Hypothesis about the atomic structure of the universe


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The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharsi. David Godman. page 173 :

“All metaphysical discussion is profitless unless it causes us to seek within the Self for the true reality.

All controversies about creation, the nature of the universe, evolution, the purpose of God, etc. , are useless. They are not conducive to our true happiness. People try to find out about things which are outside of them before they try to find out “Who am I ?”. Only by the latter means can happiness be gained.”

In Sri Ramana Maharsi’s philosophy all speculations about the nature of the universe or the purpose of God are just chattering of the mind about external objects and cannot give us true knowledge nor true happiness, in fact what we are really looking for. Real knowledge and happiness according to him come from inner experiences linked to a pacification of the mind. By this way we experience and identify with our real spiritual nature, what we are, and go beyond confusion, despair, loss of meaning and superficial useless verbal and mental chattering.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that our civilizations are excessively focused on attempts to give mental and theoretical descriptions of our universe and material realities. Sciences and scientists are in the forefront of these attempts but it seems that scientific equations and theories can only imperfectly describe the universe and its organization (see for example the post “The ultimate metaphysical theory” part 1 and 2 in the June 2011 posts). We will try to give an explanation to that fact in this post.

All the following comments and theories come from a kind of intuitive vision, like a flash, that I had a few weeks ago. I will try to describe what I saw in this short vision and how it can help us figure out how our universe is organized. It will be maybe useful for someone somewhere in space or time…

The main part of the vision was about the atomic structure of the universe. According to the vision, the space of the entire material universe is made of points. Between two points is an infinity of points (this is similar to the geometrical description or construction of a line). The whole and each of its parts have a similar structure and this gives a fractal dimension to the universe. As in fractal sets (example : Mandelbrot set) you will see in each part of the set a structure similar to the whole set provided that you focus the scale of observation to a correct level.

Each point can be described or perceived as a point but is in fact a sphere. At the center of this sphere is the material part of the point. The more you go away from the material center, the more you enter into spiritual dimensions.

The material part of the point obeys certain laws (that sciences discover and translate into equations and theories), the spiritual parts obey other laws. The material part is fundamentally black and density, but is also a form of energy like the spiritual parts. The union of the material parts of all the points of the universe constitutes what we call our material reality.

The spiritual parts obey a law of diminution of divisions and separations, they go progressively beyond the dualities and multiplicities inherent in space and time.

The more you go away from the material center of the points, the more you arrive to dimensions where everything is linked. Differences decrease, unification increases, there is a fusion going towards more and more consciousness and light. In a way you arrive to another center, a center of light.

So, to facilitate the description of these points/spheres, we could separate them in three parts :

  1. A dark material center in each point. The union of these material centers forms the material universe.
  2. A spiritual center made of light and consciousness which is a the periphery of the material dimensions (and therefore cannot be perceived), but is also at the same time the link between everything, something out of the differences inherent in our material reality. In a way all the spiritual dimensions of each point of space join progressively together to form a center of light. This center has no physical location but a spiritual one, location which is beyond space and time.
  3. Between these two poles are multiple transitions and mixes between matter and consciousness : from material aspects of the universe to spiritual/subtle/imperceptible aspects of it.

Scientists explore the material aspects of the universe with their scientific instruments and can sometimes perceive, by a way or the other, subtle dimensions of matter (electro-magnetic phenomena, vibrations, waves, energies…) but they cannot perceive anything as the dimensions become more spiritual and subtle. These spiritual dimensions can only be perceived by human consciousness, directly, without any instruments.

This subtle faculty of perception can be attained by meditation, an inner process that allows the individual consciousness to go progressively beyond the material dimensions and enter (usually hidden) spiritual dimensions. Once you understand the goal of meditation, relaxation and concentration are two important and helpful tools on the path and are linked : the more you relax, the more you are able to concentrate. Moreover, relaxation opens possibilities inside the mind which can be used with the help of concentration to reach spiritual experiences, visions and understandings.

Potentially, all points of the universe as described earlier could be an entrance to the spiritual spheres and dimensions. Conversely, some beings, entities, forms of consciousness or energies coming from the spiritual spheres could enter the material dimensions and influence them in a way or the other and this could explain the whole range of unexplained “irrational” phenomena occurring in our material dimensions alongside the “universal laws” that scientists discover.

The material scientific instruments can perceive only imperfectly and with much difficulty the spiritual dimensions of matter. The invisibility or non-detection of these spiritual dimensions potentially found in each point of the material universe do not imply that they are non-existent or non-acting.

Our individual consciousness can live in the material dimension, but can also “live” or exist in the spiritual dimensions. Human beings are made of matter and consciousness and our goal as human beings is maybe to be a bridge between matter and consciousness, these two poles that we described earlier. The black center of matter would be repulsive for us : darkness, ignorance, violence, suffering, agitation, pain, resistance, dissatisfaction, weight. The spiritual center would be attractive for us : light, colors, lightness, freedom, happiness, love, peace, non-tension, warmth.

Fundamentally what we really are, our consciousness, wants to go higher into self-consciousness and identification with what we could describe as love/light/existence/consciousness, the center of the spiritual dimension. Nevertheless we have a work, a mission to do : to work towards a pacification/stabilization of our material realities, that is to say towards the peaceful and stable integration of human individuals and societies inside the multiple environments and ecosystems.

We can also add that exactly as in the atomic scientific theories, around the nucleus of the atom different layers or levels of energy are present with various rules of organization between the electrons of these different levels, we could imagine that in the points/spheres exist different layers, levels, frontiers and barriers (for example frontier between conscious and unconscious, between dream and waking state ; tunnel leading to spiritual worlds in NDE ; frontier between life and death in NDE…). There would also be “doors” within these frontiers where the individual consciousness can go from one level to the other according to certain conditions. It would be possible that the transitions between these layers could obey not physical laws but moral or spiritual laws or conditions.

Here is more or less correctly translated the content of the knowledge related to the intuitive vision that I had recently. All this is hypothetical but maybe true.


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