New tax policy

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     Let’s now try to get back to our first question : can we find a new economic/philosophical/theoretical/mathematical system that could allow us to live peacefully in a non-growing or decreasing economy ?

     In our researches to solve this question, we discovered that it was possible to increase the global satisfaction by working on the link between individual and reality. Rather than endlessly transforming the physical reality, it is more intelligent to first realise that 1) our perception of the reality around us is highly individual 2) it is possible to change our perception of things, that is to say , the link between individual and reality.

      Going a little bit further (see the post “sum-up”) we emphasized the fact that moral ideals were one of the possibilities (with knowledge and love) to change this link between individual and reality and we gave some examples of what could be these moral ideals (see the post “the moral issue”).

     We will now give an example of an economic application of these moral principles by trying to include morality in the tax system. I know that this idea will horrify the neo-liberal totalitarians but, still, I will try to explain what I mean by this.

     The idea is quite simple : we all know that there are many problems on this Earth. A very simple idea would be to use taxes to reduce “dysharmonious” activities and promote “harmonious” activities. I am aware that these terms (dysharmonious/harmonious) are very subjective but if I take into account the moral ideals that I presented in the last post (see “the moral issue”) then it would be possible to propose the following categories :

1) dysharmonious activities : too much meat; over-use of petrol (cars, car races, excessive speed, too much cars in urban areas); useless animal experiments; useless scientific experiments; egoistic wealth; modern pesticide and fertilizer farming; nuclear energy; life in the cities; polluting activities; polluting chemicals; theft, violence and destruction; financial speculation; sport and music business; over advertising; production of goods difficult to recycle…

2) harmonious activities : alternative medicines (less drug-orientated, more preventive medicine); environment friendly activities; vegetarianism; production of cereals, nuts and seeds; knowledge and sharing of knowledge; alternative energies; country-side living; organic farming…

     All in all, taxing the dysharmonious activities and de-taxing the harmonious ones would have too main effects : 1) giving money to the Welfare State 2) changing slowly the global orientation of society towards a more sustainable way of life.

     It is maybe 20 or 30 years that the Tobin tax on financial transactions has been proposed (see the internet site of ATTAC). This useful tax would reduce the amount of useless financial speculations in the world and give money to useful projects (humanitarian projects, environment, education, health, reduction of state deficits…). But it is still not effective and I don’t know why. The governments should take full responsibility for the nation’s deficits and not reject the fault on the citizens or whatever other cause. So much political hypocrisy is a shame and the modern-day politicians will be held responsible of the current situation for generations and generations if they don’t do anything about it quickly. 


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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