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   This post follows the post entitled “materialism vs religion” and explore the phenomenon called telepathy. Dreams, telepathy and near death experiences are the main themes that we will use to try to prove the existence of other/parallel realities alongside the physical/material reality (see the post “materialism vs religion”).

     First I would like to say that I don’t advocate telepathy and I don’t recommend to train specially to experience this kind of phenomenon. It can be really disturbing to read other people’s mind and personally I don’t like when someone try to do so because I think that my thoughts and feelings are something personal and I want, as much as possible, to keep them for myself. If I write about the telepathic phenomenon it is just to show that non-physical dimensions may exist, it is just a way to draw some conclusions at a philosophical level. I personally think that a world full of telepathy would be strange and even annoying because to have one’s own “private mental garden” is useful.

     Nevertheless, telepathy is for me something really obvious because I subjectively experience it very often. There is nothing frightening, unusual or paranormal about it, it happens sometimes, I know that other persons experience it also and I consider this as something normal, a phenomenon that will maybe increase in the future maybe not, I don’t really care. I just know that these phenomena should not be specifically looked after because, even if I am not personally disturbed by telepathic experiences, I know that some persons can be.

     I will give you the clearest example of telepathic experience that I had and you will see that this experience involves at the same time the dream, the telepathy and the near death experiences. 14 years ago approximately, I dreamt about Lady Di and Prince Charles. In this dream I was in the room where I was sleeping and I was talking with Lady Di. It was a very quiet conversation. Prince Charles was in the same room, a little bit away, sitting in a chair and looking at the ground. After a while, a kind of window opened in one of the wall and it was possible to see some white light through this window. Everything was extremely silent and peaceful. Then Lady Di went through this window and the dream ended. When I woke up in the morning I remembered very precisely this dream and the first person that I saw told me that the radio had just announced that Lady Di had a car accident during the night and that she was dead. I must say that I did not have any possibility whatsoever to know this before the dream because I did not have any radio or television in my room. I must also specify that I very often remember my dreams but I had never dreamt of Lady Di before (and I did not dream of her after). This dream shows an obvious telepathic link that has no possible physical or random explanation. It also shows a very common theme of the near death experiences that we will discuss in the next post : the light.

       Even if this dream cannot prove alone the whole phenomenon of telepathy, I am sure that hundred of thousands of strange events like this happen everyday on Earth. The only thing is that these telepathic experiences are highly subjective and are therefore difficult to use scientifically. Moreover nobody really bother to gather the data linked to all these telepathic phenomena and you would have to trust the person who relate them. Sadly, trust is not an accepted scientific tool. We can also add that telepathy is used by Australian Aborigines since long time ago (their culture is 45000 year old) : you can read ethnological reports on their elaborate telepathic networks if you are lucky to find serious books about it, in a library for example. Telepathy and clear-audience have also been noticed and studied since long time in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy and meditation (see for example Mircea Eliade : Yoga, time and immortality). For me it is something obvious, one of the many abilities of humans.

     We could nevertheless  imagine experiments to prove the existence of telepathy but it is very difficult to demonstrate that it works at 100%, i.e all the time. Let’s imagine the following experiment (and it was really made in the 1950’s in the United States and USSR, see the (difficult to find) books about yoga written by Kerneïz) : a person tries to focus on one very simple symbolic form, like a circle, a dot, a square, a cross… and tries to send this form to a person who is waiting for this message at 10, 200 or 3000 kilometers. At the given time of the mental telepathic emission, the “receptor” focus on what is happening in him and draw the forms that he possibly receives. You just have to compare the forms emitted and the forms received to draw conclusions.

     First it seems obvious that some people have really more telepathic abilities than others and if you realise the experiment with this kind of persons, the results might be much clearer than with people who don’t have special abilities. However, even if this experiment seems highly subjective (i.e depends on the characteristics of the persons that are part of the experiment), this should not refrain us from drawing logical and/or scientific conclusions. As a matter of fact, even if only a few gifted persons have the ability to send and receive thoughts without any physical contact, but not all human beings have this ability, it nevertheless proves that thought communications without any physical/material media are possible. So, even if, let’s say, a group of only 10 persons among all the human beings, have clear telepathic abilities that are proved at more than, let’s say, 90% of success after thousands of experiments, we will have to begin to search for scientific or logical explanations to explain how some human beings can do this.

      Here are a few hypothesis :

1) telepathic transmissions could use the same media as radio waves, micro waves… that is to say, thoughts would be subtle vibrations or frequencies that can be emitted and transmitted. As a matter of fact, the subtle world of waves and frequencies already shows that other realities, invisible, “parallel” to the physical reality exist. But, this world of waves is included in physics and exploited by technology, so they are not considered as “paranormal”. Telepathy is for the moment considered as “paranormal” because we have not yet found any coherent explicative system to explain telepathic phenomena (maybe these theories exist but they are not presented to the general public).

2) another kind of explanation would be the “inner explanation” : each individual inner world would be connected to an inter-human network (a kind of super-consciousness or collective mind) where some data can circulate. If we follow this hypothesis, each one of us could in theory have access to the thoughts or emotions of all the other human beings.

3) the last explanation could be that we know that telepathy works (so we know that a non-material link between the individuals or between some special individuals exists) but we don’t know for the moment how it works. We still have to discover how it works but it doesn’t mean that telepathy is “paranormal” (in fact it seems to be a rather common human and animal ability), it just means that our knowledge on this subject is not developed enough.

     I don’t know the results of the american and russian experiments that I mentioned at the beginning of this post, and I don’t know if other experiments have been made but the scientific protocol is quite simple. Maybe you can try it at home or with some friends. We could also think that by introducing variations with the distance factor (are the results identical or not when you increase the distance ?) or the time factor (is it possible to catch an idea emitted some hours ago, or do the emitter and the receiver have to focus at the same time to get results ?) it would be possible to begin to determine some characteristics of this non-material connection between the human minds (for example, we could know if the telepathic transmissions vary according to distance and time or not).

     Finally, we can see that after the inner worlds of dream, meditation and creative visualization, telepathy tends to prove the existence of parallel/non-physical realities. We will continue in the next post our investigation with the near death experiences.


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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  1. Guy S says:


    Te serait-il possible par ta volonté , ou par la volonté commune, d’entrée en contact avec moi.
    Je m’appèle Guy S du site de Martine, né un 12/12/1972 proche de 12h.
    J’aimerais pouvoir discuter avec toi, et découvrir (redécouvrir, développer) la communication initiale de toute forme de vie…
    Je suis (j’essaie) de finaliser cette dernière incarnation d’apprentissage (il pourrait peut-être y en avoir une autre, mais directement dans le but d’aider les humains de ce monde si je reviens), j’aimerais un peu plus me connaître ici … celui que je suis là haut.

    Guy S (sur le site de Martine… là ou tu as déposer ton témoignage sur Lady Di)

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