materialism vs religion

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  We will begin now a new chapter of our researches. You all remember that our main goal since a few posts is to give an answer to the following question : what kind of new theoretical, philosophical, economic and/or mathematical system can we imagine to give a solid foundation to the idea of a non-growing or decreasing economy ? (see the post : “inventing a new philosophy”)

     For the moment we have mostly focused on the relations between the individuals and the “reality” they live in (see the post : “from materialism to inner peace”). We discovered first that the link between reality and individuality can be improved and we began to see what kind of tools can be used to change this link (see the post : “sum-up”). We then talked about love and moral values (see the posts : “the moral issue”, “new tax policy”, “universal basic income” and “vegetarianism”). We will now focus on a more delicate point, namely knowledge. We all know that metaphysical anxiety can sometimes be very depressing and I personally think that giving answers to the fundamental philosophical questions (Why are we suffering ? What is death ? What is the meaning of life ?…) can greatly help the individuals to live a better life.

     To begin our “metaphysical programme” we will talk about the difference between materialism and religions. We have to understand first that one of the key-point of materialism (very often unconsciously admitted) is to think that only the material/physical reality exist.

      This precise point is one of the main issue that divide materialism and religions/spirituality. For example, when the Bible talks about heavens, father in the sky, divine powers or God, it implies (more or less consciously) that it exists not only material/physical dimensions but also spiritual/parallel dimensions.  This idea is not specific to the Bible or Christianity, you can find it in nearly all the religions or spiritual systems (like animism for example). As a matter of fact we could define religion as the belief in the existence of other dimensions than the material/physical dimension.

     We can therefore conclude that the main hidden postulate (a postulate in mathematics is a fact that you accept without proving it) that divides science+materialism on one hand and religion/spirituality/animism on the other hand is the existence or the non-existence of other/parallel/spiritual/non-material realities.

     Now that this point is clear, let’s remember that our main goal is to improve our knowledge about important philosophical/metaphysical questions. We will now try to prove that the religion’s point of view is correct, i.e that other dimensions parallel to the physical dimension exist and that we cannot reduce the Earth’s reality to its only physical/material sides.

       For this we will talk about three main points : dreams; telepathy and near death experiences (NDE). Let’s begin with dreams.

     We all know that every night we dream and most of us can remember these dreams. The world of dreams constitute with the world of imagination, the world of memories and the world of meditation experiences what we could call “‘inner worlds”. We can, for example with special concentration techniques used in meditation, go out of the physical reality and reach visions of the inner worlds. In a same way with imagination or visualization techniques we can also totally ”create” inner worlds. Nevertheless in the experience of dreams, these inner worlds are not consciously or voluntarily created by the individual, these inner worlds come to the mind of the dreamer and the dreamer has most of the time no conscious control over them.

     Therefore, we can say that these inner worlds 1) exist (everybody can make this experience with dreams, meditation or creative visualizations) and 2) do not necessarily depend upon the will of the person who experience them.

      We will in the next posts talk about telepathy and near death experiences.


About buddhananda
independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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