Presentation of the political programme of a small association run by some friends

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    I present you the very interesting (but short) political programme of a french association (the MIPB,” mouvement international pour la paix et le bonheur sur Terre” that can be translated by “international movement for peace and happiness on Earth”) run by some friends. They were sending this mail (along with a french and spanish version) to many different people and associations all over the world. I don’t even know how they managed to get my address but we have had since then some very interesting conversations. If you want to give them some direct comments I give you their address :

” Here are the 10 points that sum up the fundamental proposals of the MIPB :

1) That all governments and political leaders put the ecology and the protection of the planet at the center of all economic and social decisions.

2) Development of respect, peace and understanding between the different people of the earth. Progressive resolution of ideological and political tensions at the international level.

3) Development of knowledge exchange and technical cooperation at a worldwide level so that the living conditions of all beings may improve.

4) Let’s promote the harmonious repopulation of countryside and unoccupied mountain zones so that the social pressure linked to cities may come down (tax incentives, help for the development of autonomous communities, promotion of organic farming and handicrafts…)

5) Development of technical and theoretical researches in the following fields :
– healthy agriculture
– recycling / diminution of pollution
– production of autonomous energy
– alternative medicine / relaxation / stress reduction

6) Dietetics researches and progressive transition towards a more vegetarian diet. Diminution of intensive breeding, of useless animal sufferings and too much meat-eating.

7) Let’s come back to more quiet lifestyles : less wastes, less pollution, less health problems, less stress, improvement of life quality. Let’s work on the theoretical possibility of a strong non-growing economy. Let’s fight this idea that a 2% economic growth every year is an absolute necessity to maintain the economy in good health. Let’s totally rethink the economy. Let’s go out of the economic neurosis, of the stupid need for ceaseless and useless actions and movements. Let’s go out of economic wars.

8.) Let’s fight at the international level for :
– the end of wars
– the resolution of theoretical and material conflicts
– the progressive end of both military and civil nuclear systems
– the progressive disappearance of all types of weapons

9) Diminution of non-harmonious activities :
– stock-exchange speculation
– polluting activities
– war and weapon industries
– exploitation of human and animal sufferings

10) Let’s propose the creation of a world-wide government that would give a “Minimum Income Support” to every adult citizen, working or not working, without any distinction of race, sex or political opinion. Financed by taxes on non-harmonious activities and by the redefinition of the economy that would make us understand that money is nothing but a theoretical notion. We can change the base and value of money at every single moment. Let’s organize the economy for the needs of human beings and not the contrary.”

     I don’t know what you are thinking about all this but I think personally that it is very simple and clear. Even if all the propositions are rather common it would really be the first steps toward a better tomorrow…


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independent spiritual researcher, I find inspiration mainly into the buddhist, hindu and new age fields. I try to find connections between religions, philosophy, economy and technology. My aim is to contribute to the emergence of a better world. I also practice reiki.

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