Transformation part. I


Futuristic city

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I advise the readers to have a look at the post “some new inventions that could change the world” (4 or 5 posts before) for more details about the new ecological inventions that are described in this post.

     Let’s imagine that a big enterprise is created with the agreement and the help of the industrial, financial and political sectors. This enterprise will be charged to produce and commercialize high quality products coming from three main inventions :

    a) Wind turbines that can produce water (see the post “some inventions that could change the world” and

    b) Gravitational devices that could easily stock huge amounts of electrical energy (see the post “some new inventions that could change the world” and

    c) Car working with compressed air. This compressed air is obtained through electrical energy (see the post “some new inventions that could change the world” and ).

     So let’s imagine that wind turbines of different sizes (for industrial, individual or collective use) produce electricity. This electricity can be used to make life more comfortable (at work, at home, in cities…). It can also be stored with the help of the gravitational devices.

    This stock of gravitational energy can be used when there is no wind but it can also compress the air for the cars. Air pollution, speed and number of accident would all decrease.

    We can also add that gravitational energy devices could be considered as “shock absorber” for the electrical production. So the need for nuclear plants to fulfill the huge needs at peak hours would diminish, as well as the number of these dangerous plants. We can notice that lot of energy sources can work with these gravitational devices : wind, sun, hydraulic,  nuclear (until the nuclear plants are no longer needed. Oh what a great day this day would be !!!), animal (rather than killing cows and oxen, why not make them produce electricity in a pacific way ?), human (will, in the future, one hour of indoor cycling create enough energy to power a house during two or three days ?).

     Furthermore, let’s not forget that these wind turbines can produce water. After mineralization (with marine salt for example) and dynamisation (with crystals ?), this water could satisfy human consumption. The water can also be used for animal consumption and organic farming.

    Some communities can grow near these wind turbines even if there is no source of drinking water nearby. Wind turbines produce drinking water and organic farming produces food, two essential elements for survival.

Organic farming also gives two important things : 1) conservation of the quality of the underground water because it avoids the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are very polluting and are suspected to bring a lot of problems : obesity, sterility, cancers, brain and hormonal disturbances… 2) organic farming allows a healthy creation of fertile lands. These lands can produce during a long time and can promote a progressive reforestation of previously sterile lands.


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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