Correction of a mistake

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I forgot to tell you that some time ago, I received some news from a member of the MIPB, the small association behind the political program presented in one of the first posts “Presentation of the political program of a small association run by some friends”.

In the post “Some inventions that could change the world” I said that one of the member of the MIPB had invented a system to stock electric energy with the help of gravitational energy. I also used this idea in the post “transformation part.1”. He told me that unfortunately this idea, despite all efforts and attempts, cannot solve the problem of electric energy stocking because the amounts of energy stocked cannot be huge. Only some small electronic and electric devices like computers or some LED lights could work with this kind of system. But a “normal” house (with washing machine, oven, fridge, television, electric heater…) cannot be backed-up by such gravitational devices because the amounts of energy needed are too big. So I would like to apologize on my behalf and on their behalf for these mistakes.

The most deadly nuclear energy gave to mankind really huge amounts of electricity. It was like a dream for our political and economic leaders : vast amounts of nearly free energy, an energy directly coming from our scientific knowledge, from our technological progress ! Since electricity cannot be stored (or only with great difficulties) with modern available technologies, the solution was simple : let’s use all this power. So billions of energy consuming devices and gadgets were created in order to use this huge amount of energy. All these electric devices were directed towards one goal : to satisfy all the possible needs and desires a human being can dream of, even the most useless ones. In this way, the citizens were happy, a maximum amount of profit and business was made, and the emotional and social structures of the pyramidal power were strengthened.

Many big problems were left aside :

  1. Without talking about the dangers of accidents coming from nuclear plants themselves, nuclear energy creates deadly nuclear wastes which remain highly toxic during literally millions of years. For the moment, unless unexpected good news, nothing has been found to solve this problem. Our huge and nearly pathological over-use of energy results in this fact : since 150 years we steal from future generations all the petrol, coal and natural gas available on planet Earth, and now we offer them tons of nuclear wastes. (Maybe, consciously or unconsciously, we hope that “scientific progress” will go on and that future generations will find a solution to nuclear wastes. But what if there is no fundamental or technological solution to these deadly wastes ? From a natural substance (natural radioactive ores) and many processes, we extract huge amounts of energy and create a totally new artificial substance with the most deadly vibrations. This shows at the same time the power of our intelligences and their danger, especially when guided by irrational or useless desires and poor philosophical and metaphysical knowledge. Intelligence is a tool which can create or destroy. See for example the destructive effects of human intelligence on the natural ecosystems’ balances).
  2. Since power, watts and energy consumption were not the problem, researches were not focused on energy savings (but on satisfaction of human desires). As a result, we fulfill our needs and desires with a full range of electric devices which consume a lot of energy. If we want to replace nuclear energy with natural renewable and ecological energies (without working on a reduction of our needs), then we will have to make further researches to really harness the power inherent in the natural cycles (of course in the most ecologically sustainable way, if we want to survive). For the moment we are very far from this goal.
  3. All these sometimes useless electric and electronic devices require a lot of chemicals and rare minerals and are hard to recycle. They fuel a cycle of perpetually new desires for new sophisticated (and vain) needs. We should, at least, stock all these electric devices and take time to fully restore or recycle them rather than destroying them quickly and without any care.
  4. As we already noticed it, nuclear energy comes from natural radioactive ores which are also non-renewable and will be depleted one day. Nuclear energy is therefore (at least in the present-day available technologies) not something infinite and cannot guarantee energetic supplies in the long run.
  5. Last, but not least, a huge majority of the western world became highly dependent on these electric devices and gadgets to the point that nowadays most western people cannot imagine living without them and would be ready to destroy anything or anyone that could take them away from these electric devices, exactly as a fully-dependent drug addict would do if separated from his substance. Satisfaction of desires has made us weak and dependent on the emotional and material levels. We have difficulties imagining happiness (or normal life) without all the devices which constitute our modern lives. In one hundred years, electricity, petrol and chemistry have come between us and the world. We are so much engrossed in our vision of “progress” as satisfaction of desires that we cannot understand today that this so-called “beneficial material progress” leads us at full speed and with high probability towards a dangerous wall (the end of natural non-renewable resources and energies).

So, what to do ?

First, and we already talked about this in previous posts (see the posts “Transformation part.1” and “Free energy and perpetual motion”), it would be interesting to blend the researches coming from three distinct fields :

  1. Extraction of energy coming from natural cycles (sun, wind, water, tides, geothermic…) in the best ecological way possible. Some new experiments have, for example, tried to use old mines to inject cold water underground : this cold water gets hot, goes up, generates electricity at the surface level, gets cold and goes down…
  2. Stabilization and stocking of electric energy in the best ecological way possible in order to stabilize the variations in the amounts of energy coming from natural cycles.
  3. Perpetual motion, diminution of resistances, free energy.

The researches should aim at producing ecological, efficient and long-lasting devices (see the post “The worst marketing strategy”) that each citizen could use to generate energy for himself and the society (if there is too much for individual needs). These devices could also be used by governments on a larger scale.

If sufficient money and efforts are invested in this direction then we will perhaps have the possibility to free ourselves from the law of entropy and its constraints. Indeed, if we create efficient devices to produce energy from natural cycles and stock it in ecological ways, then we will have a quasi perpetual motion, because the natural powers on Earth are huge and nearly infinite (because Earth’s life expectancy is higher than humanity’s life expectancy).

Why these devices have to be ecological ? We already stressed the fact that, in the present-day situation, if we really want to settle on planet Earth (not only a few decades, but much, much more time, millions of years), we have to put the ecological imperatives at the center of all economic and social decisions. Nowadays the new mainstream technological trends are : nuclear energy and chemical batteries (for example to power all our useless cars). Chemical batteries are full of chemicals and, even if I am not a specialist, will one day or the other trigger two problems : exhaustion of the chemicals and minerals used to produce these batteries and difficulties to recycle (and/or destructive pollutions).

So these examples of not ecological devices will not fix the problem in the long run and will create still more pollutions and destructions. In my opinion, these kinds of quick and unreliable fixes have for only goal the preservation of the unsustainable western way of living. One day or the other we, or future generations (if they exist), will have to really solve the problem if we want to survive. So why not do this work now and create really sustainable ways of living from the beginning ? Even if the really ecological devices cannot give us full power right now, still we will slowly go out of nuclear energy in a sustainable way. We will then be in a good direction.

So you may think : if this problem is, as you say, so serious, why all the political and economic leaders, the ones who are here to protect us and organize everything in the best possible way, do not act firmly in the direction of a, socially and ecologically, sustainable way of life ?

Let’s try to develop some aspects of this question :

  1. First, I have to say that I am not the only one to say this. This is not a fantasy or a way to scare people without any reason. The problem is real, dangerous. Many (and maybe most of them) eminent scientists, experts and thinkers of many different fields also warn us that if we continue in this direction (the western way of living) then we will succeed in destroying, not only superficially, but deeply, internally, our world, our societies and all the delicate interactions and balances (natural, cultural, geographic, atmospheric, climatic…) which constitute our realities.
  2. I don’t see, at present times, any significant breakthrough in clean energies that could change the situation. So human societies continue their well-known destructive movement since decades without anything really being done. Worst, in a nearly suicidal logic, it seems that this movement of destruction gather momentum. Since there is no real (moral) power able to protect the last resources of the planet, all nations, companies and individuals run after the last drops of available energy in a frenzy of irrational actions, increasing once more our lethal impact on Earth’s ecosystems. Let’s not be fooled by the credits directed towards alternative clean energies. They are just a sham, especially when you compare them with the credits directed towards chemical batteries to power our cars, or military budgets.
  3. Our leaders know that our social and economic systems are highly complex and that they cannot, at present time, change a single thing without destroying the unstable equilibrium we depend on (an unstable equilibrium is, in physics, a state of equilibrium which demands, small or huge, amounts of energy to stay in this state of unstable equilibrium).

Therefore they found a (easy) solution : let’s do nothing and see what will happen.

This politics of non-action towards the immensity of our destructive actions is frightening. August 2015, for the moment humanity finishes the last drops of non-renewable energy and will be more and more dependent on nuclear energy. We already saw what kind of consequences this politics will have. Our world, especially the western world, will implode without energy. Add to this the end of other important resources (phosphorus, trees, fishes, drinking water, clean air, fertile lands…), plus social, cultural, ideological, religious and territorial tensions, and this potent mixture of hot gases will only need a small, and possibly unrelated, spark to explode violently.

The modern-day conflicts in the hot and dry areas of Middle East are not religious wars, they are dead end resources’ wars. Maybe they will become ideological wars (like capitalism against communism), for example morality and religion against liberalism and materialism, especially if the Muslim world stop fighting internally and start searching for the responsible of the world dramatic situation. The accused is easy to find and already found : the western world and its way of living.

But, in my opinion, it would be  a mistake to wage war. As the opposition communism/capitalism was a mistake (a better thing would have been a fusion between these two conflicting theories, for example with stronger welfare states, or stronger moral states that could regulate the economic jungle), the opposition between religious/moral world and freedom/neo-liberalism/materialism world would be a mistake. Let’s remember that wars are the worst possible energetic losses, and that’s really what we don’t need now (anyway, how are we going to fight without energy ? By going back to knives, swords, horses and crossbows ?). Better is fusion, harmony, mutual enrichment and respect.

Anyway the top of the pyramid does not care about wars, because they don’t fight themselves (the base of the pyramid does it for them) and because force, power, weapons, riches and intelligences are with them. They will be victorious and remain in their position despite the huge collective sufferings generated by their frightening non-action policies.

Some try to poetically describe wars as fires destroying a forest and allowing a regeneration of this forest. The human world does not obey the same laws as the natural world. In my opinion, our (human) goal is to go towards, individually, the happiness unrelated to external objects that you can find in the meditative researches and, collectively, the material and spiritual creation of Paradise, Pure Lands, on planet Earth (see the former posts). The burning furnace of a global third world war is, in my opinion, (like the first and second ones) not the goal of human beings, just an accumulation of very bad karma.

Moral values are not the (primary) objective of the top of the hierarchy. Their objective is their ego and their egoistical values : the survival of the privileges of the top of the pyramid.

We should all remember that the western pyramidal political form is made of a top making decisions, and a base following. Beyond all the beautiful freedom ideologies of our materialistic and neo-liberal totalitarian organizations, most of us are slaves of the system. It is not possible to destroy everything and the top of the hierarchy is hidden and well-protected. Present-day democratic systems are just a façade, remnants of political ideas issued two or three hundred years ago. Real power is now concentrated in obscure hands belonging to the hidden economic and political field.

So let’s not attack the pyramidal form, at least not directly or physically (this would create too much useless sufferings and fundamentally the pyramidal form is not the real problem, it is more the rotten values and individuals behind this strong present-day pyramidal form that are the problem), but we should all protect us, by all possible means, against its toxic consequences. For example, to become aware, fully conscious, of all these power games and desires, in their elaborate details, is already a way to become detached from their influence. Manipulation stems from ignorance.

A French philosopher (Clement Rosset, L’anti-nature) said : “Le pouvoir de l’ideologie repose sur le non-dit” which can be translated by : ” The power of ideology comes from non-saying”. The power of ideology comes from non-saying more than from lying. Lies are easy to discover and refute. By not fully developing the logical and intellectual basis of their theories, ideologies create a powerful void where (negative) emotions can enter and find an outlet for their destructive dimensions. Ideologies know, but hide from the general population this knowledge in order to gain power.

We could take for example the strong emotional basis of the intellectual constructions of racism. Huge amounts of anger, dissatisfaction and desires are focused towards an accused external group (Jews, Muslims, blacks, whites, yellows, red, browns, “underdeveloped” peoples…) being described as negative, dangerous, inferior or useless with little (or no) real intellectual, logical or rational justification (the underlying cause is, mostly and with high probabilities, more internal than external, our own internal violence which needs outer target and realization to avoid inner, social or individual, anguish and explosion). This creates great amounts of force and can possibly give political power. See for instance the present-day rise of right-wing extremist parties in western countries focusing on Arabs, Blacks, Indians, Chinese or whatever and fuelling a cycle of (racist and violent, physical and mental) actions and reactions, a little bit like nazism and the Jews.

You can also find these kind of ideological constructions in the opposition between humanity and animals/nature (justification of man’s domination over other species, too much meat eating and farm animal’s slavery); material world and values against inner/spiritual world (opposition between freedom/amorality and spiritual advancement and intelligent moral values); workers against non-workers (excessive moral value given to work, even the most useless and destructive ones, to support the pyramidal form and the privileges of the top of the hierarchy)…

We should therefore try to dissect and nearly psycho-analyze all the (hidden) logics, bias, choices, methods, tools, analysis, desires, objectives… of the world masters and in a way we will progressively be free from all these most immoral power games and propaganda. We could (see for example the French site SYTI. NET) talk about researches on cybernetics, androids and robots; fusion between cybernetics/electronics and biology/cells/living matter; electronic implants under the skin to replace credit cards and identity papers (“digital angel”); use of waves and vibrations as weapons and tools for social control; Haarp project; destruction of welfare states and social security systems; ideology of chaos and devil cult; genetic manipulations; generalized social manipulations and control; development of psychological, emotional and cerebral researches to create psychological or mental weapons; plus all the possible future scientific and technological gadgets that you can imagine to once again fully satisfy artificial dreams and desires at the base of the pyramid…

According to a leak coming from illuminati themselves, the goal of all this would be to reduce the world population from 6 billions to 50 millions ! It seems very little and I fear that this movement might not be, in the illuminati’s plans, peaceful and harmonious. How else than with wars, global destructions, hunger, thirst or diseases could they go from 6 billions to 50 millions ? Human pathological mind at its highest and most worrying degree. Frightening, dreadful.

I agree that the total world population should decrease. But I think that this movement should be peaceful (with contraception for example). What we need now is ecological education, not crazy and indomitable conflicts. Transition is better than revolution (especially if they are violent revolutions, like wars).

Let’s take time to change, but let’s (quickly) direct our steps in the good direction. In my opinion, we have collectively a maximum of 5 to 10 years to make changes (immediate announcement by Popes and Imams that contraception is a good thing in the present-day situation; significant breakthrough in clean energy; preservation of oceans and ecosystems; strong and reliable wind turbines to produce water (Eole water); diminution by (at least) half of the total farm animal’s massacre to increase global vegetal food supply; resolution of religious tensions and movement towards meditation, relaxation and inner researches; policies to reduce birth rates in India, China and other overcrowded regions; resolution of all conflicts, progressive reduction of all military budgets and programs and redirection of these energies and efforts towards more positive goals… see previous posts), if we want to avoid profound or total destruction (“point of no-return” in the destruction process).

May humanity be filled with courage, peace, love, compassion, harmony, stability, clarity, mutual understanding and happiness in order to overcome these huge difficulties and create a peaceful transition towards a more sustainable way of life.


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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