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After a few months, I found the time to read again all the posts that I wrote on this “” blog and I would like to add just a few notes concerning some of the previous posts :

1) concerning the post “save the primitive forests’ (filed in the January’s posts) : I think that among our present-day economic and energetic crisis we should acknowledge the fact that trees transform solar energy into something that can easily be used by humans : wood and its derived products (without talking about all the other effects of trees on the global ecosystem).

We have to understand that a great deal of the energy present on Earth comes from the sun : solar energy in itself (light and heat) but also wind energy; water’s cycle (hydro energy); biomass; petrol; gaz; coal… I personally think that one of the main objective of this century will be to find ways to use this solar power in the best ecological way possible. Trees are therefore as important as wind turbines in the global energy production. If we want to have a good production of wood, we have to understand and protect trees and forests rather then wipe them out, that seems obvious.

2) concerning the post “from materialism to inner peace” (filed in the January’s posts) : I made a small mistake in this post. I wrote : “So two different kind of actions can be done if you want to please the individual : or you can change the reality… or you can change the link between the individual and the reality.”

A more precise statement would be that there are three ways to please the individual : a) change the external reality b) change the link between the individual and the reality c) change the individual (through philosophy, meditation, understanding, love, equanimity…).

I also wanted to give further explanations concerning the concept of Sat (Sanskrit term which is usually translated by “Self” in English) that you find at the end of the post. As it is said in the post, the concept of Sat comes from the old hindu philosophy and is rather difficult to translate. Sat is close to the concept of “God”, “ultimate metaphysical principle”.

     The Sat is everywhere and everything, each atom of our huge realities. But it also encompasses the difficult to comprehend parallel spiritual realities.

Sat in its pure form (that is to say in it pure ideal form, form which does not belong to our limited spheres full of dualities and oppositions) is : unity, clarity, infinity, light, point, sphere, pure consciousness, radiance, void, totality, ecstasy, bliss, unconditional love, perfect equanimity… When the individual consciousness merges with the Sat then it attains what is called liberation, nirvana, satori, enlightenment, spiritual bliss.

Spiritual experiences can be more or less strong but it is said in the Hindu philosophy that each time, the individual consciousness, during these experiences, discovers what he or she really is, the true reality, the very substance which constitutes us.

Note : a) obviously, if the Sat is everywhere and everything, we are part of the Sat and our human consciousness can miraculously discover and identify themselves with this huge spiritual power inside themselves via yoga and meditation b) we have to remember that these are only words and they cannot replace the true meditative experience that they try to describe.

3) concerning the post “vegetarianism” (filed in the January’s posts) : I think that the main point about this topic is the necessity to reduce, during their lives and at the moment of their death (with anesthesia for example), the amount of sufferings experienced by “animals”.

To make a distinction between animals and humans is to forget the fundamental closeness which links all beings on Earth. We have to live and protect ourselves but we should not harm unnecessarily other beings, who also have the gift of life, sensation, intelligence, feelings… the same remarks apply to scientific experiments made with “animals”.

4) concerning the post “materialism vs religion” (filed in the January’s posts) : at the end of this post a very short analysis of the dream phenomenon and its links to meditation and creative visualization is made. These three aspects have been qualified as  “inner worlds”. I just want here to precise the similarities between them :

a) the inner worlds reached by dream, meditation and creative visualization happen when the eyes of the individual are closed.

b) the external senses are retracted, withdrawn from the external stimuli (even if an unconscious part of ourselves is still watching the outside world : loud noises, danger…)

c) in these states the individual has the feeling not to be anymore in contact with the outside material world but to be in presence of an inner reality which has no precise physical localisation.

d) very often images, sounds or other sensations happen.

e) colors are also there and other characteristics that you can find in our material worlds : other persons, landscapes, emotions, dialogues, interactions, stories, messages…

f) nevertheless, very often, the logic found in these inner worlds is different from our everyday physical reality : the inner logics or events are more fantastic, surrealistic or chaotic.

These common elements found in dream, meditation and creative visualization made me think that it was possible to logically compare them at the end of the post “materialism vs religion”

5) concerning the post “more ideas part. II” (filed in the June’s posts) : the legalization of the right to use psychotropic or psychedelic substances (under certain conditions, see the post) is maybe also a way to reduce the pace of our societies (see the post “critic of the western societies : we are going too fast” filed in the January’s posts). We should consider the intelligent use of certain substances (that we have to clearly define, understand and control) as a kind of past-time, nothing more. Penalization creates deadly substances, violent black market, anxiety, tensions, violence, overdoses, ecological damages…

We focus too much on our war against some substances and we do not try to understand what precisely humans look for by using these substances : joy, equanimity, freedom, disconnection from worries, enjoyment, escape, evasion, hope, quietness, clarity, strength, courage… These are the qualities that we have to search for, with or without external substances. This logic is far away from the feeling of general paranoia and violence created by an unjust war on so-called drugs.

6) The posts that I find especially important and that I advise you to read in priority, are : inventing a new philosophy (January files) / universal basic income (idem) / vegetarianism (idem) / materialism vs religion (idem) / everything exists (February files) / lessons and messages from the NDE worlds (May files) / some inventions that could change the world (June files) / transformation part.III : towards enlightenment (idem) / more ideas part. II (idem) / the ultimate metaphysical theory part. II (idem).

7) I want also to apologize for the sometimes politically orientated analysis that I made in some posts (see for instance “critics of the western societies : we are going too fast”, “one of the worst marketing strategy”, “shift of paradigm”… all filed in the January’s posts).

I think that objectivity is not to wipe out all subjectivity but to take into account that subjectivity. I will therefore give my view on this politically orientated posts so that you can take my personal bias into account.

I personally think that the Earth and its inhabitants are presently in danger and that a big part of the problems comes from human actions. Therefore I feel that criticism is something that our generation needs. I prefer criticism to revolution and violence. There are in the left, ecologist, anarchist, green anarchist… philosophies a lot of interesting analysis and critics of our societies.

I tried to blend some of these political, social and technological analysis with some spiritual themes (NDE, Buddhism, Hinduism, non-violence, Dharma, karma, illumination, meditation…) to see if we could reduce the global violence generated by our systems.

To make critics, to propose alternative solutions, is an important characteristics of any healthy society. We just have to hope that our political and financial leaders will be able to transform themselves and create a more sustainable system than the one we presently live in. To formulate critics is a part of this movement of self-improvement that each of us, as individual, can do.

I just hope that my posts will be beneficial to other beings and that we will all together reduce our global violence. In the next posts I will write some ideas about isotherapy and homeopathy (see the post “more ideas part.II” in the June’s file). I will also try later to present some books’ excerpts about philosophy, meditation, self-transformation…


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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