The ultimate metaphysical theory part. II

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     From this result, two solutions arise :

1) or the atomic theory is true, so the Barjavel’s result will be true and it will show that our everyday physical reality is essentially non-material (this result will therefore be very close to hinduist and buddhist theories formulated more than 2000 years ago).

2) or the atomic theory is false and it would prove once again that our sciences are nothing but a succession of trials and errors. Scientific truths are only successive approximations. Furthermore, the modern alternative theories seem even more crazy than the atomic theory : quantic model, equivalence of matter and energy, spins and quarks…

Facing so much doubts and contradictions, we will therefore propose a metaphysical theory that could solve all these problems. Let’s begin :

 a) the difference between material world and spiritual world is just a model, a theory, a tool. It does not describe (or only imperfectly) what reality or truth are.

b) on a metaphysical point of view, all is existent : our physical reality, the world of dreams, inner worlds (meditation, imagination, memory…), the NDE worlds… ( see the post : “everything exists”).

c) we are in presence of a whole range of existent realities, each one with special rules and organizations. For example, the world of dreams has special laws, possibilities, constraints and logics. Our physical reality also.

    From this point, how could we define the main characteristics of our physical realities ?

a) existence of laws : gravitation, interaction of various forces, action/reaction, cause/effect… (this is the main subject of sciences)

b) material/external/collective realities and spiritual/internal/individual realities both are existent and are interconnected. The material side can affect the spiritual side and vice versa.

c) “paranormal” or “irrational” facts do exist also (millions of facts could prove that, read the former posts of this blog).

     Therefore, a “rational platform” does exist in our physical reality (that is why sciences find some “universal” laws). But in the outskirts of this “rational platform”, some irrational or paranormal phenomenon do also exist. This logic is very close to the relation between Newton’s and Einstein’s theories. At an ordinary level, the Newton’s laws are exact and sufficient, but if you come to extreme conditions (high gravitation forces or high speed), then you have to shift to Einstein’s equations if you want a precise result. On normal conditions, Einstein’s equations are equal to Newton’s formulas.

     We can conclude that our physical reality, that the scientists try to describe in a rational/logic way, does not seem as “solid” or “stable” as we think (what about the gravitation laws if only one example of spiritual levitation or telekinesis can be proven ?).

     To sump-up : a) the material substance of our reality is essentially composed of empty space/void/emptiness and/or energy/waves/subtle matter (see Barjavel and the nuclear physicists).

b) our physical reality is rational in some parts of it and irrational in some other parts.

c) the physical reality can be transformed by our minds (magics/spiritual powers).

     You can notice that in the three last points, “physical reality” could be replaced by “dream”, “NDE worlds”, “inner worlds” without making big mistakes. Therefore, we can postulate (for more explanation about what is a postulate, see the post “general conclusion”) that at a metaphysical/ontological level, the substance at the base/root of dreams, NDE worlds, inner worlds and our physical reality is not different. Only the rules organizing these different realities change. If we accept the postulate, we can therefore say that dream is a reality and that reality is like a dream.

     Said in other words :

1) we live in a spiritual reality not different in its essence from the world of dream, astral travel or NDE.

2) our inner worlds (spiritual) and outer worlds (material/physical) are linked, connected, interrelated.

3) rationality/logic/coherence/laws are only a part of our realities. The other part is irrational, unknown, possibility, freedom.

4) We are facing a whole range of possibilities and choices. Magic, spiritual powers and irrational/paranormal phenomenon are a part of these possibilities.

    So in front of this network of possibilities, of this open future, we can connect with the ancient moral theory of karma and Dharma (moral and spiritual laws based on a system of action/reaction and aiming at the ideal of complete liberation and nirvana).

    We have to find the ways/paths/actions that can lead us towards Dharma (love, peace, harmony, stability, inner and outer liberation) (see the post : ” karma and Dharma”) and avoid the actions that lead us towards adharma (suffering, wars, violence, destructions, pollutions…). We have to collectively change for the best our actions, speeches and thoughts.

     We also have to acknowledge the fact that the spiritual dimensions after physical life (NDE, tibetan bardo, paradise and hell) may be as existent as our physical realities and the world of dreams. All these spiritual dimensions may be organized according to the karma and Dharma laws. Furthermore, the very knowledge of these spiritual laws may come from ancient and deep inner experiences made by humans in prehistoric times (before writing arrived).

    Finally, our ultimate metaphysical theory includes : 1) the scientific rational laws 2) the irrational/paranormal phenomena that maybe in the future we will integrate in our rational/logical/coherent knowledge but maybe not : irrationality is maybe a genuine part of our realities. For example, are the telepathic connections between all human beings rationally organized, or are they so complex that unpredictable chaotic phenomenon arise ? It is maybe the unpredictability arising from the nearly infinite number of elements interrelated that will ultimately create freedom. The gods and other spiritual beings may exist and judge our actions according to karma and Dharma laws but they maybe don’t have any control over the totality of possibilities arising from our complex multidimensional Universe. Personally, I do not believe in an already fixed destiny nor that the existence is a cycle of repetitive/identical existences. I think that the unidirectional arrow of Time is a core-characteristic of our physical realities and that we are in a process of positive evolution, unless total destruction arise.

    Note : magic is only one of the many possibilities of our realities. This is maybe not the best or easiest way to transform our world towards a better future because we collectively don’t know so much how to handle these spiritual powers. Maybe in the future this will be possible but for the moment it seems better to live a normal life and to focus our minds on the high moral ideal of Dharma/liberation/spiritual bliss (see the posts “karma and dharma” and “the moral issue”). In the hinduist and buddhist philosophies it is said that the spiritual seekers should not focus on mental or spiritual powers. It is better to focus on inner liberation and become emotionally detached from powers that could arise, especially if these powers reinforce the ego, the desires or can harm other beings. If these powers arise during the spiritual quest, so let them be if they are positive, but it is a mistake to focus exclusively on them.


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