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     I am totally aware that already a lot of things have been written during the last two decades and that these posts add a little more to the flow of words available on the worldwide web. I have the feeling sometimes that what I write is a little bit complex and sometimes even confusing because it deals with a wide range of subjects. But what can I do about it ? We live in a complex world full of interactions and even if my goal is to transform all this complexity into something simple and available to all of us, I have sometimes to go deep into this complexity to give a little light to these dense abstract notions. In this post I will try to sum up the content of the previous posts to make things as clear as possible.

     1) In the first posts, we tried to analyse and criticize some negative aspects of the western societies (see the posts “save the primitive forests”, “the worst marketing strategy”, “we are going too fast”…)

     2) We then found that most of these problems were linked to over-activity, over-working and generalised stress. Going a little deeper we found that the root cause of this over-activity was maybe the necessity of an annual increase of economic production in the capitalist system to avoid recession.

     3) From there, we concluded that it was necessary to find new philosophical, economic and mathematical basis to sustain a non-growing or decreasing economy. We also stressed the fact that the main goal of this new non-growing economy would be to protect the environment and stop the destructions of ecosystems.

     4) We began by trying to search new philosophical and spiritual basis. First we talked about dichotomy and materialism, two important characteristics of the modern neo-liberal system. After this we suggested that a new philosophical system should go towards more unity/respect but also towards more meditation/spirituality (see the post “from materialism to inner peace”).

     5) Finally we acknowledged the fact that in the meditation logic it was easier to transform the link between the individual and the reality than transforming the physical reality itself (see the end of the post “from materialism to inner peace”).

      At this point of our writings, the big issue now is to find the tools that could help us to work upon the link between individual and reality : how can we change the relation, the vision that individuals have of the world they live in ? We will present some of these tools now :

a) We already talked about the need for love, love for ourselves, love for others and love for reality/environment. In my opinion, love is the ultimate goal of human beings and an effective tool to overcome despair, anger, violence, egoism, over-intellectuality and metaphysical disorientation. A life without love is a very poor life indeed because love is a wonderful feeling, like happiness. This two feelings are closely related to the opening of the heart chakra and give a sense of fulfillment when they are present. When they are not present, the individual or the group feel unhappy, dissatisfied and run after things, false pleasures, perpetually unsatisfied desires… People who reach a state of unconditional love are very close to enlightenment.

b) A consequence of love is the diminution of competitions, struggles and oppressive hierarchies. They are replaced by cooperation and sharing. Wars and competitions represent a great loss of energy and this is a shame because our world precisely need to save energy and resources. Imagine for example the price of the war in Irak : 1000 billion dollars. The estimated cost for the reconstruction of this decimated land is 500 billions. Let’s imagine that the american government could have given 25% of this money to Saddam Hussein to help the Iraqi people and the rest of the sum would have help development projects all over the world. It would have been maybe a more efficient way to fight against international muslim terrorism. Violence breeds violence. The question we have to answer is : why do we fight ?

c) Another way to change the link between the individual and the reality is morality. Moral values should be essential for the people working at the top of the hierarchy and as a matter of fact if the top of the hierarchy were at the service of moral ideals rather than at the service of their own interests the world would already shine with light and harmony. Nevertheless, all individuals should obey moral values and morality should be something coming from inside and not a set of values imposed by force. For this we have to define what could be these moral values and it will be the subject of one of the next posts. Mostly we will see that moral values must be considered as ideals, guides and not as something totally compulsory, annoying or restricting. To act according to moral ideals brings calm, pride, happiness and love.

d)  Finally, the last big issue is knowledge. We will have to give answers or clues to solve the main philosophical questions (why are we suffering ? What is death ? What is the meaning of life ?…) if we want to reduce the “metaphysical anxiety” that all human beings experience, consciously or not.


About buddhananda
independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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