Fragments part 2

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Point 18 :

A new green technology : an air-conditioner creates energy, heat and that heat can be used to warm water (for showers, for cooking…). This process reduces the heat of the liquid in the air-conditioner system and also the heat going out in the atmosphere, and this is important, especially in urban spaces.


Point 19 :

I think that it is important not to focus one’s devotion towards one God or one deity only. It is, in my opinion, better to have several objects for devotion, because it can reduce some kind of unwanted emotional phenomena that can happen when devotion is focused towards a single object only.


Point 20 :

Our repetitive lives : to wake up with the alarm clock ; to take one’s car to go to work ; to work on one’s assembly line ; to go to the supermarket to buy products that other human beings produced in other assembly lines ; to eat pieces of flesh with canned or frozen food ; to look at the TV ; to turn the alarm clock on ; to close eyes…


Point 21 :

If you really want to become vegetarian and still feel attracted by flesh and its taste, try to gut yourself chicken, fishes… It will be less appetizing. You can also try to go to a slaughterhouse or an intensive breeding farm.


Point 22 :

Rather than trying to find the truth in pure theoretical abstract ideas, it would be interesting to develop a kind of intuitive sense of truth coming from an extension of the sense of touch and smell to the mental plane. It could be interesting for example to “feel” the positive or negative possible effects of some yoga practices. But it could also be used to go out of indecision when several different ideas or theories propose conflicting views or opinions on a given subject.


Point 23 :

The concept of “germ-thought” : try to find in you and around you these tiny bits of idea that can explain so much things.


Point 24 :

An attitude of non-judgement is a good thing in my opinion because it gives a better understanding of what is and allows precisely to have or make better judgements.


Point 25 :

Let’s kill in ourselves the idea of superiority.


Point 26 :

Sunbathing is very beneficial for the skin (synthesis of some vitamins) and the mood. Not too much, half an hour, one hour, is enough. Let’s pray that the Sun gives its beneficial rays to all peaceful and natural consciousness on Earth during generations and generations.


Point 27 :

A religion or a spiritual path without the idea of God seems possible to me, but difficult without moral ideals.


Point 28 :

In the delicate balances regulating Earth’s natural ecosystems, carnivores are essential. It is strange that our material reality obeys a law of eating and being eaten, but it is like this, we have to accept this fact.

For example sharks are very important for the ecosystems. Generally speaking carnivores choose the easiest victims, often weak or ill animals, and this can avoid epidemics. In the Yellowstone park, there was in some parts a problem of deforestation. By introducing wolves (since long time gone from the park) they realized that the herbivores were less prone to stay too long in a same area, preventing over-grazing. The general health of the global ecosystem has greatly improved.

I saw on TV that other experiments in African cattle farms showed that paradoxically it was better to put a lot of herbivores in some desert fields, they tend naturally to gather in group (a natural defence reflex against predators), to stamp the ground, working it gently, to give dung and urine, and allow a better germination process. But maybe they gave them extra food because it seemed to be very dry landscapes.

So I think that we have to really respect all these delicate, subtle and complex balances and interactions that we don’t fully understand for the moment (like the complex workings of our brains) and slowly study and understand them. I think that it is really vital (more than the study of our brains).


Point 29 :

I extracted some more electronic tracks (6 exactly, a little more than 30 minutes). The albums where they come from are maybe not the best albums you can find but these tracks are OK. It will give you a sense of classical soft “Parisian” house music :

1) Etienne de Crecy : Tempovision  2) Malko : Amazed  3) Obersoundz : Stormy birthday  4) Etienne de Crecy : 3 days Week-End  5) Stephane Pompougnac : Petit pompoupou  6) Stephane Pompougnac : One soul rising.

You can also try after this : Juan Atkins, The Berlin sessions. Laurent Garnier made also some interesting mixes which are a little bit difficult to catch at first but after further listening reveal good old techno tracks. You can also check the French label “Wagram” for all kind of compilations of international new soft electronic music.

Otherwise, if you want to specialize a little bit on these musical subjects, try YouTube with “Mix”+ mental/minimal techno ; tribal/minimal/progressive house ; drum and bass/jungle/two steps ; trance ; acid-house ; chill-out Ibiza ; meditation/relaxation music ; ambiant ; reggae/dub/ragga/dancehall ; Boiler room ; Dancetrippin’ TV… All the mixes will maybe not be perfect but you can still find good ideas in most of them.

In a more relaxed world music fashion, you can try : Manu Chao : Clandestino ; Suwa Devi Kalbelya : Kaman song ; Goran Bregovic : Ederlezi ; Tito Puente/ Chico Buarque/ Tom Jobim/ Astrud Gilberto (Latino and Brazil music) ; Robert Johnson/ Muddy Waters (Blues) ; Rokia Traore, Congotronics and traditional Pygmy songs and music (Africa) ; didgeridoo from Australian aborigines…  

In Jazz, you can try : John Coltrane ; Miles Davis ; Charles Mingus ; Wayne Shorter ; Horace Silver ; Herbie Hancock ; Chick Corea ; Wes Montgomery ; Charlie Christian ; Django Reinhardt ; Jackie Mc Lean ; Max Roach…

In modern French Jazz : Benoit Delbecq Unit : Phonetics ; Eric Legnini Trio : Big boogaloo ; Laurent de Wilde…


Point 30 :

“Some day, some night, yellow daisies taste the moonlight, while the other flowers sleep and dream of love” (Fertile grounds : Yellow daisies).

Poetry is the art of expressing and communicating emotions.


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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