The pink energetic sphere part 1

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I don’t know what’s happening, a kind of subtle spherical ball of pink light and energy has emerged from the ceiling of my study room and gives me teachings. I’d like to share some of them with you :


Point 1 : Religious unification.

When you see the amounts of money spent on military budgets mainly due to religious or ideological tensions, why could not it be possible that some high level international organizations give 10 millions US dollars for a group of maybe 20 or 40 specialists in meditation and relaxation techniques all over the planet and all across the spiritual traditions to define, over a period of one year, a clear core of spiritual practices in a few books ? These books would allow many spiritual seekers from all traditions to get in touch with other sacred teachings or practices and a kind of religious unification based on mutual understanding will follow, bringing an end to all material and physical wars.


Point 2 : Savings.

I think that the main political change that we should put forward in our hearts and minds is “savings”. We should repeat this like a mantra in our everyday lives : ” savings, savings, savings…”.

Savings not to reduce the States’ financial debts or for whatever other macro-economic action, but to save planet Earth and especially its non-renewable resources. It seems at present to be the main issue. Many other problems are here of course but in modern days we have to stop all this crazy fossil fuel burning, because we stressed many times in this blog that petrol was for example a very precious material with great chemical and even maybe medical properties like many other minerals. Our denial of animality, vegetal kingdoms and ecosystems is even worst for the delicate mineral ecosystems.

The mining, drilling, sucking and scraping processes used during the extraction of minerals essential to the survival of our crazy profit logic driven systems create deadly substances and can possibly disrupt fragile balances in other ecosystems (see for example the polluting mining processes of petrol and phosphorus).

We have therefore to stop or greatly reduce all this mining processes and focus on the recycling of the mineral materials already extracted. The problem is that we have so much focused on petrol consumption during years and years that if we close or strongly reduce the petrol exploitation on planet Earth it would trigger wars. Pure sheer undiluted madness. 

Plastics coming from petrol are also problematic substances with a very low bio-degradibility. We should really focus on plastic alternatives coming from the vegetal world (corn for example), to avoid pollutions.

To globally reduce our need for cars would also reduce the future huge and predictable global needs for “green fuels” and save precious fertile lands for human and cattle food production.

Many different types of economies could be proposed :

1) Integration of all ecological costs (pollution, cleaning, recycling…) in all economic activities.

2) Increase in the price of non-ecological, “dirty”, means of transports, like individual cars, planes, high-speed trains… for example. The rise of prices (maybe double or more according to cases) and the reduction of the number of available seats will trigger a better understanding of the ecological emergencies to the users.

3) Used vegetable oils (coming from frying processes) that you can find in restaurants or other kitchens can be used as a fuel to power cars : you need only to add a few simple mechanical devices in your car engine to be able to use filtered second-hand vegetable oils. Millions of liters of fossil fuel could be saved very easily. The fumes are a little bit smelly, but in my opinion not worst than petrol fumes.

4) “Consume action”, that is to say to direct all the purchases for oneself or one’s family towards ecologically orientated objects and activities.

5) Savings on paper.

6) To accept fruits and vegetables that are not totally perfect. A small knife can heal in a few seconds such imperfections. This will globally reduce our need for pesticides and ease the transition towards organic farming.

7) Colors in homes and other collective living spaces are very important for the mood, but we should really find ways to create colors in our urban environments in a strong ecological and environmental friendly way.

8) To replace exotic ornamental flowers (which demand a lot of energy, fertilizers and pesticides to grow) by cultivated natural and local plants, herbs and flowers that can be easily grown.

9) Many old (and new) recipes and techniques all over the world can be tried to avoid using harmful chemicals. Talc powder (perfumed or not, with active medical herbs or not) can be for example easily used against all kinds of body odours, for example coming from the feet, or other perspiration problems. More and more books are dealing with these kind of natural techniques.

An example : to brush one’s teeth with a mix of unrefined grey natural salt and water, resembling sea water, plus possibly some essential oils like mint to refresh all this, can avoid the use of polluting (for our bodies and the environment) chemical toothpaste. Many different techniques have been used worldwide, across the cultures, to wash teeth with plants and minerals (for example branches of neem tree and other ayurvedic recipes in India) . We have to make researches in these natural directions, it will be better for the environment and our mouths.

10) To take showers a little bit less hot (or heated in ecologically friendly ways).

11) To find ways to cook cereals and pulses with less energy (example : wooden boxes filled with old blankets where a steaming hot big pot full of pulses can be left during two or three hours, it greatly reduces the cooking time).

12) According to some news coming from Aljazeera English (a very interesting and dynamic channel not only about the Muslim world but also about all what is happening in the world), some experiments were made to give light to underprivileged shacks in slums (in Indonesia maybe) just with a plastic water bottle and some water. This is very simple : you fill a big two liters water bottle with water. You make a hole in the metallic roof of the small house. You seal the bottle full of water inside this hole with half the bottle outside and half inside the room. The sun rays go through the water upper and gives an equal reflection to all the water in the bottle. This gives light to the room. Very clever.

13) Intelligent and non-violent use of animal energy, as in the past : horses, cows, bulls, oxen, mules… For example it seems that horses, when intelligently trained, are very beneficial to vineyards works in organic farming in France.

14) To reduce the number of our pets (mainly dogs, cats, birds…). While keeping alive all the races and genetic diversity of cats and dogs, let’s try to focus on the care directed to all the abandoned and laboratory animals. Cats and dogs can easily become nearly pure vegetarians. I know a friend who had a cat and was in special conditions where he could not give meat to his cat. He was feeding him with a mixture of fresh eggs and soft white bread. It seemed in good health.

You can find some interesting internet sites about vegetarianism for pets. Pets can be replaced by live plants (in pot) if you feel connections with the vegetal forms. Live plants can greatly improve the global vibrations of a house. Plants seem to like music, reiki and other loving energies. Some persons say that talking to plants is beneficial to them (maybe are they sensitive to love or positive thoughts…).


Point 3 : Three fundamental sets of questions for our spiritual and religious leaders.

As a disciple of the highest spiritual teachings, as a spiritual seeker, as a human being, my questions to the religious and spiritual leaders of the world would be :

Birth rates and overpopulation :

Don’t you think that we are enough on Earth to be totally happy and satisfied ? Don’t you think that God, planet Earth, all the most beautiful human moral values, and all the individuals of the planet want to survive, live happily and peacefully in order to obtain a true understanding of the nature of God ? Don’t you think that planet Earth faces a huge overpopulation problem and that humanity needs to reduce its growth to avoid possible disasters ? So why don’t you say to all the persons who have deep faith and trust in you to use contraceptive methods ?

Hajj pilgrimage :

 Approximately two millions pilgrims go to Mecca every year for Hajj. I know that Hajj is a very important thing for all Muslims, but is it not a kind of devotion to a gross material symbol ? In Islam, an important point is the formless, indescribable nature of God, hence the fact that we should not describe or represent God or the Prophet.

Since we are in a deep ecological crisis and that moving several millions pilgrims every year demands a lot of energy, would not it be better, like some Sufi saints explained, to accept the fact that God is in its best form in our hearts and souls ? Here, now, each second, each minute, everywhere, full of love and compassion for all the creatures, and not something dependent on some mandatory pilgrimage ?

Sin and psycho-active drugs :

Have you ever sinned, physically or mentally ? Can you imagine that some persons may do so ? Don’t you think that all the sinful persons can slowly better themselves and become true beings full of love, clarity, compassion and understanding ? Don’t you think that this change will or can take time, through an evolution, a transition ? Therefore why don’t you allow all the persons addicted to what we usually call drugs, “psycho-active” substances, from cannabis to the worst possible drugs like heroin, to have access to their substance in a peaceful, socially accepted, legalized, nationalized, clarified way in order to heal  themselves, consciously, quietly, progressively until they don’t need any more these kind of substances to reach states of religious peaceful consciousness ?

Why don’t you fight against the so-called “democratic moral” powers and organizations which prohibit the use of these substances used since ages by all people on Earth to reach experiences of modified or religious states of mind (see for example the incredible amount of healing techniques linked to psycho-active substances in shamanism, corpus of knowledge that should in my opinion be classified in the immaterial heritage of humanity), creating ecological damages, violent black markets, judges, jails, adulterated substances… ?


About buddhananda
independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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