Transformation part. III : towards enlightment

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   Globally the living conditions for all would improve and a feeling of fraternity and unity between all humans would appear. As a result, the physical (war, violence), technical, cultural, ideological, spiritual and economical conflicts would disappear.

    Consequently, the humanity could live during long time without having to fear the future. Progressively, devices to protect us from all the possible dangers (tectonic, climatic, animal, viral, universal (comets, asteroids…)…) would be invented. In order to realize this goal, the mineral, vegetal and animal delicate ecosystems will be preserved and studied.

    Working towards this ideal will bring contentment, peace of mind and feeling of unity. The global human vibration will improve. We will all appreciate states of simplicity, beauty, satisfaction, relaxation, meditation. As a result, more time will be spent to learn yoga, meditation and many other fields will be explored (alternative medicines, alternative architecture…).

    Humanity as a whole would slowly reach states of mystical ecstasy. Our mind would have the ability to go instantly and at will in the spiritual dimensions. These spiritual dimensions would become as real and existent as our modern physical reality. Finally, more and more concentrated on the essential beauty of enlightment, the humans would free themselves from the physical constraints. The need for unpleasant works and useless activities would be replaced by love, meditation, highly intelligent technologies and preservation of the species.


About buddhananda
independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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