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     I have a lot of things to do in the next months, and I will not be able to write before a while. So let’s put an end to our philosophical investigation.


     These writings do not pretend to be demonstrations or truths. A true demonstration is difficult in philosophy, because philosophy deals with language and words which are full of history, meanings, emotions, memories, interactions with other words. For instance, if you want to define a word, like in a dictionary, you will have to use other words. These other words will also have to be defined. You will quickly realise that to define precisely any word of the dictionary, you will nearly have to define all the other words.

    Therefore, the very foundation of philosophy is highly complex, full of delicate interactions. Exactly like in the scientific field, philosophy can only create progressive approximations of what could be “the truth”.

     Thus, we cannot prove that highly negative actions lead to hell or that the substance found in dreams or inner worlds is identical to the substance creating our physical reality (see the former posts). Nevertheless, we can gather a whole range of facts, thoughts, knowledge organizations and ancient or modern experiences that make us think that the truth is probably here.

    How could we define “truth” ? Truth in the case of “life after death” (as we could call it, or “life after life”) is what will happen to each of us after physical death, whatever may be our ideas or convictions about it. In this case, this could be called “truth”.

    Some say that there is nothing after death, that it is just the extinction of the individual consciousness. I prefer to follow the opinions and teachings of the persons considered to be the greatest mystics and meditators of all times (Moses, Jesus, Mahomet, Buddha Shakyamuni, hindu yogi, buddhist masters…). These persons knew the inner worlds and travelled in these inner dimensions closely related to the Near Death Experiment (NDE) worlds. To say that there is nothing after death, just a black veil, appears to me like a lack of knowledge and inner experiences, an easy way to solve the question without being sure  about anything.

    In the modern scientific field, there is a principle called “the precaution principle”. In my opinion what is called “life after death” and “karma and Dharma laws” have a really high probability of existence (99.9% or more I would reckon). Therefore, it is my duty as a philosopher, spiritual seeker and meditator to warn all human beings : people who consciously and unnecessarily create sufferings in thousands or even millions of human and animal beings will certainly suffer the worst nightmares during huge amounts of time after their physical death. They will endure much more pain than the amount of pain or suffering they have created in other beings. All this seems obvious to me because we are fundamentally spiritual beings and our main goal is to go towards Dharma (see the former posts) not to block other beings or make them suffer unnecessarily for egoistic reasons.

     But maybe I am wrong. Only what is called “direct inner experience” (inner experiences, very precise and clear, that cannot leave a single doubt about their truthfulness and universality) can give an absolute certainty about such a knowledge. Very few human beings throughout history have attained such a fullness and clarity of knowledge. These persons are called Buddha, Enlightened Ones (“Buddha” as a matter of fact means “the Enlightened One” in Sanskrit). Buddhas, according to many spiritual traditions, have been many in the past and I sincerely hope that many more of them will come in the future.

     Buddhas are real human beings who go beyond the usual boundaries of humanity and become spiritual guides. Due to their intense spiritual training or to some kind of gift from birth, they are far above any intellectual geniuses, they enter consciously and at will in the spiritual dimensions and gather knowledge or experiences far beyond any ordinary knowledge (no need for drugs, smart drugs or modern technology for this. For example yoga and love are enough). One of the main teaching of Buddha Sakyamuni is that all human beings have the possibility to reach Nirvana, Enlightenment.

     I am not a Buddha and even if I am far from this enlightened state, my personal meditative experiences without the use of any psychedelic substances make me understand that such high spiritual states are without any doubt possible.

     Personally, my work is merely philosophical and rational : I say, there is this fact, this old theory, this new experience… and from all this I tried to build a coherent hypothesis that could be a correct approximation of what could happen after physical death. From this approximation I issued a warning, exactly as a scientist or a doctor would do : be careful, if you do a lot of unneccessary destructive or negative actions you may face a terrible nightmare and endure much more pain than the amount of pain and sufferings that you have created in other beings.

    So my advice would be : do not create unnecessary negative or destructive actions. Even if in the past you generated a lot of negative actions, follow the Bodhisattva Vow (a Buddhist moral concept and practice) and you will at least attenuate or solve much of your future sufferings. Take the firm resolution to do good actions, to help others, to alleviate the sufferings of others, not to kill or harm unnecessarily other beings.

     Finally, I advise you to slowly read from the beginning the posts of this blog (because there is a logical progression in them). If you have any questions, remarks or comments, please write them at the end of each post. I will do my best to answer them. Please do excuse me for the many english mistakes that you will find here and there (English is not my native language).

     I express my gratitude to all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and spiritual guides connected to the Earth’s reality. May they guide us and protect us during generations and generations. May these writings be beneficial to all beings.


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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