A spiritual experience with Sister Earth

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Let me present you a text that I wrote a few hours after having a strong spiritual experience :

(Note : this text is only one of many possible translation or transcription of this experience. I tried to describe it as accurately as possible but still it is only one of the possible translations.)

“A few hours ago I was washing up dishes, thinking to Earth and humanity’s problems (as often since a few years), when suddenly I entered in contact with Earth’s soul or consciousness. A series of visions, words, sentences and discussions ensued. I will try to describe in the best way possible all these words and visions.

First, at the beginning, once I recognized that I was in presence of Earth’s soul, vocal messages came : “I need help”, “Please help me” with a very sad and helpless voice and tone. The general idea coming from this was “I ask for help, I am in deep trouble, I don’t know what to do, please help me if you can”.

She (it was a feminine voice) added in a very quiet, nearly childlike, but still very sad voice : “I like all beings. I don’t make difference between them. I am just here to organize and regulate all the balances. I am in so much pain. You are too much humans.”

After this I began to talk and ask questions. The main idea was “what to do ?”. The answer was still “help me” repeated many times. I asked her if the Buddhameditation blog was a good thing in her opinion. She told me to continue in this direction, to continue my work and efforts.

Planet Earth was in trouble, needed help and did not know what to do. As if relations between predator and prey, struggles, invasions, wars, diseases, starvations… all these usual natural ways of regulation and equilibrium had failed to solve the problem, that humanity had become overcrowded, with unhealthy ways of living, and was spreading destruction all over the planet. Progressive asphyxiation, a little bit as if humanity in its modern form had become a black parasite spreading its tentacles all over the planet. Earth’s soul had no apparent positive solution against this parasite : slow or quick destruction was expected.

After this I asked her to explain more things about all these problems.

In order to solve the problem of the “you are too much on Earth”, she showed me images of belts compressing kind of inform red jelly-like bulks and this was creating congestions, inflammations at the energetic level. She then showed me little walls of white and grey bricks encircling territories in small islands between Thailand and Australia and creating these red energetic congestions at the population level. I understood that these were symbolic representations of frontiers and that we had to loosen the knots in order to avoid these red colors until they become of a soothing, and slightly dark, blue color, the red particles evaporating themselves in direction of other (less red) areas. She told me that it would not solve the problems, but it will ease them and give us some time.

She told me that we had to use more intelligently the Earth’s ecosystems and live in remote areas to create small human/natural ecosystems. This will give relief to the urban and agricultural crowded areas. She told me that huge territories all over the planet were available for this kind of idea, if only we had positive and ecologically orientated minds. All this had to be created with intelligence, finesse, and the most “naturally” possible, according to resources and capacities.

After all this had been settled, we would have to slowly reduce the total world population by the means of birth control and reduction of birth rates. She told me that wars were not the good solution. To inject a virus neither. By this I think that she wanted to say that to inject a new and powerful virus, or whatever other poisonous thing, in humanity in order to destroy it or reduce its size was not a good solution.

At one moment, I don’t know exactly when, I had this idea that for me, she, this voice, was like a manifestation of Mother Earth. I told her that. And she told me that maybe it would be better to consider her like a sister, a friend, or a child to be protected.

She also showed me by ways of visual images and symbolic representations how the power of a few highly destructive ideas concentrated in a few human minds could create so huge destructions in humanity and Earth’s ecosystems. She showed me symbolically and quickly all the sufferings and destructions during the last century as an example of these destructive ideas. I immediately connected with diabolism, the ideology of desires, force, destruction and chaos. These forces are still highly present in our modern days.

After a few moments, I also had ideas about a choice : or to reduce the population or to reduce our desires and the weight we put upon ecosystems.

The planet is slowly dying. If Earth dies, how humanity will survive ? That seemed difficult or impossible for her that humanity could survive long without Earth’s ecosystems. She was unable to understand such a situation, helpless.

She proposed the idea of strictly limiting the amount of children by woman to a maximum of 3 children. This proposition could apply all over the world and persons going beyond this imperative would have to pay taxes on regular basis to compensate. 3 children was more than enough and we had to consider the sufferings inflicted to the mothers during birth and the difficulties to raise children in big families, especially in modern-days conditions.

We could say that the general meaning of the message, or interaction, was : “Human beings are part of the ecosystem but are now a danger to the global ecosystem. What can I do about this ? How can I help ? Can you help me ?”.

I then disconnected because I was a little bit disturbed at the physical level and could not focus and be receptive any more. But I told the Earth’s soul that I will try to contact her later to make this clearer, if possible.

After half an hour or one hour approximately, I went into a meditative state and looked if I could contact the Earth’s soul. It came quickly and easily. We began exactly in the same way as we left. I asked her to show me more details about Earth’s problems.

She first showed me the atmosphere and its subtle layers, as if we were flying over and into it. She showed me holes, dark patches all over it, like a tired and drained aura would look like.

She then showed me with symbolic images that humanity had too much scratched Earth’s surface, too much displaced things, too much burnt. Humanity with all its intelligence had created by means of concentration, transformation and scattering highly dangerous and new artificial substances. Not only atmosphere was in danger, but also waters, lands and beings.

I then had the vision of parts of the oceans from a distance, which were like , empty, desert, and the absolute necessity to let them regenerate. Oceans and atmosphere were two huge things which suffered from a lot of negative substances and actions during the last 150-200 years. It was like they could not accumulate any more. They both need to regenerate, to go into an healing process. I had the idea at the end of this vision that we had to take our hands off the oceans, that the solution was maybe to redirect all the huge amounts of energy focused on external matters towards a more internal dimension in order to reach spiritual positive states and begin to help the healing process of planet Earth in the best way possible. To slowly, slowly, slow the pace down.

Finally, she also gave me the vision, almost like an intuitive flash, of humanity, sure and proud of itself, full of ego (chests bulged out), rights and powers and which degenerates into a vision of a burnt land. She told me that the problem was that humanity was thinking that Earth belonged to them. Humanity, for her, is just a part of this huge interconnected reality. The last vision was the Earth completely dark and burnt, with some smokes coming from the last burnt trees, flying ashes and nauseating smells, a vision of ultimate destruction.”

This account of the experience that I had is a little bit long because I tried to give as much details as possible. But it was sometimes difficult to translate because most of the time they were symbolic visions or mind to mind contacts (beyond words. I don’t even remember if all this was in French or English). Nevertheless it was relatively easy to translate into words, since images intended to convey simple messages, with no or little possible ambiguity. I want also to add that strong emotional phenomena happened during this experience, mainly tears linked to the extent of the damages and anger to the impossibility or difficulty to change these things.

The authenticity of this experience is undeniable. Satya, truth, is an important value for me and I try to apply to it as much as I can. I swear that it really happened to me, 20 August 2015 AD, in the afternoon, and was not the result of the use of any psychedelic substances. It is not a fantasy or a distorted story, I tried to describe as precisely and accurately as possible the different messages (note : it was, globally, more an interaction, a kind of spiritual discussion, than a message) and impressions that I received.

Most of the experience did not last more than 3 or 4 minutes and after I had strong memory flashes of the experience, with organizations and clarifications of the knowledge related to it, during maybe half an hour before going back into a meditative state to make the second contact. After this it took me more or less 3 hours to write all the details possible. I want also to say that in the past I had a few very similar strong spiritual experiences with messages and intuitive flashes, so during the experience I was rather open to it, not afraid or surprised by it.

Another interesting question, besides the issue of the authenticity, is this one : where can such an experience come from ? Three main explanations came to my mind just little time after the experience :

  1. I had a spiritual conversation, interaction, with a spiritual, superior or transcendental, consciousness which would be the soul of the Earth. This spiritual, non-material, consciousness needed help, showed me the (or some) problems and asked me to do  my best to solve them.
  2. Second hypothesis : I had a kind of spiritual dissociation. My conscious mind separated from a more powerful and unconscious part of my being which then gave instructions, symbolic visions and knowledge organizations to my conscious mind. I would therefore had been in contact with a kind of powerful superior (but maybe also archaic or symbolic) part of myself and not with an external spiritual entity or being.
  3. The third hypothesis that came to my mind after the experience is this one : a group of black magicians, not happy for a reason or the other by what I am saying in the Buddhameditation blog, gather, dematerialize and approach my energetic body. They could insert unconscious implants in it with special programming with the intent to give me “fake” spiritual experiences and direct the way I am thinking in special directions in order to influence my writings and their content. Such tactics, mental devices and tools are highly present in modern-day black magic practices. They represent a way to manipulate people’s minds at distance without being clearly recognized (for money, for power, for generalized manipulation…). We have to protect from this, by a way or the other.

We could also think that I had been in contact with another spiritual consciousness that would not be Earth’s soul. So, please, be careful with all this, do not accept unconditionally this account as the result of an interaction with a positive and real consciousness. Maybe all this is just a sublimation/organization of my own knowledge, or, even worst, the result of a mental manipulation. The best thing to do with these conflicting theories is to consider this account as an ordinary Buddhameditation post with good and maybe bad ideas. So use your discrimination and do not accept that, directly and without any criticism, as (for example) a divine revelation. Anyway the general feeling was more to be in contact with a deep, strong, archaic or symbolic form of consciousness.

This period of intense reception and transcription of visual and hearing symbolic forms lasted approximately 4 hours. Shortly after this, a second wave of experiences happened, that did not seem to come from outside (“Earth’s soul” was communicating from a point approximately one meter in front and above the top of my head, and had no material or spiritual form), but more from inside. They had the usual form of thoughts, words, knowledge organizations and sometimes visions. They were like consequences, results, of the former strong spiritual visions and messages.

It began with these words “ecological dictatorship”, repeated strongly many times in a form mixing visual and hearing sensations. These words sounded new, strange and kind of frightening to me. The conjunction of these two opposite notions was a kind of nonsense for me because in my mind “ecological” was close to moral values and dictatorship was the political form that I hated most, maybe because of its amorality. So I tried to forget this and even reject this thought but it nevertheless came back to me many times and slowly a whole range of future possibilities emerged in my mind.

First, we all know that a huge and terrifying karmic wall, the end of non-renewable resources and energies, is coming quickly in our direction (see the previous posts). The first solution would be that humanity globally wakes up from its torpor, understands the immensity of the problem and acts wisely and swiftly towards a more ecological and moral sustainable way of living. Total ecological or social destruction would be avoided and planet Earth could begin its healing process. 50 to 100 years will be at least necessary to see the first real improvements but some things will take much longer time (and maybe will not be completely solved). For example whales which have been severely massacred are still on the brink of extinction despite the policies designed to help them survive. They, for instance, have difficulties to find mates in the immensity of their empty ocean world.

The second solution would be quite problematic : humanity continues at full speed its polluting activities and its energies and resources burning logics. The symbolic karmic wall that we mentioned earlier can take many forms : material, ideological, mental, psychological, social… We have to be very, very careful because when this wall will be here with us, it will not be for five minutes only, it is going to be long, very long, especially for the persons used to a special degree of comfort. We will slowly lose one of our most precious value, freedom, and very few options will be left. Here are the ones that I saw :

  1. An “ecological dictatorship” (whose intensity will depend on the extent of the damages to heal) emerges and imposes on everybody strict ecological rules and codes of conduct to repair natural balances and heal the planet.
  2. A natural selection appears through wars, starvations, diseases… and only small pockets of people (maybe indigenous peoples or persons used to live in the wild) will survive and progressively reconquer the planet (in ecological ways I hope).
  3. A religious dictatorship appears and kills all the persons who do not share its belief.
  4. A nazi-type dictatorship appears, kills a huge percentage of the population and let survive only a small part.
  5. Satanists take control, and satisfy their last gloomy dreams and desires in the funeral bed of humanity.
  6. We continue like this without nothing happening, and the last human will disappear with the last smokes of the last burnt tree.
  7. Total destruction : for example a global nuclear war. Worst than a comet!

Obviously many different possibilities of evolution could happen (see for example the movies “mad max” or “waterworld”) but here are the images that I saw. All this (except maybe the first solution) seem rather gloomy, a victory of the devil, the dream of diabolism. In all cases the negation and destruction of all most precious, profound, values of humanity. We must note that the third and fourth options are not really a solution to the problem : the diminution of population will ease momentarily the problem but if nothing is done to solve the deadly impact of all destructive actions, then, sooner or later, the problem will come again.

I also had this strong intuition that the root cause of all these problems came from the fear of physical death. We, like animals, instinctively fear death. But human intelligences have succeeded in going over the natural laws of balance. We have to go out of our collective dream of immortality (see for example the huge amounts of money and energy spent towards this goal in medical researches) and accept death as part of a natural (and maybe spiritual also, see the posts about NDE in this blog) cycle.

As a conclusion, I would say that we have to be careful :

  1. First, I cannot guarantee the origin or the cause of this spiritual experience.
  2. This kind of logics and messages could be used as a justification for ecological (or else) dictatorship. I think that the concept of ecological dictatorship is not something new (especially for the persons in power) and, even if I am not sure about this, you may perhaps find these kind of ideas in deep ecology’s theories and analysis.
  3. Beyond the questions of origin and possible negative consequences, we should however not neglect this experience. We should try to find the underlying meaning of it. This understanding will maybe give us ideas and energy to change by ourselves, voluntarily, swiftly, willingly, when there is still time and freedom for positive actions, towards positive ecological goals. This will at least preserve freedom and avoid to fall into dangerous and maybe chaotic violent dictatorships. Agony of humanity this would be.

Finally my last advices on this post would be : try to find in this blog or elsewhere, positive ideas to change our actions towards a good future. Let’s all become vegetarians or semi-vegetarians (see the post “vegetarianism”). We should all focus our minds and souls on the highest ecological moral ideals, as if we were stuck to them, and the other important (social) moral ideals will follow (naturally).

More than death, the problem of humanity is, like for all beings, suffering. So let’s direct quickly, before it’s too late, our efforts and energies towards a reduction of our needs and impacts in order to solve future huge and foreseeable collective sufferings.

We will try in the next post to analyze the possible policies, logics and consequences of an hypothetic (soft or hard) ecological dictatorship.


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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  1. I often tend to find myself getting lost in the world’s problems as well when I’m being domestic

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