Inventing a new philosophy

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     In the political programme of the Mipb that I presented in an earlier post (“presentation of the political programme of a small association run by some friends”), there is this idea that I find interesting :

”  7) Let’s come back to more quiet lifestyles : less wastes, less pollution, less health problems, less stress, improvement of life quality. Let’s work on the theoretical possibility of a strong non-growing economy. Let’s fight this idea that a 2% economic growth every year is an absolute necessity to maintain the economy in good health. Let’s totally rethink the economy. Let’s go out of the economic neurosis, of the stupid need for ceaseless and useless actions and movements. Let’s go out of economic wars.”

         I also have the feeling that we work too much, or better said that we direct our energy in ways that can be very destructive for the ecology and for the human society. The capitalist mega-structure has evolved in such a way that nowadays an everlasting increase of production is necessary to maintain the cohesion and coherence of the economic system. If the worldwide economies have a rate of economic growth close to zero or negative, a phenomenon called recession appears and the stability of all the system is in danger. Why this, I don’t know exactly, but the idea is very strange and as a philosopher I have to question this necessity of an indefinite economic growth : why is it not possible to do it in a different way ? What are the other systems that could be imagined ?

    I have the feeling that the economists and the politician are prisoners of their own concepts. It seems that because of the economic globalization and the emergence of resources dead ends, complexity has paralysed the system : one system works imperfectly (the neo-liberal totalitarian system), we all know that it is far from perfect but if we want to change only a small detail of this huge interconnected system, everything would collapse. So we all pretend to be happy with this system but as a matter of fact we are just slave of the abstract theoretical notions that are at the root of this system.

     I say this because, despite the fact that global leaders affirm that everything is under control, we are still burning a lot of energy and resources to keep the system going. 2% growth every year means inventing new devices (very often that are totally unnecessary), destroying things that could be preserved and this is very frightening because what the planet needs now is a slowly decreasing motion.

      It seems quite strange that the present-day economic mathematics and equations cannot cope with the model of a non-growing economy. So my opinion is that we have to improve our knowledge in a wide range of fields (philosophy, psychology, spirituality, meaning of life, mathematics..) if we want to solve the problem.

      One of my philosophy teacher described philosophy as the art of asking questions. So my question on this topic will be this one : knowing that the planet faces deep ecological damages and that the natural resources have to be preserved, what kind of philosophy and theoretical/mathematical system could be the base for a non-growing or decreasing economy without risking to endanger peace and worldwide stability ?


About buddhananda
independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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