Travelling at high speed in OBE

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We already stressed the fact that despite multiple circumstances leading to NDE (accident, heart attack, electrocution…), the persons experiencing NDE have astonishing similarities in the structure and characteristics of their experience. It is these characteristics (archetypes) that we will now describe and analyse.

First of all, persons experiencing out-of-body experience (OBE, see the post “OBE and NDE”) at the beginning of their near-death experience (NDE) often report travelling at high-speed, that their movement, in this new space where their consciousness was dwelling in, followed their thoughts and they had the feeling of being free from time, space and material barriers.

We can add that these OBE are “real” (and not just imagination, illusion or hallucination) because some of these persons describe very precisely scenes, facts or speeches at the moment of their NDE that they could not describe otherwise (their eyes are closed or they are supposed to be clinically dead, in coma or unconscious).

The general feeling coming from these OBE’s visions and sensations is one of wonder, beauty, more precise perceptions, feeling of lightness and freedom. The time and space organisation and laws of the NDE world are different from the laws of our everyday reality.

These kind of alternative rules and sensations organizing a different reality make us think about the closely related phenomena of astral travels and dreams.

For example, it happened to me many times to remember flying in levitation while dreaming. My consciousness, what I am, was really flying inside the dream. This kind of experience is very common. Already 5 centuries before Christ, The chinese Taoist philosopher Lao-tse reported having a vivid dream about being a butterfly. After he woke up, he wondered if it was Lao-tse who had dreamt of a butterfly or a butterfly that was dreaming of Lao Tseu. I very often precisely remember my dreams and the fact is that, when you look closely at the stories going on, the continuity of time and space is totally different in the world of dreams than in the physical “reality”.

We can also add that after a long training and during successful meditations, meditators can sometimes experience spiritual travels similar to NDE (astral travels).

All in all, let’s accept two facts : 1) human beings have the ability to reach every night some spiritual worlds with alternative rules of organization (dream)  2) human beings can consciously go during meditation into astral travels very similar to NDE.

We can conclude from these elements that parallel realities (compared to what we call everyday life reality) with particular rules, organization, clarity of sensation or control conscious about what is happening, do exist.

So the final question arising from this conclusion is this one : does it exist a bridge, a link between these different “parallel” realities (NDE, dream, astral travel, psychedelic experiences, kundalini experiences…) ? For example it would be possible that the more you gain control in your own consciousness/awareness/concentration, the clearer the experience will be and look like “true reality” (or will even be better than “true reality” : the persons experiencing NDE often report a quality of sensation in these parallel worlds much clearer and precise than our everyday consciousness). Other hypothesis : the more the consciousness is disconnected from the physical body (as it is the case in NDE. But the individual is also more or less disconnected from the physical body in meditation or trance due to concentration techniques used consciously or not), the clearer the experience will be.

In the next post we will talk about the archetype of the tunnel.


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