Solution to the problems of the world


Healing buddha in meditation



In a flash of enlightment, I found the solution to the world’s problems, this ultimate key that would unlock the gates to Heaven.

The solution was simple : our human bodies and brains are created for the acceptance of the fact that  :

our minds can accept the souls coming from extraterrestrial spheres and dimensions.


] Plus an excerpt coming from the post “Mini satori” :  “Don’t look for extra-terrestrials outside. They may exist but some other extra-terrestrials are really much easier to find : you and the other humans, and the animals. We are extra-terrestrials in the sense that our consciousness, in fact what we really are, do not belong to planet Earth. Between two lives we live in extra-terrestrial worlds. ” + see the posts about Near Death Experiments in this blog. [


When you unlock the knots tying your chakras, you arrive to Sahasrara, and then your mind expands itself to new dimensions that open the gate to “extra-terrestrials” consciousnesses and powers.


The concept of multiverse (the word “multiverse” formed by contrast with “universe”) : you read these lines or you could do some other things. The same is also true for all the persons, beings and things on our planet. Billions of possibilities exist in our human worlds. We don’t live in a universe but in a multiverse. Each second is what we could call the approximate absolute freedom. In this set of possibilities, each of us has the capacity to go toward the good or the bad, Dharma or adharma. Wars, violence, illnesses or diseases destroy us. Love, compassion, happiness, satisfaction, spiritual quest, freedom, guide us towards a better life. This seems quite a simple way of looking at things, far from all the equations of our nuclear scientists, but maybe true.


In fact, during the aryan invasion coming from the steppes of the Middle iranian region, tribes were already fighting for the power. Power for women, power for material or spiritual powers… Tribal wars coming periodically and tensions building up.

But inside all these whirpools of violence, resentments and wars, were the true Hindus, the ones who had all the keys for enlightement.

I personnaly think or feel that many forms of religions without animal sacrifices did exist inside all these population mixing and maybe also fighting.



The eye, the pyramid, old symbols of knowledge


An interesting book about Western occult tradition’s magicians and magic practices : Franz Bardon, Le chemin de la véritable initiation magique (translation in English : Initiation into Hermetics). But, be careful with this book, it is quite a powerful book, containing 10 chapters with true progressive magical exercices. I would not recommend this book for a beginner because the first chapter for the exercices begins with what we call in Yoga, dharana, that is to say, “concentration”. To prepare yourself with concentration, you can read before the very good book written by swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, Dharana darshan, edition “Yoga Publications Trust”. But remember also that in Yoga the most commonly used progression (in Raja Yoga coming from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra) is 1) Yama  2) Niyama  3)  Asana  4) Pranayama  5)  Pratyahara  6)  Dharana  7)  Dhyana  8)  Samadhi. Yama and Niyama are very essential at the beginning and even during all Yoga practices because they represent the work on morals. Asana (postures) and Pranayama (exercices for breath control) are the speciality of Hatha Yoga and are not essential in all Yoga progressions. They are good exercices but some Yoga school do not study them fully and prefer to focus on other parts of Yoga. Pratyahara can be translated by “sensory withdrawal” and is mainly a consequence of Asana and Pranayama, but some special exercices can develop Pratyahara without having to focus on Asana and Pranayama. Pratyahara can be felt when you begin to forget everything around you when you meditate or do Hatha Yoga, when the senses do not take into account what is going on outside but are concentrated on the exercice. Dharana is techniques for concentration. Dhyana is meditation and Samadhi represents the highest stages in meditation when you begin to go towards enlightment, until full enlightment. Therefore the book written about magic practices by Franz Bardon should not be studied right from the beginning and a work on at least morals (Yama and Niyama), a little bit of Hatha Yoga, and some soft concentration exercices (coming from the book Dharana darshan above mentioned) should be made before. You can nevertheless have a look at all the techniques described by Franz Bardon without practising them, it can be interesting if you are curious. If some problems occur during your magic practices, discontinue the practices, get some rest and go back to softer exercices. As for other subjects of study, practice according to the Buddhist Middle Path logic, that is to say with progression, discrimination and intelligence.

For more information in this blog about Yoga, you can look in the  September 2015 files : “Ecological democracies part 2”, point 2 and point 11 ; “The pink energetic sphere part 3”, point 8 ; “Fragments part 1” , point 12 ; “Santosh”, second point and eighth point.






Notes : first, all the posts found in this blog are organizations of my inner and outer knowledge and are often what is called in the New Age field “channeling”, that is to say connection with superior or inferior entities.

I tried to organize all this knowledge in a rational or logical way, even when it was not originally so. The last three posts are more like the kind of information that I receive in English or French, a little bit wild and unorganized bits of knowledge, but there is a logical progression in all the other posts. I therefore advise you to read from the beginning all these posts : you can even create a little “book” or file with the 70 posts, you will get a better insight about what I want to talk about.

Some interesting posts, for those who don’t have the time to read everything : “Legalization of psycho-active substances part 1 and 2” ; “The ultimate metaphysical theory part 1” ; “A spiritual experience with Sister Earth ” ; “Basic income” ; “Vegetarianism” ; “Please let the oceans, the seas and the rivers survive” ; “Save the primitive forests “, but in a way all the posts are equally important.

An idea that came to me yesterday : Green strike (a little bit like the end of the movie “The day the Earth stood still”). That is to say, to more and more refuse the consumptions and activities that are not “green” in the ecological sense of the word. This will force all the people who get money from anti-ecological logics and activities to adapt themselves to the new ecological imperatives and constraints.


Cows are considered as sacred in Hindu philosophy. We should do the same.



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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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