The ultimate metaphysical theory part. I

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     Before reaching the conclusion of this blog, I will try to sum-up a metaphysical theory that could integrate all the so-called “paranormal” phenomenon into a coherent explanation. I worked on this subject a few years ago. It is quite difficult, so fasten your seat belts…

    The basis of this theory comes from a book called “la faim du tigre” written by Barjavel, a French philosopher. We all know that according to the atomic theory, all atoms are made of a nucleus (protons+neutrons) and electrons around them. Between these electrons and the nucleus is void/emptiness/empty space. All human beings are made of atoms. According to Barjavel, if we gather all human beings on Earth, and we put aside all the void of their atoms ( i.e, if we keep only the material parts of the atoms : nucleus and electrons), so all the material components of the humanity would fit in a thimble.

    Therefore, if we keep only what we consider as material in all human beings, and set aside what is considered to be nothing (the void between the nucleus and the electrons), what is left would be no bigger than two or three peas. A thimble of material substance is enough to create 5 billions humans and all their dreams, the complexity of their hands and eyes, the delicate interactions of their hormones…

     This is a very surprising result so I decided to verify it by myself. I just give you a quick sum-up if you want to do it also.

     Human beings are made of 65%oxygen, 18.5% carbon, 9.5% hydrogen, 3.2% nitrogen, 1.5% calcium, 1% phosphorus, 0.4% potassium, 0.3% sulphur, 0.2%sodium, 0.2% chlorine, 0.1% magnesium and 1% of trace elements (zinc, gold, iron…). If we consider a medium weight of 70 kg per capita and a total of 6 billions human beings, we can reach an approximation of the mass of each atomic element for all the inhabitants of the planet.

     The next step is a little more complex and uses the Avogadro number and the nuclear mass of each atomic element. We know (for more details look at “Avogadro number” in a physics book) that there is 6.022*(10*23) atoms in 12 grams of carbon, 6.022*(10*23) atoms in 16 grams of oxygen and the same amount in 40 grams of calcium.

     So from this, if we know the number of grams of every atomic elements contained in the whole humanity, we can easily deduct the number of atoms of each elements contained in the humanity.

     After this we have to know that the radius of the nucleus of an atom is approximately a hundred thousand times smaller than the radius of the atom (by the way, this data shows that the atom is mainly made of empty space. If you imagine that the nucleus of an atom is big as an orange with a radius of 5 centimeters, the outside borders of the atom will be at 5 kilometers). The radius of the oxygen atom is estimated at 60*(10*-12) meters, the radius of the carbon atom is 70*(10*-12)meters… All in all, the radius of all the atomic elements found in the human body are between [60 and 220] *(10*-12) meters.

     So the experts in mathematics will easily find from the previous data : 1) the estimation of the radius of the nucleus of every atom 2) if R is the radius of the nucleus, 4*pi*(R*3)/3 is the volume of the nucleus. So the volume of each nucleus will be between [9 and 450]*(10*-46) cubic meter. Then you will have to multiply these volumes by the total number of atoms found at the beginning of the demonstration.

     We all know that the atom is made of a nucleus, empty space and electrons. I did not find precise data about the size of the electrons (the only data I found is that the mass of a proton is about 2000 times superior to the mass of the electrons and that the numbers of electrons cannot be superior to the number of protons. But this does not give us any detail about the size of electrons, so I prefered to neglect their volume). If you find some information about electrons, then you will have more precise approximations than mine.

All in all, I found a result very close to Barjavel’s result (a little bit smaller).


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