Ecological democracies part 1

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In the post “A spiritual experience with Sister Earth”, we talked about some possible future evolutions (if humanity continues its predominant western way of living). They all seem rather gloomy and we will talk about the first possibility, namely “ecological dictatorship”. We will begin by very general remarks.

I already said in the post “A spiritual experience with Sister Earth” that I don’t like the concept of dictatorship because this kind of political form has been used for ideological reasons that I personally don’t appreciate. All the historical left or right dictatorships (Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot…) are more or less at the opposite of my political vision of things.

I think that more than a dictatorship we need political forms (locally, nationally, internationally) with a strong moral dimension. We already stressed the fact that in the present-day conditions we have to focus mostly on ecological moral ideals and socially on three basic moral demands (no theft; no useless violence; no deceit. See the post “Santosh”, second point). In my opinion we don’t necessarily need strong changes in the political forms and structures, nor revolutions, but an increased awareness of the ecological issue and the will to apply simple and intelligent moral principles, at all levels of the societies, and most importantly at the top of the decisional apparatus.

Obviously, such changes in the global direction, movement, of our societies might appear as a kind of dictatorship for some persons, especially those who don’t have a really strong connection with the ecological issues. Nevertheless, we have to remember that :

  1. Freedom is not absence of constraints. Freedom seems to flourish when a few basic moral demands are accepted and applied (the basic social rules for an harmonious and healthy society). For the moment we face ecological problems and non-renewable resources and energies exhaustion. If we forget this, we may face huge problems in a near future (compared with a normal human’s life expectancy), loss of freedom being precisely one of these problems, see the end of the post “A spiritual experience with Sister Earth”.
  2. It is a fact that our economic and social systems are full of rules and constraints, sometimes very heavy ones. The goal would not be to increase once more all these constraints but to re-direct efforts, energies and constraints towards ecological necessities while maintaining in the best way possible a global social cohesion. When these ecological necessities are integrated and applied, we will have to wait until the global ecological situation betters itself and then we will be able to work on a simplification/harmonization/sublimation of moral and social values.
  3. In democratic systems, each general election leaves roughly 45% of the total population dissatisfied with the result. It is difficult to please everybody and there will always be dissatisfied people. So let’s put these feelings in the background and let’s focus on the urgent ecological necessities, while we still have freedom for action.

We can also add that :

  1. Globally, most citizens are like children who follow the example of their parents (the persons in power). Citizens act accordingly to good or bad examples given by their leaders.
  2. Education is a great tool for transformation/improvement. Each citizen should understand the multiple dimensions of the ecological emergency. This work has more or less been done by all the persons interested by ecology, but we should extend this awareness to all levels of societies, without exception, because the ecological problems come from a sum of individual and collective actions. All of us are responsible of and concerned by all this.

It would be interesting for example to create an interactive internet site that could present basic knowledge about ecology and problems affecting Earth’s ecosystems, ways to solve them, practical environmental friendly activities and comportments, problems that don’t have any solution yet, links to other internet sites, references to develop the studies… This internet site would not only present information but also gather data, ideas, critics… coming from the users (this would speed up the researches). This site (or these sites) should be understandable by most of Earth’s citizens, regardless of their country or culture and it should be made, not by some kind of alternative, unofficial association or political movement (such internet sites do already exist. But it does not work ; the world is still burning at high speed non-renewable energies and resources) but by (it is important) the top of the hierarchy and the most recognized experts on the subject. Something official, clear, at the same time definite and adapted to each circumstances. Despite their role in the modern-day difficult situation, the top of the hierarchy should not be afraid to face criticism coming from the base of the pyramid, because if they don’t do anything about necessary ecological actions, then they will be more and more accused and responsible (in this life or in after-life) for future gloomy events.

So let’s imagine that at the highest international levels, all the highest ecological (and social) moral ideals are (finally) accepted as essential for the very survival of the planet, its ecosystems and human societies, and that all economic, political and social decisions would be centered around these necessities and ideals. This would already be a great step (and maybe the biggest) towards improvement. Next, the problem would be : how could we spread these changes to all levels of all societies in the most harmonious, healthy and efficient way possible ?

Many problems (rational or not) could come from different levels of human societies. We could sum-up a part of these problems under the term “resistance to changes”, that is to say, unwillingness to change despite the fact that changes are necessary.

A great part of these resistances may come from (physical and/or mental) habits. To change means to go out of one’s usual habits. For example when you begin a self-transformation work on negative habits then you realize that we are individually and collectively deeply attached to many good or bad, conscious or unconscious, habits.

Habits themselves are not really the problem : they reduce the necessity for thoughts and decisions and free the mind for other things. The problem comes from the consequences of the habits. We already stressed the fact that our (mental and physical) habits (the western way of living) have deep negative ecological and social consequences.

We have to change all this (if we want to avoid total destruction) but in my opinion the changes must be global and international to avoid splitting up the human societies into two groups : the ones who want to change and act accordingly and the ones who don’t want to change and just want to continue their social/ecological/physical/mental bad habits. This would only lead to fractures within the societies, dictatorships, revolutions… These changes in the habits must come not from the individuals (how can an individual or a sum of individuals change alone years of collective wrong actions ?), but from the top of the hierarchy, the decisional apparatus, the mind.

Resistances can come from many different factors : physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, ideological… An example of such resistances is what we could call “the idea of superiority”. This idea was at the center of the colonial logics during more than three centuries. It is still highly present in the western neo-liberal logics and has been applied to nationalistic logics : “our (western) nations are the best”. These logics have been adopted by nearly all nations on Earth (in order to imitate and/or protect from the western model). As a result each nation thinks that it is the best. It is a good logic to fuel the global economic competitions and wars, but unfortunately gives little room for the emergence of a collective ecological awareness.

Another consequence is this one : “since we are the best, why should we change ? Let the others change, work, transform, this is not our job”. Behind the logic “we are the best” or “we want to be the best” is often hidden the fact that this very superiority will exempt us from the moral demands and other constraints applied to the base of the pyramid (the classic “two morals” system : a moral for the base of the pyramid and a different moral for the top of the hierarchy. Personally I think that this “two morals” system is a deep fundamental and costly mistake). The base of the pyramid has the role of solving dirty, annoying or difficult problems, the ecological problem being one of these dirty problems.

If knowledge, education and increased awareness are not enough to initiate positive changes and if humanity continues its excessive use of non-renewable (social and material) energies and resources, then constraints, obligations and other restricting initiatives might be necessary to overcome résistances.

We will have to recognize and analyze these resistances, wherever they come from, and find ways to alleviate them, get round or break them directly or indirectly. This will be our collective work during the next 20 to 50 years. This will imply possible risks of splits, fractures within the societies. We also have to keep in mind that the forces underlying the resistances may transfer to other problems, take other forms, and we will have to find solutions to these other resistances until the problem is solved at a global level (this kind of logic can be found in psycho-analysis). We will therefore have to improvise, be alert, use delicate measures and rely on will and determination, because the process of improvement might be long.

Therefore it seems that the solution of inner changes and collective/individual ecological awareness is better. We have to improve collectively and individually our actions, and after this accept the other constraints (if they are rational, justified) that may be imposed by the top of the hierarchy (and which will depend on the extent of the ecological damages to heal). Moreover, in my opinion, the more we resist to necessary changes (at the top or bottom of the pyramid), the more these changes and problems will become important and difficult to solve or implement.

We can add two remarks :

  1. The solution is not necessarily to impose a unique ecological model on everyone (it would be close to a dictatorship’s logic), but to adapt the ecological logics and necessities to each condition, circumstance, individual or collective capacity, culture or theoretical system. For example, while at a global level the general directions are clearly defined, at a specific level each individual or collectivity will be attracted or feel close to particular practices or researches and will be more efficient at a global level than if they were forced to do the same things as everybody. It is therefore possible that beyond a basic universal core of ecological and social practices and obligations, many different possibilities for positive actions could allow a great deal of freedom and choices (exactly as it is the case in our modern-day systems : if you don’t kill, steal or destroy private properties, then you are free to do many things).
  2. We should not deny the notions of pleasure or happiness. The point is to attain pleasure or happiness by the most positive ways possible (ecologically and socially). We already talked about this in previous posts but we must stress the fact that to think that spiritual, ecological or moral activities are boring, annoying, difficult or heavy, is a mistake. Just check the amounts of energies and efforts necessary to enjoy a few seconds or minutes of material happiness and then compare them with the efforts to attain stable states of happiness with spiritual means. We have to change our habits. Meditation, relaxation or intelligent moral values are also habits, but habits which can free the individuals and the societies.


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Sometimes during the day some ideas come to me and I note them when I have time. Here are some examples of these ideas that happened recently and that I found interesting.



First, I tried to make another meditative contact (25.08.15, more or less 5 minutes) with the “entity” that I call “Earth’s soul” (met in the experience described in the post “A spiritual experience with Sister Earth”) to see if I could help in a way or the other and to see if there were other things to be said. I did get a contact but the interaction was really less dense than the last two times. I did not really get new information except the fact that the message had been understood and that it was enough. Nevertheless two important things were stressed :

  1. time for analysis is over, we have enough information and knowledge for the purpose (to alleviate Earth’s sufferings and to better, ecologically and socially, our human societies and actions), now it is time to act. We have to stop this huge energies and resources’ burning, each seconds counts. Shortly after, I received this idea that obviously, according to circumstances, action could mean non-action, protection, savings, understanding or inner work. Furthermore we have to divide our works and actions into three categories : positive, neutral and negative (for the purpose). Positive actions should be intensified and organized, neutral actions should be used as means for improvement, and negative actions should be more and more discarded.
  2. the second important point was that the root cause of many problems (and maybe most of them) is that humans have their mind agitated, restless, unstable, unclear, murky (ex : global hyperactivity, fear of death…). We have to calm our minds in order to reduce our negative (social and ecological) impacts.



I understand morals, ethics, as the intellectual bases for right, correct actions. It is very surprising that our western world that are so much focused towards action, effort, initiative, work… have so little morals in their intellectual systems. This can maybe explain the huge amounts of our destructive actions.

Moral systems are often complex and propose different conflicting values. Some moral values or principles are present in some systems and not in others : how can we make a correct choice ? Is it possible to find a simple and basic moral system that could be shared by all of us ?

We already began to give answers to these questions (see for example the post “The moral issue”) and we will try to give more details about them later, but for the moment we will accept this idea (see the end of the post “A spiritual experience with Sister Earth”) that in the present-day situation, we should first focus our actions and moral systems towards the realization of the highest ecological objectives possible (the survival of the planet and its natural balances, and the harmonious integration of mankind in its natural environment) and the highest social moral principles will follow (naturally).

At a social level we should in my opinion first focus on three fundamental values (see the end of the post “Please, let the oceans, the seas and the rivers survive”) : no theft; no useless violence; no deceit. If already these three very simple moral (social) demands were integrated and applied at all levels of society without exception, a huge, huge improvement in the totality of our human societies would appear.

Work is an absolute necessity, for the human collectivity and for the planet, there is no doubt about this. The clarification of the moral bases for action will reduce our negative impacts, improve our global vibration and help to build a strong base for the development of future generations (to go from a logic of total destruction/annihilation to the progressive elevation of humanity and its values to their highest degree, see the post “transformation part 3”).

We have to note that the gap between moral ideals and the present-day (individual or collective) situation can be stressful, exhausting. We have to go swiftly towards moral ideals (especially ecological ones) but we have to keep in mind that changes take time (and possibly energy). We should not wait anxiously for the results of our actions but continue our efforts until the situation slowly betters itself. We should stay calm and stable with the minds focused on the (individual and collective) objectives, despite the difficulties.

In the yoga philosophy, one very important value that the spiritual seeker has to develop, nearly from the beginning, is “santosh”, contentment, satisfaction. Santosh is not the joy or the happiness experienced during meditation. Santosh is more a light, positive, serene mood or state of mind, coming mainly from the idea (obtained by faith or personal experience) that efforts in the good direction, in the path of yoga, will give good, interesting fruits one day or the other.

Santosh is a foretaste of stable states of happiness, created a little bit artificially in order to : 1) avoid possible depression, sadness or de-motivation coming the spiritual quest 2) reduce the anxious expectations directed towards spiritual liberation.

Obviously santosh, contentment, does not imply the negation of effort and of the will to go beyond one’s limits.

The “smile practice” can be an application of santosh. Sit (or stand) quietly, close the eyes, relax the whole body as best as you can, take three deep breaths and smile. When it is enough for you, take three deep breaths, open the eyes and go back to your normal activities.

This smile can be big or small according to the needs and feelings of the moment. It can be a few seconds or a few minutes. Try to focus on two things : 1) the physical movements on the face connected with the smile  2) the states of quietness, contentment and mild joy coming from the practice.

This technique can be interesting for depressive phases happening during the self-transformation work or during an external positive (ecological or social) work. With practice you will be able to go into a positive state of mind in only a few seconds, and after a while, the only gesture of smiling (in normal life, without the practice of the technique in itself) will trigger nearly automatically these positive states of mind.

You will also notice that maybe at the beginning, especially if you are in an unhappy state of mind, the smiles will be large and even exaggerated (to counteract the negative mood), but with practice the smile will be lighter, subtler (and even quasi invisible), more stable and will nevertheless trigger the same (or better) states of contentment or happiness.



To have a quiet mind is not to have an empty mind (the necessity or objective of an “empty mind”, that you often find in spiritual writings, comes only with the highest stages of meditation). On the contrary when the mind is quiet, harmonious, peaceful, relaxed, then it is possible to reach qualities of thoughts, perceptions, knowledge, intuitions much better and clearer than what you can find in a natural “undisciplined” mind. You can for example focus much more easily with a quiet mind than with an agitated mind.

When the mind is jumping continuously, chaotically and unconsciously from one thought to the other like a monkey jumping from branch to branch, then the individual can with only great difficulties be at rest, because he is engrossed in this perpetual flow of thoughts, perceptions and unconscious connections. In a way he is this perpetual mental flow. We have to remember that we mainly identify ourselves with two things : body and mind. On the contrary when the mind is peaceful, harmonious, quiet and efficient, then the individual identifies himself with these qualities.

Therefore to have a quiet or peaceful mind means efficiency, clarification, concentration and sublimation more than annihilation of inner life.

Two directions in order to achieve this goal can be put forward :

  1. if the mind does not have any coherent knowledge organization then the mind is searching, generates a lot of thoughts and does not have a correct basis for action. Morals stems from knowledge. Therefore it can be interesting to find or create small (and easy to remember and apply) knowledge organizations in order to give answers to (or condensate) the huge number of conscious and unconscious metaphysical questions. We have to remember however that verbal knowledge can only be an approximation of what reality really is. Therefore each of us should find the most sensible knowledge organization possible (with personal intuitions or elements coming from outside theories, see for example the post “The ultimate metaphysical theory part 1”).
  2. the satisfaction of desires and the protection from fears also ask a lot of energy and thoughts (hence a work on these two mental phenomena in a lot of spiritual traditions in order to redirect these energies towards more positive or spiritual goals).



Human beings direct a lot of will, energy, intelligence and technology into the medical field to : increase life expectancy; reduce sufferings and repair the defects of human bodies.

Why couldn’t we direct the same amounts of efforts and energies towards the healing of our planet ? It would be close to an holistic vision of medicine, and not only an individualistic, human, vision of medicine. Indeed, what is the use of healing human bodies and minds when the base, the substratum where they grow (planet Earth and its balances) completely deteriorates and cannot work properly ?

We give immense privilege to human mind and its powers, and we have a kind of disgust, contempt and/or indifference for our bodies and the planet Earth, for Nature. The vision of yoga is interesting because it considers our bodies as possibilities of transformation, elevation, sublimation and not as enemies, hindrances or something sinful. The body must be understood, purified and controlled in order to reach a real development of the mind. Yoga does not put the emphasis on a contempt of the body but on the knowledge of its physical and subtle workings, notably the interactions between the body and the mind. We have to note that Buddhism in its spiritual form focuses mostly on the last stages of yogic meditation and does not perform a thorough work on the body before meditation as it is taught in traditional hatha yoga.

Therefore we have to work on a pacification/acceptance/integration of our relation to our bodies and to the planet. To go against the idea that Nature is morally or fundamentally bad and in opposition to the essential desires and objectives of human beings, we could say that this is maybe just a postulate. Some Indian philosophical systems (yoga for example) affirm that Reality or Nature (prakrti) is fundamentally good and that its goal is to help the souls to be liberated. These kind of apparently strange ideas or theories, coming with high probabilities from inner visions or experiences, should not be discarded outright, because our realities are not made up of only the material world (see the post “Everything exists” and  “The ultimate metaphysical theory part 2”).



We have to put all the researches and manipulations in genetics, chemistry, nuclear energy, weapons of mass-destruction… under a strict moral and democratic control.

We should also inject state democratic moral control into the productive and financial sectors, especially for ecologically and socially sensitive activities. This would correspond to the vision of a fusion between communism/socialism and capitalism/liberalism (rather than an opposition between these theories, see the previous posts). Without nationalizing everything, like in the communist systems, states, in my opinion, should become stronger (on a moral level) and more protective, not only at the national level but also, most importantly, at the international level. Persons in power should be at the service of moral ideals (and not the contrary). The tendency inherent in neo-liberalism to denigrate states and their potential and actual protective dimensions, triggers deep sadness in me.



Even if, in my opinion, the idea of Basic Income (see the previous posts) is really great and could be a solution to many problems, I think that we should not focus on this objective right now. It would create too much debates, adaptations, modifications, superficially and fundamentally. What we need now is positive and intelligent actions to deal with the present-day problems affecting Earth and human societies. We have to deal with the present-day problems to avoid being completely submerged by future more important and maybe unpredictable problems.

The beginning of the destruction process began a long time ago already. We have to stop it before it’s too late, do the best we can to alleviate the present-day problems, and maybe we will be in a better position to face the (in my opinion) inevitable, and maybe unpredictable, future problems that will emerge.

We could for example use the future huge amounts of expected population movements across the planet as a way to globally question our traditional views and systems (philosophical, legal, administrative, social…) and invent profoundly and for a long period something better, new and adapted to modern-day conditions.



Try to find a viewing point on a ring road or a beltway. Stay as long as you can, one, two or three hours, watching the perpetual movement. Hear the noises, smell the fumes. Try to forget all these individuals in their cars, and feel this movement, these metallic boxes going round at full speed on the asphalt, the physical heat and the emotional coldness they generate.

When you cannot anymore, when you fell disgusted by all this, stop and multiply the movements that you saw by all the cities and countries that you know or saw on TV. Each second, each minute, each hour. Going round and round. Try to feel the energies burnt and lost. And now try to find if there are good reasons for all this (except our pitiful egos, our agitated minds and hundreds of superficial and unimportant problems).

I read somewhere that each second on this planet more than 500.000 persons are flying in commercial planes (I think it was 800.000 but I am not sure). All this for profit reasons.

Don’t ask me what I think about this : I am disgusted. The main question is : what to do ?



We could try to create a new form of yoga, the ecological yoga. In this form of yoga, all efforts, energies, moral ideals, knowledge, physical and spiritual practices would be directed towards the understanding of ecology and the preservation of planet Earth’s natural balances (and not only towards self-liberation). To direct one’s efforts towards the resolution of humanity and Earth’s problems.

Many different things can be practiced very easily and quickly without having to move to distant locations : we already talked about the psychological and spiritual analysis of our taste habits to overcome our overconsumption of animal products (see the post “Please, let the oceans, the seas and the rivers survive”). To be detached from our taste habits can ease the transition towards vegetarianism and semi-vegetarianism. Learn to be patient and to wait. Try to take cold or lukewarm showers rather than hot ones, it is more energetic. Learn to withstand hunger. Learn to withstand cold or hot weather without modern technological devices. Try to use less harmful chemicals in your house or at work. Weed manually instead of using weed-killer. Try to understand animal and vegetal forms around you…

Correction of a mistake

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I forgot to tell you that some time ago, I received some news from a member of the MIPB, the small association behind the political program presented in one of the first posts “Presentation of the political program of a small association run by some friends”.

In the post “Some inventions that could change the world” I said that one of the member of the MIPB had invented a system to stock electric energy with the help of gravitational energy. I also used this idea in the post “transformation part.1”. He told me that unfortunately this idea, despite all efforts and attempts, cannot solve the problem of electric energy stocking because the amounts of energy stocked cannot be huge. Only some small electronic and electric devices like computers or some LED lights could work with this kind of system. But a “normal” house (with washing machine, oven, fridge, television, electric heater…) cannot be backed-up by such gravitational devices because the amounts of energy needed are too big. So I would like to apologize on my behalf and on their behalf for these mistakes.

The most deadly nuclear energy gave to mankind really huge amounts of electricity. It was like a dream for our political and economic leaders : vast amounts of nearly free energy, an energy directly coming from our scientific knowledge, from our technological progress ! Since electricity cannot be stored (or only with great difficulties) with modern available technologies, the solution was simple : let’s use all this power. So billions of energy consuming devices and gadgets were created in order to use this huge amount of energy. All these electric devices were directed towards one goal : to satisfy all the possible needs and desires a human being can dream of, even the most useless ones. In this way, the citizens were happy, a maximum amount of profit and business was made, and the emotional and social structures of the pyramidal power were strengthened.

Many big problems were left aside :

  1. Without talking about the dangers of accidents coming from nuclear plants themselves, nuclear energy creates deadly nuclear wastes which remain highly toxic during literally millions of years. For the moment, unless unexpected good news, nothing has been found to solve this problem. Our huge and nearly pathological over-use of energy results in this fact : since 150 years we steal from future generations all the petrol, coal and natural gas available on planet Earth, and now we offer them tons of nuclear wastes. (Maybe, consciously or unconsciously, we hope that “scientific progress” will go on and that future generations will find a solution to nuclear wastes. But what if there is no fundamental or technological solution to these deadly wastes ? From a natural substance (natural radioactive ores) and many processes, we extract huge amounts of energy and create a totally new artificial substance with the most deadly vibrations. This shows at the same time the power of our intelligences and their danger, especially when guided by irrational or useless desires and poor philosophical and metaphysical knowledge. Intelligence is a tool which can create or destroy. See for example the destructive effects of human intelligence on the natural ecosystems’ balances).
  2. Since power, watts and energy consumption were not the problem, researches were not focused on energy savings (but on satisfaction of human desires). As a result, we fulfill our needs and desires with a full range of electric devices which consume a lot of energy. If we want to replace nuclear energy with natural renewable and ecological energies (without working on a reduction of our needs), then we will have to make further researches to really harness the power inherent in the natural cycles (of course in the most ecologically sustainable way, if we want to survive). For the moment we are very far from this goal.
  3. All these sometimes useless electric and electronic devices require a lot of chemicals and rare minerals and are hard to recycle. They fuel a cycle of perpetually new desires for new sophisticated (and vain) needs. We should, at least, stock all these electric devices and take time to fully restore or recycle them rather than destroying them quickly and without any care.
  4. As we already noticed it, nuclear energy comes from natural radioactive ores which are also non-renewable and will be depleted one day. Nuclear energy is therefore (at least in the present-day available technologies) not something infinite and cannot guarantee energetic supplies in the long run.
  5. Last, but not least, a huge majority of the western world became highly dependent on these electric devices and gadgets to the point that nowadays most western people cannot imagine living without them and would be ready to destroy anything or anyone that could take them away from these electric devices, exactly as a fully-dependent drug addict would do if separated from his substance. Satisfaction of desires has made us weak and dependent on the emotional and material levels. We have difficulties imagining happiness (or normal life) without all the devices which constitute our modern lives. In one hundred years, electricity, petrol and chemistry have come between us and the world. We are so much engrossed in our vision of “progress” as satisfaction of desires that we cannot understand today that this so-called “beneficial material progress” leads us at full speed and with high probability towards a dangerous wall (the end of natural non-renewable resources and energies).

So, what to do ?

First, and we already talked about this in previous posts (see the posts “Transformation part.1” and “Free energy and perpetual motion”), it would be interesting to blend the researches coming from three distinct fields :

  1. Extraction of energy coming from natural cycles (sun, wind, water, tides, geothermic…) in the best ecological way possible. Some new experiments have, for example, tried to use old mines to inject cold water underground : this cold water gets hot, goes up, generates electricity at the surface level, gets cold and goes down…
  2. Stabilization and stocking of electric energy in the best ecological way possible in order to stabilize the variations in the amounts of energy coming from natural cycles.
  3. Perpetual motion, diminution of resistances, free energy.

The researches should aim at producing ecological, efficient and long-lasting devices (see the post “The worst marketing strategy”) that each citizen could use to generate energy for himself and the society (if there is too much for individual needs). These devices could also be used by governments on a larger scale.

If sufficient money and efforts are invested in this direction then we will perhaps have the possibility to free ourselves from the law of entropy and its constraints. Indeed, if we create efficient devices to produce energy from natural cycles and stock it in ecological ways, then we will have a quasi perpetual motion, because the natural powers on Earth are huge and nearly infinite (because Earth’s life expectancy is higher than humanity’s life expectancy).

Why these devices have to be ecological ? We already stressed the fact that, in the present-day situation, if we really want to settle on planet Earth (not only a few decades, but much, much more time, millions of years), we have to put the ecological imperatives at the center of all economic and social decisions. Nowadays the new mainstream technological trends are : nuclear energy and chemical batteries (for example to power all our useless cars). Chemical batteries are full of chemicals and, even if I am not a specialist, will one day or the other trigger two problems : exhaustion of the chemicals and minerals used to produce these batteries and difficulties to recycle (and/or destructive pollutions).

So these examples of not ecological devices will not fix the problem in the long run and will create still more pollutions and destructions. In my opinion, these kinds of quick and unreliable fixes have for only goal the preservation of the unsustainable western way of living. One day or the other we, or future generations (if they exist), will have to really solve the problem if we want to survive. So why not do this work now and create really sustainable ways of living from the beginning ? Even if the really ecological devices cannot give us full power right now, still we will slowly go out of nuclear energy in a sustainable way. We will then be in a good direction.

So you may think : if this problem is, as you say, so serious, why all the political and economic leaders, the ones who are here to protect us and organize everything in the best possible way, do not act firmly in the direction of a, socially and ecologically, sustainable way of life ?

Let’s try to develop some aspects of this question :

  1. First, I have to say that I am not the only one to say this. This is not a fantasy or a way to scare people without any reason. The problem is real, dangerous. Many (and maybe most of them) eminent scientists, experts and thinkers of many different fields also warn us that if we continue in this direction (the western way of living) then we will succeed in destroying, not only superficially, but deeply, internally, our world, our societies and all the delicate interactions and balances (natural, cultural, geographic, atmospheric, climatic…) which constitute our realities.
  2. I don’t see, at present times, any significant breakthrough in clean energies that could change the situation. So human societies continue their well-known destructive movement since decades without anything really being done. Worst, in a nearly suicidal logic, it seems that this movement of destruction gather momentum. Since there is no real (moral) power able to protect the last resources of the planet, all nations, companies and individuals run after the last drops of available energy in a frenzy of irrational actions, increasing once more our lethal impact on Earth’s ecosystems. Let’s not be fooled by the credits directed towards alternative clean energies. They are just a sham, especially when you compare them with the credits directed towards chemical batteries to power our cars, or military budgets.
  3. Our leaders know that our social and economic systems are highly complex and that they cannot, at present time, change a single thing without destroying the unstable equilibrium we depend on (an unstable equilibrium is, in physics, a state of equilibrium which demands, small or huge, amounts of energy to stay in this state of unstable equilibrium).

Therefore they found a (easy) solution : let’s do nothing and see what will happen.

This politics of non-action towards the immensity of our destructive actions is frightening. August 2015, for the moment humanity finishes the last drops of non-renewable energy and will be more and more dependent on nuclear energy. We already saw what kind of consequences this politics will have. Our world, especially the western world, will implode without energy. Add to this the end of other important resources (phosphorus, trees, fishes, drinking water, clean air, fertile lands…), plus social, cultural, ideological, religious and territorial tensions, and this potent mixture of hot gases will only need a small, and possibly unrelated, spark to explode violently.

The modern-day conflicts in the hot and dry areas of Middle East are not religious wars, they are dead end resources’ wars. Maybe they will become ideological wars (like capitalism against communism), for example morality and religion against liberalism and materialism, especially if the Muslim world stop fighting internally and start searching for the responsible of the world dramatic situation. The accused is easy to find and already found : the western world and its way of living.

But, in my opinion, it would be  a mistake to wage war. As the opposition communism/capitalism was a mistake (a better thing would have been a fusion between these two conflicting theories, for example with stronger welfare states, or stronger moral states that could regulate the economic jungle), the opposition between religious/moral world and freedom/neo-liberalism/materialism world would be a mistake. Let’s remember that wars are the worst possible energetic losses, and that’s really what we don’t need now (anyway, how are we going to fight without energy ? By going back to knives, swords, horses and crossbows ?). Better is fusion, harmony, mutual enrichment and respect.

Anyway the top of the pyramid does not care about wars, because they don’t fight themselves (the base of the pyramid does it for them) and because force, power, weapons, riches and intelligences are with them. They will be victorious and remain in their position despite the huge collective sufferings generated by their frightening non-action policies.

Some try to poetically describe wars as fires destroying a forest and allowing a regeneration of this forest. The human world does not obey the same laws as the natural world. In my opinion, our (human) goal is to go towards, individually, the happiness unrelated to external objects that you can find in the meditative researches and, collectively, the material and spiritual creation of Paradise, Pure Lands, on planet Earth (see the former posts). The burning furnace of a global third world war is, in my opinion, (like the first and second ones) not the goal of human beings, just an accumulation of very bad karma.

Moral values are not the (primary) objective of the top of the hierarchy. Their objective is their ego and their egoistical values : the survival of the privileges of the top of the pyramid.

We should all remember that the western pyramidal political form is made of a top making decisions, and a base following. Beyond all the beautiful freedom ideologies of our materialistic and neo-liberal totalitarian organizations, most of us are slaves of the system. It is not possible to destroy everything and the top of the hierarchy is hidden and well-protected. Present-day democratic systems are just a façade, remnants of political ideas issued two or three hundred years ago. Real power is now concentrated in obscure hands belonging to the hidden economic and political field.

So let’s not attack the pyramidal form, at least not directly or physically (this would create too much useless sufferings and fundamentally the pyramidal form is not the real problem, it is more the rotten values and individuals behind this strong present-day pyramidal form that are the problem), but we should all protect us, by all possible means, against its toxic consequences. For example, to become aware, fully conscious, of all these power games and desires, in their elaborate details, is already a way to become detached from their influence. Manipulation stems from ignorance.

A French philosopher (Clement Rosset, L’anti-nature) said : “Le pouvoir de l’ideologie repose sur le non-dit” which can be translated by : ” The power of ideology comes from non-saying”. The power of ideology comes from non-saying more than from lying. Lies are easy to discover and refute. By not fully developing the logical and intellectual basis of their theories, ideologies create a powerful void where (negative) emotions can enter and find an outlet for their destructive dimensions. Ideologies know, but hide from the general population this knowledge in order to gain power.

We could take for example the strong emotional basis of the intellectual constructions of racism. Huge amounts of anger, dissatisfaction and desires are focused towards an accused external group (Jews, Muslims, blacks, whites, yellows, red, browns, “underdeveloped” peoples…) being described as negative, dangerous, inferior or useless with little (or no) real intellectual, logical or rational justification (the underlying cause is, mostly and with high probabilities, more internal than external, our own internal violence which needs outer target and realization to avoid inner, social or individual, anguish and explosion). This creates great amounts of force and can possibly give political power. See for instance the present-day rise of right-wing extremist parties in western countries focusing on Arabs, Blacks, Indians, Chinese or whatever and fuelling a cycle of (racist and violent, physical and mental) actions and reactions, a little bit like nazism and the Jews.

You can also find these kind of ideological constructions in the opposition between humanity and animals/nature (justification of man’s domination over other species, too much meat eating and farm animal’s slavery); material world and values against inner/spiritual world (opposition between freedom/amorality and spiritual advancement and intelligent moral values); workers against non-workers (excessive moral value given to work, even the most useless and destructive ones, to support the pyramidal form and the privileges of the top of the hierarchy)…

We should therefore try to dissect and nearly psycho-analyze all the (hidden) logics, bias, choices, methods, tools, analysis, desires, objectives… of the world masters and in a way we will progressively be free from all these most immoral power games and propaganda. We could (see for example the French site SYTI. NET) talk about researches on cybernetics, androids and robots; fusion between cybernetics/electronics and biology/cells/living matter; electronic implants under the skin to replace credit cards and identity papers (“digital angel”); use of waves and vibrations as weapons and tools for social control; Haarp project; destruction of welfare states and social security systems; ideology of chaos and devil cult; genetic manipulations; generalized social manipulations and control; development of psychological, emotional and cerebral researches to create psychological or mental weapons; plus all the possible future scientific and technological gadgets that you can imagine to once again fully satisfy artificial dreams and desires at the base of the pyramid…

According to a leak coming from illuminati themselves, the goal of all this would be to reduce the world population from 6 billions to 50 millions ! It seems very little and I fear that this movement might not be, in the illuminati’s plans, peaceful and harmonious. How else than with wars, global destructions, hunger, thirst or diseases could they go from 6 billions to 50 millions ? Human pathological mind at its highest and most worrying degree. Frightening, dreadful.

I agree that the total world population should decrease. But I think that this movement should be peaceful (with contraception for example). What we need now is ecological education, not crazy and indomitable conflicts. Transition is better than revolution (especially if they are violent revolutions, like wars).

Let’s take time to change, but let’s (quickly) direct our steps in the good direction. In my opinion, we have collectively a maximum of 5 to 10 years to make changes (immediate announcement by Popes and Imams that contraception is a good thing in the present-day situation; significant breakthrough in clean energy; preservation of oceans and ecosystems; strong and reliable wind turbines to produce water (Eole water); diminution by (at least) half of the total farm animal’s massacre to increase global vegetal food supply; resolution of religious tensions and movement towards meditation, relaxation and inner researches; policies to reduce birth rates in India, China and other overcrowded regions; resolution of all conflicts, progressive reduction of all military budgets and programs and redirection of these energies and efforts towards more positive goals… see previous posts), if we want to avoid profound or total destruction (“point of no-return” in the destruction process).

May humanity be filled with courage, peace, love, compassion, harmony, stability, clarity, mutual understanding and happiness in order to overcome these huge difficulties and create a peaceful transition towards a more sustainable way of life.

Please, let the oceans, the seas and the rivers survive

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After the post “Phosphorus”, I would like to say that with or without phosphorus, we have to protect the oceans, the seas and the rivers.

Modern men in their sheer madness have forgotten the absolute necessity to protect the delicate ecosystems which constitute the totality of Earth’s reality. We shamelessly pollute soils, rivers and oceans as all these were dustbins. Millions of years of evolution and biodiversity are wiped out or severely damaged. We have to change quickly before it’s too late because once destroyed these delicate interactions cannot regenerate themselves (or only with great difficulties).

Here are some solutions :

  1. First, let’s reduce our use of chemicals and petrol-derived products because they are, like plastic bags, highly polluting substances and difficult to recycle materials. This will slowly reduce our pressure on natural balances, be they terrestrial or aquatic.
  2. Secondly, we have to reduce our endless appetite for fish and other sea-products. Let’s all stop the whole fishing process, let’s go out of the useless need to fish to survive (with basic income for example, see the post “Universal basic income”) and of the useless over-consumption of fish products ( see the post “Vegetarianism”). Let’s spend some time slowly rebuilding fishes communities, let the stocks slowly rise, maybe ten or twenty years without overfishing. We have to stop, make a break, or the oceans will not live long.
  3. Commercial fishing should be made under the strict guidance of experts and scientists to avoid overfishing. Small catches on particular places and times could be made and could allow a little fish and sea-products market for the persons who are still not totally vegetarians. Without any doubt it will be a less abundant market, and a more expensive one also (because the fishermen will have to earn their living with less fishes). But is it not the price to pay to allow the oceans and the rivers to slowly regenerate ? 10 years of fish fasting and then after 10 years the stocks will be more abundant and slowly, slowly, the catches could increase. The fish market will then be better. After a period of 50 years of slow catches increase then the oceans and the rivers will be full of life and bio-diversity, especially if we solve the problem of all the highly polluting chemicals present on the planet.

Very often among fish and meat eaters there is this idea that anyway animals endlessly eat each others since ages, so why not eat animals ? The problem is that the delicate interactions between hunter and hunted, killer and prey, which last since millions of years, bear fruits : see the huge diversity and quantity of vegetal and animal forms all across the planet.

We, as human beings, are special animals with special mind powers (intelligence for example). These very powers can allow us to completely destroy the natural ecosystems’ balances. We are too much on the planet, and this is because we have only a poor knowledge of all the delicate interactions which constitute Earth’s reality. We pollute too much and we eat too much animals and therefore we are too much humans because we put a huge weight on natural balances.

Present-day reality is an ecological and social disaster, a nightmare fuelled by hundreds of years of wrong theories and actions, collectively, individually.

After having fully understood that, we will try, by all available means, to reduce our weight on reality, physically, mentally. Vegetarianism and green activities and ways of living are without any doubt great steps on this way. We have to consider vegetarianism and ecological education as moral ideals that could guide us towards better tomorrows and that we can slowly (at each one’s pace) reach (see the post “The moral issue”).

Intelligent moral ideals should be considered as guides, distant goals that can help us in this period of deep moral and metaphysical disorientation. All of us make mistakes, have addictions or follow deep-ingrained bad habits, but we should all direct our steps towards the moral ideals, whether we are close to these moral ideals or not. What is important is the process of (slow or quick) moral improvement. This process takes time and patience but it can give a strong foundation for long-lasting happiness. Then we will understand the difference with the exhausting and energy consuming ups and downs of the “pleasure quest” (perpetual cycle of satisfaction/dissatisfaction).

It seems nowadays that sea-food that we can easily produce (oysters and mussels for instance) should be preferred to wild species during the “fish fasting period” that we talked about earlier. Similarly, sea-weeds and even non-refined marine salt contain lots of very good marine nutrients (like rare metallic materials) that can easily replace the same nutrients coming from fishes. The strong propaganda concerning the value of fish proteins must not make us forget that some vegetal products are also high sources of proteins ( see for example the amounts of excellent raw proteins found in almonds and sesame seeds, see the post “Vegetarianism”).

Most people in rich countries eat fish and sea-products for two reasons : taste reason or health reason. We already talked about health reasons. For sure sea-products are good nutritional sources but equivalents can be found in the vegetal kingdom and can easily replace parts or totality of the nutritional benefits of sea-products.

As for the taste reason, please free yourselves from the taste tyranny. Lots of vegetal foods are also delicious. What are you looking for with your “taste quest” ? Moments of happiness and pleasure. So to satisfy your pitiful need for taste, these short-lived moments of happiness, you profoundly endanger the very survival of the planet and future generations. To satisfy egoistically your need for taste, you jeopardize the lives of millions and even billions of future humans (and, of course, of other beings too). This could be considered as a deep negative karma (as the over-use of non-renewable resources, of highly polluting chemicals and of electricity coming from nuclear energy).

If we had no other solution than killing everything alive and destroying the planet for our survival then this would maybe not be such a bad karma. What makes all this a very big collective and individual bad karma is that we have the possibility to live without killing and destroying everything (see the former posts). So, please, slowly go towards a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian diet (see the post “Vegetarianism”). Take time to go out of this most immoral and lethal race (this race that we call “normal human life”) fuelled by fears, desires, competitions, economic wars, oppressive hierarchies and profit logic.

The small, sophisticated and short-lived pleasures that we extract from our desire for taste are really pale in comparison with the strong and long-lasting feelings of calm, joy, happiness and stability that we can find for free in meditation and relaxation techniques.

We have to understand that happiness is not something linked to the outside (satisfaction of impulses and desires), or only imperfectly ( see for example the huge amount of education, practice, energy and bias necessary to artificially bind the highest possible form of sexual pleasure, orgasm, with the actual difficulties of sexual activity. Even this high sexual pleasure is pale in comparison with the happiness experienced during meditation and relaxation, essentially because it does not last long and creates a depressive effect on the whole body and mind, especially if you put aside the feeling of exhilaration caused by the realization of the desire).

True happiness does not come from outside but is a result of inner work. Many techniques can help this inner work (we already talked in this blog about moral ideals, knowledge, love, equanimity, work on the link between the individual and the reality he lives in…). Generally speaking these inner work techniques aim at cleaning the internal perceptive and cognitive structures so that our relation to external reality (our individual bodies can be considered as parts of this external reality) can be peaceful, clear and conscious. From this peaceful conscious quietness comes real happiness : happiness in its pure form, unrelated to external events.

Meditation and relaxation are part of this movement towards self-improvement. Without talking about high experiences in meditation, which can require practice, training, energy, will-power and time, it exists hundreds of simple relaxation techniques which can give a glimpse of the states of quietness, clarity and happiness experienced by advanced spiritual seekers.

Small individual changes, such as a more accurate knowledge or the decision to follow some simple and intelligent moral values, can result in huge improvements in the quality of our lives. Do not think that freedom is living away from moral values. True freedom will only come when we will integrate these moral values in our everyday lives until they become natural, part of ourselves, exactly as the breathing process or the heartbeats.

Can you imagine how beautiful our world would be if all of us, without exception, were to follow moral ideals and discard theft, useless violence and deceit ? Going against moral values, for instance by killing, without any vital necessity, billions of animals for taste and irrational health reasons (do you think that obesity is the goal of human beings or is the result of an increase western education in useful dietetics ?) can, without any surprise, give us only small amounts of short-lived pleasures. The same remarks are valid for the short-lived pleasures coming from repeated adulteries and other sexual misbehaviors ; competitions, struggles and wars (if you are lucky to win); speed and energy burning; theft; exploitation of other beings…

More ideas part. II

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    ] Note : if you are interested by new ecological devices, please read the post “some inventions that could change the world”. You will find information about a) wind turbines that produce water b) how to stock easily vast amounts of electrical energy c) how to run a car with compressed air… and more [

1) Sharing of knowledge and know-how is important. Example : some countries are presently technologically less advanced than the western countries and face great difficulties. Let’s help them to live in a peaceful and ecological way. Simplicity, durability, easy to repair, affordable, strong and efficient should be the main objectives of any technical devices created.

     Another example lies in the millions of scientific experiments that are not yet analysed. We should try to organise our knowledge and to promote cooperation and cross-overs among scientists, philosophers, historians, technicians… to attain a stable knowledge rather than promoting new very costly and sometimes totally useless experiences (see for example the huge amount of money spent in the CERN in Geneva. What for ? To create a new source of energy even deadlier than nuclear energy ? To create experimentally an unpredictable big bang that would annihilate all of us ?).

     Of course, when I talk about sharing one’s knowledge in a positive way, I do not include the knowledge about highly polluting chemical substances or weapons of mass destruction. Persons who want to destroy the world, life or human beings, persons who make other beings suffer consciously and unnecessarily will go to “hell” and experience the worst possible experiences after death, unless their soul might be annihilated.

    In my humble opinion, “hell” is existent as paradise-like worlds are existent. When you read the Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Celt descriptions of the multiple hellish regions, you come to the conclusion that 10 or 20 years in jail would not match with one second in “hell”. I cannot see a more awful sin than destroying every life and possibility on earth. To participate in such anti-“sharing of positive knowledge” activities would mean hundreds or even thousands of years in hell. All this is just a waste of time and energy when you realise that a normal life and a few positive actions could lead us towards Paradise (see the post : “message from the NDE worlds”). The problem of our modern materialistic philosophies is to think that such experiences as “hell” or “Paradise” are non-existent.

2) We should try to better the way we collect rain waters (especially in the areas where the underground waters are highly polluted because of industries or farming). Tanks and small dams depending on the natural/geographic conditions of the area should be used for crops. Rain waters could be collected in individual houses and stored underground (see, for example, the old system of “trullo” in the dry areas of South Italy).

     We should also conduct surveys about the best ways to filter, mineralize and vitalize water (rain waters or filtered waters are often too pure, they lack minerals). When this will be done, let’s hope that big companies will provide high quality versions (long-lasting, inexpensive, strong, adapted to every situations…) of these simple and safe filter systems.

3) Some interesting new devices to control the mosquito population have appeared here and there (see for example :; mozzquit;…). The concept of “ahimsa” in Hindu philosophy (usually translated by “non-violence”) must not make us forget the necessity to be protected from dangerous animals (mosquitoes are supposed to be the deadliest animals for mankind). In fact “ahimsa”, rather than “non-violence”, would be better translated by “non-hatred” (himsa=hatred, a=negation). So rather than trying to kill all the mosquitoes on Earth (for example with DTT and huge pollutions), we should find ways to be locally protected.

    This kind of logic is also used in organic farming. Killing pest is only used locally and occasionally to restore a balance and generally speaking the organic farmers try to preserve as far as possible the delicate ecosystems and their highly subtle interactions. The “dream” of an insect-free agriculture does not work (see for example, and there are millions of such examples across the world, the huge problems faced by the almond producers in California. Too much pesticides have killed all surrounding bees and insects and now they have to artificially “import” bees to produce almonds).

     We have to accept the fact that some food will be lost due to the pests (usually 10 to 20 % in organic farming) rather than spraying huge amounts of pesticides that will pollute our waters and bodies (I don’t even talk about the madness of GMO). These non-perfect fruits or vegetables can anyway be used to fertilize (compost process) the next crops. It is better to protect the interactions between beings that took millions of year to settle rather than killing everything indiscriminately.

     Generally speaking, we have to accept the fact that our Earth’s reality is difficult, that we can improve some external things and that other problems will never be solved. The solution is therefore to transform our inner relation to the world (see the post : “from materialism to inner peace”). One positive attitude found in reiki and other spiritual practices is : we have to accept the things that we cannot change and improve the things that we can change.

4) researches about rice dry cultivation could diminish the amount of water used and the quantity of methane released in the atmosphere.

5) So much food is lost during the stocking processes, especially in “underdeveloped” countries. Let’s solve this problem.

    This point is one example of the multiple energetic losses that we have to solve. We already talked about the madness of the war and competition system. Another example is the meat and dairy industries : approximately half the cereals produced on earth are used to feed the cattle (!!!). An estimated 60 billions (!!!) animals are killed every year (!!!) to feed humans and their pets (see the post : “vegetarianism”).

6) We should globally reduce our use of chemistry and nuclear energy. All our atomic manipulations (genetic, chemical, nuclear…) should be considered as dangerous unless they have proven to be safe on the long-term. We should really make further studies on the social and ecological impacts of these new sciences (300 or 400 years) and go for more sustainable materials (example : plastic bags made of corn starch). We should return to more natural ways of living, a blend of simplicity and highly intelligent technic. For this we have to reduce the pace of our crazy societies and really settle on Earth in a harmonious way (rather than destroying it).

7) Isotherapy is a healing method derived from homeopathy. You can easily practice it yourself. It gives interesting results.

8.) Work is an absolute necessity. Presently, we work too much in a wrong direction. So we have to stop this movement and redirect our energies towards higher goals, socially and individually. Please check the notions of “karma yoga” in Hinduism and “do” in Japan.

9) We should analyse the strategies and psychological tricks used in advertising and marketing : how these sectors use our basic instincts and desires to make us consume ? What strategies do they use to make us forget our real goal (spiritual liberation) and feed the top of the hierarchy (see the post : “shift of paradigm”) ? Individualism; ego-feeding desires; fear of death, pain or loss…

     We should in particular investigate the excessive focus on the sexual pleasure and desire. When you look at the sexual desire with a cool mind, you will realise that these sexual desires, urges and games are strong, blinding, ask a lot of energy and all in all the pleasure coming out of all this is very small and quickly disappears. So this natural desire is used to blind us and make us forget that much higher joys and pleasures are available for free inside each individual (meditation, inner work, transformation of the link between the individual and its environment… see the post : “from materialism to inner peace”)

9) More globally, we should survey the worldwide strategies, ideologies and bias of the “world masters”, these persons who rule the world without any democratic control (political, economical, industrial leaders and decision makers). See the site

10)Many spiritual traditions contest the use of drugs and I agree with them : if you want clarity of mind, stability and true spiritual ecstasy, it is better not to use these substances, the least the better. But the fact is that a huge number of persons use drug. The drug prohibition system (as during the prohibition of alcohol in the United States in the 1930’s) creates many problems : increased consumption (attraction towards what is forbidden); adulterated substances; black market; violent mafia organizations; loss of revenue for the States; expenses for judges, police and prisons…

     So in my opinion, we should acknowledge the fact that psychedelic substances (i.e “drugs”) have been used since long time by humans and that to use or not to use these substances should be left to the appreciation/responsibility of each individual. It seems to be a fundamental right, exactly in the same way that tobacco and alcohol are presently allowed (fine for use while driving, clear information about the risks and effects, minimum age to be allowed to use these substances…).

     From these point, We should depenalize/decriminalize and/or nationalize some of these substances (the less dangerous). A whole collective debate should be held on this subject. States and so-called mafia should work together. The war on drugs is another war, another scapegoat reflex (see the post : “critics of the western societies : we are going too fast”).

11) Each individual on earth should be able to easily control the number of children he or she can have. More researches on contraceptive methods, cheap, easy to use and adapted to every situations should be conducted. I do not agree at all with the former pope John Paul II on this subject. The aim is not so much to reduce the world population (with a strong ecological education and consciousness we could be 4 times more on earth) but to avoid giving birth to 6 children when food, water or money are scarce.

12) Prophylactic methods and hygiene should be organised in a simple way. All people on Earth should learn and understand basic hygiene rules like washing hands before eating and cooking, to bury faeces underground when going to toilet outside, to collect rubbish… A few simple and non-invasive techniques could really improve the global hygiene.