More ideas part. II

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1) Sharing of knowledge and know-how is important. Example : some countries are presently technologically less advanced than the western countries and face great difficulties. Let’s help them to live in a peaceful and ecological way. Simplicity, durability, easy to repair, affordable, strong and efficient should be the main objectives of any technical devices created.

     Another example lies in the millions of scientific experiments that are not yet analysed. We should try to organise our knowledge and to promote cooperation and cross-overs among scientists, philosophers, historians, technicians… to attain a stable knowledge rather than promoting new very costly and sometimes totally useless experiences (see for example the huge amount of money spent in the CERN in Geneva. What for ? To create a new source of energy even deadlier than nuclear energy ? To create experimentally an unpredictable big bang that would annihilate all of us ?).

     Of course, when I talk about sharing one’s knowledge in a positive way, I do not include the knowledge about highly polluting chemical substances or weapons of mass destruction. Persons who want to destroy the world, life or human beings, persons who make other beings suffer consciously and unnecessarily will go to “hell” and experience the worst possible experiences after death, unless their soul might be annihilated.

    In my humble opinion, “hell” is existent as paradise-like worlds are existent. When you read the Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Celt descriptions of the multiple hellish regions, you come to the conclusion that 10 or 20 years in jail would not match with one second in “hell”. I cannot see a more awful sin than destroying every life and possibility on earth. To participate in such anti-“sharing of positive knowledge” activities would mean hundreds or even thousands of years in hell. All this is just a waste of time and energy when you realise that a normal life and a few positive actions could lead us towards Paradise (see the post : “message from the NDE worlds”). The problem of our modern materialistic philosophies is to think that such experiences as “hell” or “Paradise” are non-existent.

2) We should try to better the way we collect rain waters (especially in the areas where the underground waters are highly polluted because of industries or farming). Tanks and small dams depending on the natural/geographic conditions of the area should be used for crops. Rain waters could be collected in individual houses and stored underground (see, for example, the old system of “trullo” in the dry areas of South Italy).

     We should also conduct surveys about the best ways to filter, mineralize and vitalize water (rain waters or filtered waters are often too pure, they lack minerals). When this will be done, let’s hope that big companies will provide high quality versions (long-lasting, inexpensive, strong, adapted to every situations…) of these simple and safe filter systems.

3) Some interesting new devices to control the mosquito population have appeared here and there (see for example :; mozzquit;…). The concept of “ahimsa” in Hindu philosophy (usually translated by “non-violence”) must not make us forget the necessity to be protected from dangerous animals (mosquitoes are supposed to be the deadliest animals for mankind). In fact “ahimsa”, rather than “non-violence”, would be better translated by “non-hatred” (himsa=hatred, a=negation). So rather than trying to kill all the mosquitoes on Earth (for example with DTT and huge pollutions), we should find ways to be locally protected.

    This kind of logic is also used in organic farming. Killing pest is only used locally and occasionally to restore a balance and generally speaking the organic farmers try to preserve as far as possible the delicate ecosystems and their highly subtle interactions. The “dream” of an insect-free agriculture does not work (see for example, and there are millions of such examples across the world, the huge problems faced by the almond producers in California. Too much pesticides have killed all surrounding bees and insects and now they have to artificially “import” bees to produce almonds).

     We have to accept the fact that some food will be lost due to the pests (usually 10 to 20 % in organic farming) rather than spraying huge amounts of pesticides that will pollute our waters and bodies (I don’t even talk about the madness of GMO). These non-perfect fruits or vegetables can anyway be used to fertilize (compost process) the next crops. It is better to protect the interactions between beings that took millions of year to settle rather than killing everything indiscriminately.

     Generally speaking, we have to accept the fact that our Earth’s reality is difficult, that we can improve some external things and that other problems will never be solved. The solution is therefore to transform our inner relation to the world (see the post : “from materialism to inner peace”). One positive attitude found in reiki and other spiritual practices is : we have to accept the things that we cannot change and improve the things that we can change.

4) researches about rice dry cultivation could diminish the amount of water used and the quantity of methane released in the atmosphere.

5) So much food is lost during the stocking processes, especially in “underdeveloped” countries. Let’s solve this problem.

    This point is one example of the multiple energetic losses that we have to solve. We already talked about the madness of the war and competition system. Another example is the meat and dairy industries : approximately half the cereals produced on earth are used to feed the cattle (!!!). An estimated 60 billions (!!!) animals are killed every year (!!!) to feed humans and their pets (see the post : “vegetarianism”).

6) We should globally reduce our use of chemistry and nuclear energy. All our atomic manipulations (genetic, chemical, nuclear…) should be considered as dangerous unless they have proven to be safe on the long-term. We should really make further studies on the social and ecological impacts of these new sciences (300 or 400 years) and go for more sustainable materials (example : plastic bags made of corn starch). We should return to more natural ways of living, a blend of simplicity and highly intelligent technic. For this we have to reduce the pace of our crazy societies and really settle on Earth in a harmonious way (rather than destroying it).

7) Isotherapy is a healing method derived from homeopathy. You can easily practice it yourself. It gives interesting results.

8.) Work is an absolute necessity. Presently, we work too much in a wrong direction. So we have to stop this movement and redirect our energies towards higher goals, socially and individually. Please check the notions of “karma yoga” in Hinduism and “do” in Japan.

9) We should analyse the strategies and psychological tricks used in advertising and marketing : how these sectors use our basic instincts and desires to make us consume ? What strategies do they use to make us forget our real goal (spiritual liberation) and feed the top of the hierarchy (see the post : “shift of paradigm”) ? Individualism; ego-feeding desires; fear of death, pain or loss…

     We should in particular investigate the excessive focus on the sexual pleasure and desire. When you look at the sexual desire with a cool mind, you will realise that these sexual desires, urges and games are strong, blinding, ask a lot of energy and all in all the pleasure coming out of all this is very small and quickly disappears. So this natural desire is used to blind us and make us forget that much higher joys and pleasures are available for free inside each individual (meditation, inner work, transformation of the link between the individual and its environment… see the post : “from materialism to inner peace”)

9) More globally, we should survey the worldwide strategies, ideologies and bias of the “world masters”, these persons who rule the world without any democratic control (political, economical, industrial leaders and decision makers). See the site

10)Many spiritual traditions contest the use of drugs and I agree with them : if you want clarity of mind, stability and true spiritual ecstasy, it is better not to use these substances, the least the better. But the fact is that a huge number of persons use drug. The drug prohibition system (as during the prohibition of alcohol in the United States in the 1930’s) creates many problems : increased consumption (attraction towards what is forbidden); adulterated substances; black market; violent mafia organizations; loss of revenue for the States; expenses for judges, police and prisons…

     So in my opinion, we should acknowledge the fact that psychedelic substances (i.e “drugs”) have been used since long time by humans and that to use or not to use these substances should be left to the appreciation/responsibility of each individual. It seems to be a fundamental right, exactly in the same way that tobacco and alcohol are presently allowed (fine for use while driving, clear information about the risks and effects, minimum age to be allowed to use these substances…).

     From these point, We should depenalize/decriminalize and/or nationalize some of these substances (the less dangerous). A whole collective debate should be held on this subject. States and so-called mafia should work together. The war on drugs is another war, another scapegoat reflex (see the post : “critics of the western societies : we are going too fast”).

11) Each individual on earth should be able to easily control the number of children he or she can have. More researches on contraceptive methods, cheap, easy to use and adapted to every situations should be conducted. I do not agree at all with the former pope John Paul II on this subject. The aim is not so much to reduce the world population (with a strong ecological education and consciousness we could be 4 times more on earth) but to avoid giving birth to 6 children when food, water or money are scarce.

12) Prophylactic methods and hygiene should be organised in a simple way. All people on Earth should learn and understand basic hygiene rules like washing hands before eating and cooking, to bury faeces underground when going to toilet outside, to collect rubbish… A few simple and non-invasive techniques could really improve the global hygiene.


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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