Critic of the western societies : we are going too fast

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    If the western countries were only composed of perfect persons, full of love and good ideas, we could then think that their efforts to transform the planet in a planet full of western minded people (see the huge phenomenon of intense acculturation that destroyed thousands of original cultures and ways of thinking during the last 150 years) is a good idea. But this is not the case, the western countries are full of dark sides, despite some very interesting characteristics.

     Nowadays, the most important of these dark sides is, in my opinion, the ecologically non-sustainable characteristic of the western model. If all the inhabitants of our planet wanted to live like us (politically, economically and technologically), the planet would be totally burnt in less than 20 years.

     The second of these dark sides is the extreme violence of our western societies ( see for example : weapons of mass-destruction, violence toward the animals, economic slavery, capitalism, world wars, cold war, economic wars…).

     The third dark side is the feeling of superiority and the idea that we are the only ones to have the truth. We, as western people, cannot understand that other systems are possible, that these other systems are maybe better than our, or at least more sustainable on a social or ecological point of view.

      When we put together all these points, we should not be surprised by the fact that so much people on Earth refuse our so-called progress. So we found a solution : we divide the tribes and make them fight one against one other, we create starvation in some areas and exploit some others, we fight against the Islam extremists (another scapegoat reflex after Hitler and the Jews, and the capitalists against the communists : our systems are so violent that they need to evacuate their violence on a group that they will define as exterior or inferior). When will we understand that the worst extremists are our political leaders, our elite troops, our high-tech businessmen that don’t have any doubt about themselves, our diplomats and secret services whose only mission is to maintain a system that leads us directly into a wall ?


     It is all too obvious that we burn since 150 years the worldwide energetic, metallic and ecological resources in a way that is not sustainable for the economy, the ecology and the human society. It is since, at least, 40 years that all our political leaders know this (see for example the studies made by the “club de Rome” in the seventies). By burning all these resources at full speed, the western countries succeeded in having a leading position in the technological, material and financial fields. As a result 10 % of the world population live in luxury conditions while 90 % of the world population live in precarious or already catastrophic conditions. For sure the western countries attained equilibrium (peace, wealth, harmony, happiness…) but this equilibrium is unstable (and so, contrary to a stable equilibrium, it demand huge quantities of energy to stay in this state of unstable equilibrium) and is not reachable on its present form for the totality of the world population.

     Worst : in a nearly suicidal logic, we can say that the energy necessary to maintain this state of unstable equilibrium for only 10 % of the total world population can greatly put in danger the very survival of humanity for thousands of years. Petrol for instance is a highly important substance that the future generation will maybe need. We steal the petrol of the future generations and we offer them radioactive wastes that are highly toxic and will remain toxic for thousands of years.

     It is the totality of the ideology that is at the basis of all these wrong actions that we have to understand and bring into light, if we want to avoid total destruction ( nuclear, ecological or tectonic destruction, wars, collapse of the democratic system…).

     The problem of our civilizations is a problem of heart. Our minds and intellects are very strong but our hearts are weak. With a real development of our hearts we could easily find all the sustainable energies and technologies that would allow all the world population to live in peace, harmony and prosperity.

     It seems urgent to change, to stop the movement that drives us at full speed into a wall. We have to use our last available drops of energy and resources to build a sustainable world, a new positive philosophy that could be shared by all of us.


About buddhananda
independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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