Shift of paradigm

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        Generally speaking, we all know that something is not going well in our world : environmental destructions, chemical pollutions, violence, social monitoring, injustices, economic slavery, genetic manipulations, food and water problems, animal sufferings, energy wastes, recycling problems, technological dangers…

      We could find millions of examples of these problems but for the moment, I would like to go a little bit deeper and try to find the underlying causes of all these issues.

     First, it can be very interesting not to get too much emotionally affected by the huge numbers of all these problems : indeed, it is better to be in a good physical, mental and emotional health if we want to find solutions to them without falling into depression. Anyway most of these problems are not caused by us (or only indirectly) and we very often cannot directly do anything about them. Most of them come from the persons at the top of the hierarchy (at the top of the pyramid) and these persons realized something : people with depression problems have less energy than persons in normal conditions and so will be less prone to contest the hierarchy. So the political and economic leaders decided to make people feel guilty about the world awful situation like this, even if they are responsible of maybe 90% of the total world chaos, 1) they reject the fault on the individuals like you and me that must follow what they are told to follow and have little chance to have any influence on the world political future 2) they keep the world under control by creating a worldwide atmosphere of individual stress that diminish the global vitality of human population.

     So the solution is simple : let’s not fall into depression, let’s keep our heads clear and let’s find some solutions (if possible).

      Let’s try to understand where all these problems come from. We just talked about the pyramid, the hierarchy. The pyramid paradigm is everywhere in our world : in sports, in economy, in business, at work, in most of our social connections, between nations… everyone and everything is located somewhere on a pyramid. A pyramid is made of a base (the last ones, the followers, the exploited) and of a summit (the leaders, the untouchables, the rich, beautiful and powerful persons…). The pyramid is the logic form that structures our world and that legitimates our global slavery. Try to contest the pyramid logic and you will see hundreds of modern Egyptians who will come to prove you that you are nothing but a part of a pyramid and that anyway no other system is possible.

     The pyramid logic brings benefit to the summit of the hierarchy. The powerful persons want to keep their power and use thousands of intellectual and technological devices to achieve this goal. The stress logic that we explained earlier in this post is one example, the pre-programmed destruction of the industrial items (see the post “the worst marketing strategy” on this subject) is another example.

      This pyramid paradigm has to be transformed to achieve two main goals : the human basic need for love and the necessity to preserve the survival of the planet and its delicate ecosystems. The goal of human beings is to reach a state of love for themselves and between themselves. The competition logic is a logic of struggle and disguised war that destroy the world and cannot fulfill the basic human need for love. We have to find new ways to organise things.

      The interconnection paradigm can be an alternative : rather than a rigid pyramid structure diffracted at all levels of society we have to think in term of interconnections, mutual respect and share of knowledge.  Let’s invent some new networks of interconnected ecological communities, let’s find the common set of moral values that could link all these communities. Why do we stay in our artificial and endless divisions ? When will we realize that one of the biggest mistake of our modern world was the absurd war between the communist and capitalist systems rather than the harmonious fusion of these two theories ?


About buddhananda
independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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