama) of yoga :

Yoga Sutra II, 32 : ” The five observances (niyama) are purity (sauca), contentment (santosa), penance (tapah), self-study (svadhyaya), and surrendering to, and reflection on, the Lord (Isvara pranidhana).” (translation : Shyam Ranganathan). 

Isvara pranidhana is at the same time intellectual reflection, meditation on Isvara (the inner and outer main yogic deity, which can be compared to the Atma, the Self, the Guru, God…) and devotion (heart chakra practices).

A good way to practice Isvara pranidhana is to gather objects symbolically related to some great spiritual teachers or teachings and to direct devotion towards these symbolic objects.

A photo or an image of a Guru or a deity are usually powerful means to focus devotion. But in some religions, for example in Islam, it is not correct to produce physical representations of God or of the Prophet, so other objects can be found, like the Koran, images of Mecca, calligraphy representing the name of God, Sufi poems… This kind of logic is very old and can be found even in prehistoric animism with the cults directed towards stone or wood sculptures, special natural places (lakes, caves, mountains…), trees or animals…

I think that Isvara pranidhana is not something like an idol cult. It is more a way to ease the concentration on the spiritual dimension by giving concrete forms to the persons who have difficulties understanding the formless nature of God. It is a very comprehensive view of religion (“One God but many paths leading to Him” is one of the main religious idea found in Hinduism) and has been frequently and wrongly viewed by external religions and intellectual systems (Islam and then British colonial power) as a kind of animism type idol cult (but in fact it is just a way to focus the mind towards the spiritual dimension).

Each one will be attracted towards special teachings, masters or practices, but I personally feel a close connection with Sri Ramana Maharsi. At the very center of his Teachings is silence : according to him, silence during the relation Guru-disciple is the most efficient way to obtain a correct and direct understanding of his Teachings. Words are just here to organize the knowledge, calm down tensions or doubts, but he often stated that the correct understanding of his Teachings comes from silence, the beautiful quietness and clarity of peaceful conscious silence.

Therefore looking silently at his photo in a comfortable meditation posture is a way to connect with one of his most important Teaching. It is a form of Isvara pranidhana that can obviously be reinforced by the reading of his writings. We have to note that most of the material about Sri Ramana Maharsi’s Teachings are a few books and a collection of his discussions with visitors coming to his ashram. Most of his Teachings were intuitive answers to particular questions and circumstances. They show at the same time the deepness of his mind and understanding, and the profound spiritual integration of all the themes he was talking about. A truly and fully Enlightened soul, in other words, a Buddha.

Incense, flowers, candles, stones, water pots… can be placed around the photo in a quiet and peaceful place to reinforce the effect. You can without any doubt practice these forms of Isvara pranidhana with other great hindu or buddhist Guru or sages : Buddha Sakyamuni of course, Patanjali, Sankara, Milarepa, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Ma Anandamayee Ma… (for the most traditional and recognized ones).

But it can also very easily be done with other spiritual masters coming from other traditions : Jesus, Mahomet, Moses, deities, spiritual Buddhas…


Point  2 : Reiki guide.

I would like to present you a beautiful book about reiki written by S.Modi : Reiki guide. Usui, Tibetan and Modern Techniques. (New age books editions. website : 

Besides giving very interesting general remarks about reiki practices, philosophy and energetic works, the author focuses her attention on symbols. Reiki uses mainly 4 symbols but these symbols have to be transmitted during reiki initiations made by reiki masters (usually one or two days courses for each initiation. There are 3 to 4 levels of initiation according to each specific reiki school or tradition). Nevertheless S.Modi presents many other symbols which are not specific to reiki and can therefore be used without being initiated to any reiki level. 

Page  63 : “It is one’s intuition which guides which symbol is to be used in a particular situation for a person. There comes a time when the compassion and love for others develop so much in a healer along with the spiritual development that he does not need to use any symbols. His bare intention to do good to others will manifest his goals.”

Some symbols that I find interesting and that I often use for me or other persons, according to circumstances, are : integrate / gratitude / fire serpent / sakti / vajra / courage / om / jal chakra / bona / agnipa / drishti stambhah / arogya / santosh / budhikari / charging medicine.

You should however be careful to choose a correct reiki teacher if you want to pass a reiki initiation. The teacher should come from a recognized reiki school with the teachings coming directly from Mikao Usui (the founder of reiki) and his direct disciples. Try to visit and talk with several teachers, inform yourself, read some books and then choose the teacher with whom you feel the more connected. Reiki is a good spiritual practice, especially if you begin in the field and if you want soft and loving practices. The only problem is that it is a little costly.


Point 3 : Psychic healing.

Reiki is interesting at a spiritual level and can easily heal emotional and mental issues. I nevertheless feel that reiki is not very efficient at a physical level, to cure actual physical illnesses.

Lots of different mental and psychic healing forms exist but they can potentially present some difficulties : mainly need for a lot of external (psychic or physical) energy coming from the healer to compensate for the lack of energy in the patient; and absorption by the healer of bad karma coming from the patient.

Psychic healing techniques are therefore delicate and the healer must be in good physical and mental health to perform them. One of the most interesting method that I know comes from a book written by the American healers Benjamin O.Bibb and Joseph J. Weed : The science of psychic surgery. The methods described in this book are quite unconventional, unusual, very intuitive and not rational at all. Nevertheless they can give interesting healing results.

Basically, according to the authors, our personalities are made of three different things : body, mind and what they call “inner mind”. The inner mind is the intelligent conscious and unconscious working force in our individual bodies and minds. It is the force that make us develop from one or two cells to a full-grown adult. It is the force behind the balances of the hormones, heart beats, regeneration of tissues… It is also the force behind our hundreds of nearly unconscious activities (like driving a car, working or walking…) and in charge to protect us. The inner mind is in a way not far from the concept of soul.

The inner mind is a very powerful healing force and can be contacted by the healer in order to correct imbalances in the body, mind or aura of the patient. Basically the healer does not use his own energy to initiate a healing but contact the inner mind of the patient and show him through powerful creative visualizations how to correct the problems.

Most of the techniques described in the book can be organized in three parts :

1) to get by different means a mental meditative contact with the inner mind of the patient.

2) to diagnose the problem with an “inner mental eyesight” checking the physical and subtle dimensions (this is maybe the most delicate point).

3) to suggest to the inner mind of the patient strong powerful and symbolic healing procedures in order to correct the problem diagnosed.

Since this method is an inner spiritual method, it does not obey the time and space laws and constraints and you can heal persons at a great distance by the same method.

Results are usually quick (when the practices are correctly done) and, like homeopathy, acupuncture or other alternative healing methods, can be interesting in cases where modern medical technology and knowledge have no apparent easy solution to some specific problems. It requires some basic medical knowledge and a little bit of time and practice to get the first results (a few months) but these first healing results bring faith in the efficiency of the method and ease the progresses.

It brings spiritual benefits to the healer (enhanced concentration; basic knowledge about aura and energetic work; development of subtle sensations; ability to go easily into astral worlds; focus of morals, knowledge and compassion towards healing others…) and can also be applied to healing animals and plants.

The main problem of this technique, if there is one, is that this kind of spiritual channel to get in touch with the inner mind of the person you want to heal can also be used for negative spiritual practices (black magic). You therefore have to learn to connect and disconnect to the practices by creating small and simple stereotyped opening and closing rituals : a few deep breaths, some relaxation techniques, some prayers to some deities who can guide and protect you during the healing work… and allow you to return to your daily activities in the best way possible.

Try to learn how to quickly reinforce your aura or energetic body by, for example, visualizing a powerful white light permeating all the aura. You can also imagine yourself at the beginning and end of the exercises under a shower of powerful divine or spiritual light that will clean all atoms and cells of your physical and energetic body until a fresh and soothing sensation is obtained.

Another problem is that self-healing is sometimes a little bit difficult with this method. Nevertheless some techniques do work. I, for example, heal nearly all my headaches (90% maybe) since 2 or 3 years with a technique coming from this book. It is better and quicker than a pain-killer. You can try it if you want :

If you have a headache (or if you feel the first symptoms), lie on your back, put your hands on each temple and imagine that a powerful current of shining white light is running through the center of your right hand into the head and goes out from the center of you left hand. Try to maintain this visualization as clear as possible during two or three minutes. If the headache is strong repeat the process one time. Relax and then repeat the same process but with a beautiful shining, clear, subtle and refreshing blue light, during one minute more or less. Disconnect and go back to your normal activities. Repeat the technique after half an hour if there is still some pain. If the technique is not efficient (for example beginners with insufficient concentration power) after one hour, take a pain-killer, don’t insist.

The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharsi




Ramana Maharsi, the philosopher of the Self


I am currently reading and meditating on a good book written by David Godman about the great South Indian jnana yogi who gave important philosophical and metaphysical teachings at the beginning of the 20th century : “Be as you are, the Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharsi” (Penguin editions).

Maybe a good summary of Sri Ramana Maharsi’s Teachings is that we have to find in ourselves and identify with the states coming from the ineffable (unspeakable) joy and feeling of love inherent in the understanding (obtained by philosophical inner investigation, vichara, or meditation, dhyan and samadhi) that the Self, or Atman, is All.

Some excerpts coming from the book mentioned above :

page 85 : ” Love itself is the actual form of God. If by saying, “I do not love this, I do not love that”, you reject all things, that which remains is swarupa, that is the real form of the Self. That is pure bliss. Call it pure bliss, God or atma, or what you will. That is devotion, that is realization and that is everything. If you thus reject everything, what remains is the Self alone. That is real love. One who knows the secret of that love finds the world itself full of universal love”.

page 93 : “Q : How is one to decide upon a proper Guru ? What is the swarupa [nature or real form] of a Guru ?

A : He is the proper Guru to whom your mind is attuned. If you ask, “How to decide who is the Guru and what is his swarupa ?”, he should be endowed with tranquillity, patience, forgiveness and other virtues ; he should be capable of attracting others even with his eyes just as a magnet attracts iron ; he should have a feeling of equality towards all. He who has these virtues is the true Guru, but if one wants to know the swarupa of the Guru, one must know one’s own swarupa first. How can one know the real nature of the Guru if one does not know one’s real nature first ? If you want to perceive the real nature or form of the Guru you must first learn to look upon the whole universe as Guru rupam [the form of the Guru]. One must see the Guru in all living beings. It is the same with God. You must look upon all objects as God’s rupa [form].”

page 190 : ” Q : Theosophy speaks of fifty to 10,000 year intervals between death and rebirth. Why is this so ?

A : There is no relation between the standard of measurements of one state of consciousness and another. All such measurements are hypothetical. It is true that some individuals take more time and some less. But it must be distinctly understood that it is no soul which comes and goes, but only the thinking mind of the individual, which makes it appear to do so. On whatever plane the mind happens to act, it creates a body for itself; in the physical world a physical body and in the dream world a dream body which becomes wet with dream rain and sick with dream disease. After the death of the physical body, the mind remains inactive for some time, as in dreamless sleep when it remains worldless and therefore bodiless. But soon it becomes active again in a new world and a new body – the astral – till it assumes another body in what is called a “rebirth”.”

page  205 : ” Q : In the case of persons who are not capable of long meditation, will it not be enough if they engage themselves in doing good to others ?

A : Yes, it will do. The idea of good will be in their heart. That is enough. Good, God, love, are all the same thing. If the person keeps continuously thinking of any one of these, it will be enough. All meditation is for the purpose of keeping out all other thoughts.”