Spiritual beings

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     Another point concerning the archetypes currently found in NDE : NDE accounts very often describe meetings, visions and discussions with spiritual beings.

     Some extremely shining lights come from these spiritual beings (phenomenon also precisely reported in the Tibetan book of the dead). The general impression is to be in presence of highly advanced beings who radiate around them an intense (and almost unbearable) feeling of unconditional love.

      Quite often there is also, in presence of these beings, a review of the totality or parts of the personal life events of the individual. It means that, very surprisingly, there would be a special place in the (inner or outer) spiritual worlds where 1) all the events of all human lives are precisely and perfectly recorded and stored 2) the individual consciousness can (at least during a NDE ) access these information and review them very quickly, while being totally aware of what is going on. This is close to what is called in meditation and in the spiritual field “the light libraries”. These “light libraries” are supposed to be the place where the total knowledge is stored and the mind in certain occasions, for example during meditation, can reach this knowledge with various levels of clarity.

     We can add that very frequently comes the idea that the spiritual beings show to the individual soul events that took place during its life but these spiritual beings do not judge (unconditional love), it is the individual himself who judges his own actions. This is a very unusual idea because we are used to have this image of a paternal outside moral entity (“God”) that judges all our actions according to good and bad. Furthermore, the spiritual beings encourage the individual soul not to judge itself too harshly (this is equivalent to compassion for ourselves).

      But I have to acknowledge the fact that the majority of the NDE accounts that I read seem to come from “normal” persons who just live their lives or just try to do their best in the sometimes difficult conditions of the world. By “normal”, I mean that these persons are very unlikely war criminals or mass murderers.  The review of their lives is therefore maybe more positive than negative. In the case of people doing consciously or voluntarily a lot of very destructive actions, the attitude of the spiritual beings may be different.

     We will finally add that the notions of God or multiple gods (like in India, ancient Greece, Egypt, South America, Africa…) possibly come from the meeting with inner spiritual beings during NDE, meditation, trance, dream…


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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