save the primitive forests

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    There may be an alternative to the total destruction of the primitive forests of the earth. Some parts of these forests are nowadays totally erased and replaced by cash crops. It is the case for example in Indonesia that replaces the original forests by large-scale monoculture plantation of eucalyptus or palm trees. The problem is that eucalyptus is really antibiotic for the other trees and do not allow the regeneration of healthy forests. In Amazonia big parts of primitive forests are destroyed just to feed the cattle that will feed our over-consumption of meat.

     I think that the worldwide present killing of our primitive forests lies unconsciously in our denial of life and animality. We, as humans, think that we are the best, the one and only model, and we are ready to wipe out millions of years of biodiversity in 200 years, exactly in the same way that the communist and capitalist systems have wiped out thousand of years of cultural evolution in a few decades. 

     We need oxygen, trees and forests to survive. We have to protect the delicate ecosystems of the primitive forests in a same way that we have to protect the bees if we want the plants to be pollinated and the trees to bear fruits. We have to find ways (for istance technologically or philosophically) to live in harmony with the forests and other animals. Failing to do so, for example by slowly destroying all the ecosystems on Earth, will only result in the destruction of the human race, this very human race that we find so superior. Destroying the forests would mean that life conditions on Earth would slowly become equal to those on the moon.

     A solution would be to exploit intelligently let’s say 10% of a rain forest, by using selective cuts, by respecting and studying the biodiversity. The ecosystems that took millions of years to come to life would still be preserved in the 90% untouched and would gradually recolonized the 10% that are used for human needs (wood exploitation, intelligent farming, special houses to live protected from insects, eco-colonies, tourism…). The 10% used would be places of scientific researches where we could understand how the forest slowly regenerates. The forest, this unknown creature would be slowly colonized, humanized, understood and protected.

     The parts exploited would become like japanese gardens with paths to walk in them. The risks of highly destructive fires would diminish and from the studies of this interaction between man and forest we could slowly try to repeat the experiment in other percent of primitive forest.

     This kind of relationship would be without any doubt much more intelligent and long-lasting than the present-day total and brutal destruction of thousand of hectares. We have to fight against our tendency to destroy the things that we cannot understand.


About buddhananda
independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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