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    In the last posts (“materialism vs religion”, “telepathy” and  “near death experiences”) we presented many phenomena that made us think that other/parallel/spiritual dimensions exist alongside the material/physical reality. We also know that many phenomena considered as “para-normal” have difficulties to be integrated into the materialistic/scientific logic : predictions about the future, persons who can find water deep underground with dowsing rods, persons who can heal with their hands or their psychic powers  (Jesus is maybe the most famous of these psychic healers. For more details read the Bible. These healing powers can also be found in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions).

     The response of materialism and/or sciences to these phenomena was to reject them in the outskirts of knowledge : they were due to random, exception, illusion (dream, imagination, NDE, telepathy), false, non-scientific, subjective views or methods… The problem is that, if we want to give a global explanation of reality, we have to integrate these facts and not reject them just because they do not fit into the accepted system. Scientific revolutions imply the need to invent new paradigms, new models of explanation to integrate new facts. We can roughly say that the material/physical laws that the scientists discover are maybe true in some parts of reality but cannot explain all the facts included in this reality.

     So even if for the moment I don’t have any global coherent explanation for what reality is, I will consider that all experiences included in the reality, whatever they are, are real. It means that I go out of the “dichotomy philosophy” (see the post : “from materialism to inner peace”) proposed by sciences and materialism : some phenomenon are considered true/real (the true reality) and other phenomenon are considered untrue/unreal/illusion (the false reality). On the contrary I propose to consider all the experiences included in the reality as something existent. Dreams exist, meditation exists, NDE exist, telepathy exists, paranormal phenomena exist… even if I don’t know exactly how to explain them.

     So in my new philosophical point of view, I don’t say, for example, NDE are false, illusion, subjective or whatever, I cannot rely on them to draw any conclusion so they don’t have any use. I just say, well, some human beings have near death experiences, these persons do not lie, they tell what really happened to them, what kind of knowledge can I gain from these experiences ? I do not say “this is what happens after death” or “this is just a normal bio-chemical activity of the brain”, I just consider NDE as experiences exactly like a person meditating can sometimes learn a lot of things about himself/herself or about the universe during the meditation session.

     I personally think that, since long time, knowledge coming from astral travels, near death experiences, trance, kundalini experiences and psychedelic experiences has been integrated to the human knowledge. As a matter of fact, before the arrival of scientific/logical/mathematical knowledge, it was maybe one of the greatest source of knowledge with the observation of nature (for example in some Amazonian tribes, most of the knowledge about medicinal or edible plants is supposed to come from trances experienced by shamans with or without psychedelic substances).

      As a conclusion, we can say that our philosophical position is different from :

1) materialism and modern sciences because they create a strong distinction between, on the one hand, reality, truth and materiality and on the other hand illusion, dream, imagination and spirituality. By doing so they reject a whole range of phenomena out of their systems.

2) some philosophical schools (mainly Buddhist but also sometimes western philosophical schools) which tend to consider that all the reality, all the existing phenomena, are illusion, non-reality (with, as a counterpart, nirvana, liberation, the liberated soul, as the only real existing thing). In a way, to deny the idea of God or spirituality or inner worlds, nihilism, is it not a kind of hidden, subtle, philosophical materialism ? This is the idea that was at the center of the philosophical debate between the historical Buddha Sakyamuni and the Brahmins, and the reason why the Buddha had been excluded from the main trend of Hinduism (but nevertheless respected as a spiritual master). To deny the possibility of the Self, or Sat, or Atma, or Brahma, to declare them nil, non-existent, illusion, was something that the Bramhin did not accept because it did not correspond to their philosophical views about life, and the universe. Each one will be free to think what he thinks is best on these kind of highly specialized spiritual subject. I personnaly think that the spiritual inner or outer world are as existent as the material/philosophical “reality”, but same, I don’t want to force anyone to think in a way or the other on these kind of subjects. It seems that the strong theoretical bases linked to the materialistic philosophy, which also came as a shock for the Brahmins, originated in the philosophical Indian thought slightly before the Buddha.

     Therefore, we will consider all the existing phenomenon as real, existent. From this point, we can re-integrate all the experiences usually qualified as paranormal, subjective, illusory or due to random. Most importantly, we will focus on the conclusion we can draw from NDE. For this we will first accept as a postulate that the persons describing their NDE tell truly what happened to them. Then, by analysing my own personal experiences in meditation, my dreams, the old Tibetan, Egyptian and Celt books of the dead and the Bible, I can conclude that NDE are sufficiently plausible to be rationally used as a source of knowledge.

       From now on, we will consider NDE as intuitions, insights, spirituals experiences that can be used to form coherent hypothesis about the structure of the universe. Everyone will be free to accept or not the conclusions drawn from NDE, to consider the new philosophical explanations plausible or not. This will be the subject of our next posts.


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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