Meetings with deceased relatives

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     It also happens very often that persons experiencing NDE report meeting deceased relatives or friends. This fact reinforces the idea of a spiritual place where souls can gather at the end of the physical life.

    Many would say that all this is just illusion, something not credible and impossible to verify. But why so many persons having a NDE talk about this if it was illusory, due to random or whatever ? Why does not it happen at other moments, during dream or daytime for example ? Why are they so sure to recognize some of their deceased relatives ?

     I am not a specialist of this question but I am sure that tons of facts all over the world could prove that something of the deceased persons survives after physical death and that human beings in special occasions (dreams, intuitions, inner experience, psychic/spirit communication, NDE…) can get in contact with the “soul” (i.d, what is left after the individuality is disconnected from the physical body) of deceased persons.

     Behind all these ideas, doubts and attempts of proof lies the following essential question : has the NDE’s spiritual realm an independent existence compared to the physical/material world ? Said in another way, at the moment of death, do we really continue our life/journey/evolution in the spiritual realms described in NDE ? If yes, what or who continues this life ? Our soul ? What we really are without the limitations and particularities of the physical body ?

     One element that could give us some answers to these somewhat difficult questions is the fact that people in NDE have often the feeling to be in a “sur-reality”, much more precise, colourful, beautiful and acute than in our every day lives. The scenes appear even more real than what we call reality. Even the sensations, for example the feeling of unconditional love emitted by the spiritual beings met in these realms are far beyond anything you can find on Earth and many persons declare that it would be totally unthinkable to find this in the material reality.

     This supra-reality inherent in spiritual realms is maybe one of the reasons why most of the Buddhist and Hindu philosophies affirm that our physical/material reality is illusion, imperfection, disappointment and insatisfaction. It can also explain the sadness and pain experienced when the soul comes back from these beautiful realms and unites again with the physical body they had just left.

     Note : these remarks are far from being a call to explore these spiritual realms with suicide for example. There are better ways to do so (with meditation for instance, see next post). We already said in the post “OBE and NDE” that our goal on Earth is to work towards the pacification of reality. To try to reach spiritual realms with suicide can be deceiving because some NDE reports are negative and also talk of hellish visions. These visions would be without any doubt less interesting than the beautiful realms described in most NDE. I advise all humans to wait for their natural death.


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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