The pink energetic sphere part 3


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Point 7 : Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King : “The beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold”.  

Point 8 : Ahimsa.

After killing an animal, even the tiniest and most (apparently) insignificant one, try to make some prayers for the soul of the animal : you can for example pray that its soul goes to the paradise-world linked to the species of the particular animal you have just killed. I do this for example with annoying flies or mosquitoes.

Yoga follows the very ancient rule of Ahimsa (non-harming, non-violence) but stress the fact that we have to protect from excessive insects or pests in order to live comfortably and meditate peacefully. The only thing is to do this in the most Ahimsa-orientated way. We have to remember that the only fact of walking or breathing kills many life forms. The animal and vegetal worlds are also full of killing, eating and sufferings. Nevertheless, we should as human beings do our best to follow the Ahimsa vow.


Point 9 : Lakes’ ecosystems and artificial pool projects.

In order to protect the delicate aquatic ecosystems of inland lakes and small rivers (from excessive fishing, motor aquatic activities, sunscreen and other body creams…) we should try to create some urban and natural pool projects which would use urban and natural particular locations to create small or big artificial swimming pools (covered or not) in a clean and ecological way.

Bathing is a very important thing. Water is a purifying mineral.


Point 10 : Cement and metallic structures for the fishes.

Why not use all cement, metallic (or other ecologically non-harmful materials) structures, unused or out of order, and put them intelligently into places in oceans and seas which need to regenerate ? Fishes and other aquatic life forms really like these kind of artificial structures because they can find shelters in them. Small ecosystems could slowly build up and maybe help the regeneration process in some areas. Such experiments have already been made in some damaged coral reefs with small metallic structures.


Point 11 : Researches on isotherapy.

New researches (in Germany ?) have been made about isotherapy (see the post “Isotherapy”) on aquatic plants.

Some aquatic plants coming from polluted ponds have been placed with their polluted water under laboratory conditions and some of the samples were given an isotherapy remedy made from the polluted waters they were living in. Scientists have found that these samples were in much better health (better growth, less diseases) after a few weeks than the samples with no isotherapy added.

Point 12 : Peace Nobel Prize for Greenpeace.

Why Greenpeace still does not have the Peace Nobel Prize ?  


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