Bi annual population transfer

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Before talking about homeopathy and isotherapy, I just would like to briefly present you some ideas that I recently had. May these ideas be beneficial to all beings.

The first one is a kind of global utopia, a way to invent some alternative models to the present-day economic and political systems. I had a kind of “vision” about a humanity which would try to follow as much as possible the natural cycles rather than trying to destroy them or protect from them (that is to say rather than considering them as enemies).

The main point was concerning a bi-annual population transfer between the hot and cold zones of the Earth, according to seasons. We all know that according to seasons and locations, the climate conditions can be very different. Some of these conditions are biotic, others are antibiotic. The most wonderful and hospitable place can be a real nightmare three months later.

The idea would be to create easy, ecological and affordable means of transport between these zones. We could imagine that the cities in the South during winter and the cities in the North and/or mountains in summer could become centers of high population via the construction of ecologically orientated buildings and infrastructures.

During the “antibiotic” seasons (high temperature in the plains, extreme cold in mountains or North regions…), only a small portion of the inhabitants would stay in these regions. Due to the reduced number of people, they will gather in the best possible places (well-insulated houses in cold climate, fresh and watered locations in hot climates) and they will be able to use sufficient amounts of energy to live in comfortable conditions. Their role will only be to maintain in proper order the infrastructures and buildings of the momentarily unoccupied zones.

     We can imagine that the departures from one zone to another can be done progressively, smoothly. A lot of opportunities, collective structures, ashrams, communities, farms, works… could be created on the routes between North and South.

We will have to find the best climatic and geographic locations to implement this idea. Mountains in hot seasons are for example huge and beautiful places with lot of water, sunshine, fresh air… The only thing is to respect them and the people who live there since generations.

We could imagine that this ecologically orientated model could have many consequences. For example:

1) diminution of the global energetic needs and consumption. It is easier to warm a house when it is 16 degrees outside than minus 2 degrees.

2) diminution of the global need for transport : paradoxically the huge bi-annual transfer of population would give two (or more) areas/regions/place of living to most people (except those who want to stay the whole year in one place) who will locally live an ecologically-orientated life, not in one place but in two (or more). Is it not the dream of most people to live in fresh mountains during hot summers and near warm beaches during cold seasons ? Essentially satisfied by their 6 months dual locations they will less feel the need to go by plane at 5000 km for two weeks holidays just to forget a cold winter or a hot summer.

3) I guess that this proposal could solve a lot of problems in the employment field. Autonomy would be promoted, global need for hard and underpaid works would diminish (increase in global cooperation between human beings).

     4) This idea would imply to redefine the notions of frontiers, economic zones, political blocks. It is sure that controls and security must stay but the frontiers’ systems and logics will have to be softened and adapted to allow this giant bi-annual transfer of population. This system could be applied within one country, an economic zone or a continent.

Finally the main question arising from this idea would be this one : what kind of architectural, political, economical, social, legislative, productive… systems can we imagine to implement in the best possible conditions this idea ?

Note : this post is an application of the ideas proposed in the post : ” transformation part III : towards enlightenment” (see the  June posts)


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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