Sum-up number 2

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Finally I found some time to finish the last remarks I wanted to write about NDE (see the post “everything exists”). But before this, I think that it would be interesting to sum-up once again all the topics that we explored in the former posts. The subject is indeed delicate and the details of what I want to explain rather complex. Let’s try therefore to find the very core of the argumentation. For this I will first pick a small excerpt from the post “sum-up” that will explain the beginning of the problem :

”  1) In the first posts, we tried to analyse and criticize some negative aspects of the western societies (see the posts “save the primitive forests”, “the worst marketing strategy”, “we are going too fast”…)

2) We then found that most of these problems were linked to over-activity, over-working and generalised stress. Going a little deeper we found that the root cause of this over-activity was maybe the necessity of an annual increase of economic production in the capitalist system to avoid recession.

3) From there, we concluded that it was necessary to find new philosophical, economic and mathematical basis to sustain a non-growing or decreasing economy. We also stressed the fact that the main goal of this new non-growing economy would be to protect the environment and stop the destructions of ecosystems.

4) We began by trying to search new philosophical and spiritual basis. First we talked about dichotomy and materialism, two important characteristics of the modern neo-liberal system. After this we suggested that a new philosophical system should go towards more unity/respect but also towards more meditation/spirituality (see the post “from materialism to inner peace”).

5) Finally we acknowledged the fact that in the meditation logic it was easier to transform the link between the individual and the reality than transforming the physical reality itself (see the end of the post “from materialism to inner peace”).

      At this point of our writings, the big issue now is to find the tools that could help us to work upon the link between individual and reality : how can we change the relation, the vision that individuals have of the world they live in ? We will present some of these tools now : ”

Later we described the tools that we could use to change the link between the individual and the reality he lives in : a) love  b) diminution of wars and competitions  c) moral values  d) knowledge.

After describing some characteristics of moral values we then gave three examples of their possible application to economy : taxation of dysharmonious activities (see the post “new tax policy”); universal basic income (see the post “universal basic income”) and vegetarianism (see the post “vegetarianism”).

We then tackled the difficult problem of knowledge. In the post ” materialism vs religion” we began to analyse the differences between religion and materialism and we arrived to this conclusion :

” As a matter of fact we could define religion as the belief in the existence of other dimensions than the material/physical dimension. We can therefore conclude that the main hidden postulate (a postulate in mathematics is a fact that you accept without proving it) that divides science+materialism on one hand and religion/spirituality/animism on the other hand is the existence or the non-existence of other/parallel/spiritual/non-material realities. ”

   After analysing the phenomenon of dream, telepathy (see the post “telepathy”) and NDE (see the post “OBE and NDE”), we concluded in the possible existence of parallel realities and that, on this point, religion seems closer to truth than science that rejects the paranormal and unexplained facts out of its system to preserve its coherence.

So we arrived to the conclusion (see the post “everything exists”) that we have to integrate all these phenomenon (dream, imagination, telepathy, NDE, paranormal phenomenon) as all part of reality, something that many human beings can experience easily. From this point we postulated that the NDE could be a valuable source of knowledge (if we accept them as they are, just spiritual experiences, as many other spiritual experiences : yoga, meditation, kundalini experiences, trance, psychedelic experiences…).

We said earlier on this post that knowledge can be an effective tool to transform the link between the individual and the reality he lives in (mostly by reducing metaphysical anxiety). So, considering NDE as something real, an experience that potentially all humans can go through, we will in the next posts try to analyse the most frequent themes (archetypes) that take place during NDE and see if we can find some interesting alternative knowledge from this.


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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