“God has no religion” (Mahatma Gandhi)


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Finally, after so much time without writing, some new ideas came to me. I’d like to share them with you.

After watching  the film “The day the Earth stood still” with Keanu Reeves, I wondered if that good film was not a kind of symbolic prophecy of what is going to happen inexorably to all of us. I have the feeling, shared with so many people in the world, that after so much attempts, humanity will finally succeed in destroying itself. An excerpt coming from this film : “The planet dies, you die. You die, the planet lives” (“you” meaning the humanity).

We already saw in our previous posts that the final end, consequence and, even maybe aim,  of neo-liberalism (that we can define as a mixture of nazism, power cult, logic of profit, paternalism, intolerance and exploitation of human beings, animals, plants and ecosystems) is the total and complete destruction of all living matter on Earth. The analysis given in the previous posts (analysis obviously shared by many people on Earth) state that as long as this system will be dominant, we will be collectively condemned to cultural, social and material self-destruction. I can add that the more this system will be dominant and intransigent the quicker this destruction will happen.

This very simple statement, that I did not invent and which is present in our everyday lives, actions and thoughts independently from any outside analysis, can explain the huge and terrifying astral egregore coming not only from the Muslim world, but more generally from all (new or old) tribal members living in this planet. Three solutions can arise from this huge and terrifying astral fight. Or the neo-liberalism and its promotors (note : there is a difference between promotors and defensors) will have to change, or all humanity will fall into a new form of nazism, or total destruction will wipe out humanity from the face of Earth (this would mean that the continuous and repeated mistakes made by mankind totally depleted the stock of good actions which allows us to live).

Neo-liberalism, its logics and consequences have been extensively described and criticized in the previous posts. Communism is according to me nothing more than another power cult ideology. Allow me now to propose a critical view about religion, and more specifically about mass religion.

I consider myself as highly religious. Respect and tolerance are part of my education and values. Religion is according to me one of the fundamental basis of human psyche (like desire of knowledge, meditation, love and confort, use of psychedelic substances…). Mass religions are nothing but archaic solidifications of this basic religious need. In my opinion this basic religious need is something personal, that all of us can fulfill in many different ways. If, for example,  you analyse the diversity of religious forms and practices found in hinduism, then you understand that religion cannot be reduced to the observance of a set of formalised rules, especially if these rules apply to all. This is not freedom, this is passively observing rules that sometimes we don’t even understand but that we have to comply with because we fear that if we don’t comply with then we  will, for example, be damned. By this way we create our own mental boundaries, we lock ourselves in our own mental jails. God has no religion.

Religions are just paths which lead to divine consciousness (i.e love, clarity of mind, respect, knowledge… see the previous posts). Mass religions are cristallizations of some of these paths. Nevertheless, the conditions (socio-economical, philosophical, material…) which created these religions are since long gone. Can you imagine how different our world is from the bank of the Ganga river 2500 years ago, from Israel 2000 years ago or from the desertic landscapes of Middle East 1500 years ago ? If I want to have sexual relationship with my wife with one condom because I want to avoid having 10 children to feed with my desolated plot of land lost somewhere in Somalia, who can tell me that this will lead me to hell more quickly than the Popes and Imams who refuse contraceptive measures in a world which deeply need (in our present day, not 2000 years ago) these contraceptive measures ? Who can tell me that continuing the local and intelligent fight with mosquitoes and rats to avoid pest, malaria and dengue fever is worst than letting them destroy our lives and our health because some religious thinkers don’t have the knowledge and the strenght to accomplish this task ? Do you think that smoking cannabis and using lsd, psychedelic mushrooms or cocaine is worst than a global third world war triggered by futile ideological misunderstandings ? If I need to be angry, unpolite, enigmatic or to lie to help others, will this lead me to hell because one sage 2500 years ago said (in response to particular socio-economical and philosophical conditions) that we should not do so ? I don’t think so, because the main point is to help others. If loving kindness, compassion and understanding do not produce the correct consequences, then anger, critics and even violence can be necessary.

The concept of Jihad : killing others who don’t want to comply to Muslim rules ? Religion is not imposing one’s own creeds on other. The least would be to attain the ideal found in its own religion and then if some people are interested by the result, and ask how to attain the same result,  then teach them how to do. Even materialism has its own set of moral values, this is called “humanism”, “philosophy of the lights”.

We are collectively in a state of intellectual and moral poverty fed by television and exploitation of humans by other humans. Please have no fear to criticise this. It is better to die trying to solve the problems of humanity than having a long life going deeper and deeper into recession and chaos. Let’s invent new ways of life, let’s promote organic farming, energy savings, love and collective understanding. Going into the spiral of violence where bombs answers to bombs, mutilations to mutilations is nothing more than passively letting the karmic debts have the better on us. This is not courage. This is letting its own ego and emotional poverty (the need to show that we are the strongest or the most intelligent or whatever) rule its own life. Disappointing. Far from religion.

God has no religion, because God is above religions. Religions are just ways to God. As long as you will cling to the idea that God does not exist or can be reached by bombs and violence, then you will live in a fundamental philosophical and metaphysical mistake (see the previous posts). War and violence are to be used only as the last options, when other defenses have failed to stop another violence greater to the violence used. Wars are the worst energetic losses that can be possibly conceived. Destructions of what has been already built and that we will have to build again, like ants or bees that discover that their colony is no longer there. This basic need for security and protection is really beyond any cultural differences. All beings are looking for that, in a way or another.

Having read a little bit about Islam, my general opinion is that Islam is one : the (justified) belief that 1500 years ago a prophet reached an illumination and delivered a message. Go beyond the message, words written in a language, however beautiful and powerful this message can be, and try to find the essence of this message. This would be more interesting than to know who is the real successor of the prophet, his cousin or I don’t remember what Imam. Futile. Thousands of prophets have existed, each one delivering its own message, in its own language and according to each specific conditions. In my opinion, but this is only my opinion, Prophet Mahomet would be saddened or disgusted that so many people fight for so futile reasons using his name. Problems are elsewhere, in our unsolved abstract ideological differences and misunderstandings.

Mahatma Gandhi also said : if you destroy one of my eye, and if I destroy one of your eye in response, then the world will quickly go blind. We have to forgive each others however difficult this can be. Forgive does not mean forget. History, knowledge of the past, is important if we want to improve our future.

This is my opinion. I let you judge by yourselves.


About buddhananda
independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

2 Responses to “God has no religion” (Mahatma Gandhi)

  1. I think you share some important insights here. I agree that neoliberal Corporate Executive economic ideology is the driving force affecting human society´s current overall trend towards social and ecological cycles of crises heading towards eventual catastrophes.

    The greatest spiritual insight is linking the traditional practices to these modern analyses, along with the solutions. The co-operative business model is one social movement, along with numerous social movements for social justice. They were pioneered by some dissident Christians in the 1787 who began the anti-slavery movement in the UK, and their legacy can be seen today in the efforts of Greenpeace, Oxfam, and other groups to inform and organize people to resist and transform Corporate Executive policy abuses.

    Gandhi was an amazing modern example who combined spiritual concerns and insights in a way that provides insight into a sustainable lifestyle, ethics, and values. Thank you for your ideas and concerns. Be well.

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