The dark tunnel

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Another common feature found in NDE usually takes place at the beginning of the experience when NDExperiencers often report travelling at high-speed upward in a dark tunnel leading them to a colorful and peaceful paradise-like world.

This is one of the archetypes (universal symbol) that you can find in NDE. The presence of these highly organized archetypes (we will talk more about them in the following posts) rather than wild unexpected and unpredictable experiences (like with psychedelic substances for example) tend to show that NDE are part of the human identity (like walking, talking, thinking…), something normal that we will all experience at the end of our life.

The Tibetan book of the dead also relates similar experiences (thundering sounds, powerful lights difficult to bear, meeting with bright and powerful spiritual beings, transfer of the consciousness from the physical body to “mental bodies” free from physical limitations…). This book also shows that NDE, death and reincarnation is precisely and almost scientifically described with stages, special rules, words of power and other keys (you can also find this in the Egyptian book of the dead).

The question is how these ancient cultures and religions succeeded to gather an important knowledge in this field (death/after life) when we, in western modern societies, are confronted with the opinion that death is a black veil, something that knowledge cannot reach ?

First we can say that old people like Egyptians, Hindus or Tibetans were maybe more interested by these after-life or between-life subjects than we are, and did not reject these unusual phenomena out of their rational system (as we do). Secondly, NDE seems to be quite a common experience and therefore many facts and data may have been recorded during thousands of years leading to the elaboration of hypothesis and theories. Thirdly, the presence of archetypes and recurrent themes may have helped to quickly build coherent explanations. Finally we have to remember that concentration techniques used in meditation, devotion and yoga practices trigger states of mind that are close to the ones obtained during NDE.

A whole range of parallels and exploration techniques may have slowly appeared. It would not be surprising therefore that during their life, special persons helped by special techniques (yoga, prayer, meditation, fasting…) could slowly explore the field of inner worlds and even have access to the intuition or full knowledge of the life and death continuity.

Let me tell you an experience that happened to me a few years ago and that will show an example of relation between meditation and NDE. I swear that this experience (like the dream about Lady Di related in the post “telepathy”) is true, really happened to me and is not the fruit of any psychedelic substances.  There is nothing exceptional about it, thousand of meditators can have or already had similar (or better) experiences.

So, a few years ago, I was not in any meditation posture, I was just lying on my bed before sleeping at night. Then came this inner vision, a kind of small spiritual travel, as if I was awake in a dream : I was floating upward in a black space. I saw many beings floating upward in a similar manner. The scene was very peaceful, the general feeling was one of well-being, no fear nor tension. And then we reached a place where, from a distance, we could see a kind of “luminous island” floating in the black peaceful space.

I did not go further on this spiritual travel but quite recently I read a report about a NDE that was describing exactly the same thing : a quiet ascending movement in a black space with the feeling to be in presence of many human and animal beings and then the arrival on a bright island. Later this person was describing events happening in this island, thing that I personally did not experience.

This small inner vision shows one of the many links between NDE and meditation (see also the dream about Lady Di in the post “telepathy”). We could postulate that the worlds of dream, imagination, memory, NDE and meditation are in fact one world with multiples rules of organization and interactions (for example the barrier between life and death, or the existence of a porous memory barrier between reality and the world of dream, barrier that makes us forget our dreams, sometimes not).

Finally, our hypothesis of meditators or shamans having NDE and then forming coherent hypothesis about life, death, the structure of the universe… is maybe not as stupid as it seems. Our modern societies by denying any scientific/rational value to subjective experiences could only with great difficulties reach the same conclusions.

This is another example that our knowledge is highly dependent on the postulates upon which it grows. Change or analyse rationally the sometimes highly irrational postulates that we accept as obvious (for example the postulate that we cannot say or know anything about death) and you will reach a totally different knowledge.


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