More ideas part. I

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   ] Note : if you are interested by new ecological devices, please read the post “some inventions that could change the world”. You will find information about a) wind turbines that produce water b) how to stock easily vast amounts of electrical energy c) how to run a car with compressed air… and more [

     So the last posts gave us a goal : each human being is consciously or unconsciously looking for what is called in the spiritual field “liberation” : liberation from sufferings, ignorance, fear, anger, instability, worries, limitations and replacement by love, quietness, clarity of mind, bliss, spiritual freedom, stability… On a collective level, we should have our minds focused on the ideal of the Buddhist Pure Lands.

     We are very far from this ideal and it is very unlikely that we will jump in one day from the present situation to a paradise-like world. A transition will therefore be necessary. In the posts “transformation I”, “transformation II” and “transformation III”, we presented one of the many possible transitions. Billions of everyday collective and individual changes will have to be made if we want to improve the world for us and the next generations.

     Some time ago, I read a very interesting analysis coming from the old Hindu philosophy. Ancient Hindus were classifying the different types of sufferings according to their origin : universal/fundamental (cosmic events, gravitation, physical laws…); external (climatic, geographic, tectonic, problems with animals…); collective (economy, politics, history, social laws…) and individual (psychology, character, disabilities, emotions, ignorance…).

     So I agree with the Buddhist and Hinduist opinions that suffering, dissatisfaction, pain and metaphysical disorientation are parts of our worlds and that there is little we can do about it except searching for spiritual liberation or nirvana. Nevertheless, if we look closely at the origins of suffering described earlier, we can see that two causes could be easily reduced : the individual and collective causes of suffering.

     We have to find ways to help our journey towards Pure Lands. These Pure Lands will never completely exist on the Earth’s physical reality (because the universal and external causes of suffering will still be here and limit us) but we can go in the direction of this ideal : the individuals, the societies and the world as a whole will all benefit from this. Let’s remember that since 1940 we are on the verge of the total (nuclear or else) destruction of both the humanity and the world. So, in my humble opinion, we have nothing to lose.

     We will therefore try to develop some of the tools that could help this transition.

     We already talked in the former posts about :

1) the simple but interesting programme of a French association called MIPB (see the post : “presentation of the political programme of a small association run by some friends”)

2) the need to preserve and study the primitive forests and other delicate ecosystems (see the post : “save the primitive forests”)

3) the need to go out of the pre-programmed destruction of the industrial items and start international partnership at the industrial level (see the post “the worst marketing strategy” and “transformation part II : international partnership”).

4) the need to reduce wars and useless competition systems.

5) the need to go out of the profit logic in the economical field and to survey the irrational need for an annual increase of the global production (see the post : “inventing a new philosophy”)

6) taxation of dysharmonious activities (see the post : “new tax policy”)

7) universal basic income (see the post : “universal basic income”)

8.) vegetarianism and studies about dietetics ( see the post : “vegetarianism”)

9) wind turbines that produce water; gravitational devices to store huge amounts of electricity; cars that can run on compressed air; small electrical devices that are working with a few pressures of the hand and avoid the use of batteries; dissociation of water molecules to create fuel (see the post : “some new inventions that could change the world”)

10) organic farming (see the post  : “transformation part. I”)

     In the next posts, we will just add a few points and directions of research to this list.


About buddhananda
independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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